Commissar Stelios Spiridon

++Transfer Request…
++Originating Unit: 311th Veneris Regiment of the Line, 83rd Company, 2nd Platoon, 8th Squad
++47 Kapella; Imperial Pacification in progress
++|ERROR| Transfer |ERROR| Auth |ERROR|
++#%Q^gS&%WY$JM>«O->|}Z:TRB… Q#$%^GA[aVG^718Q#&%"H?}|:LN…
++Redistribute Asset…
++Transfer Recognised
++Assigned; Squad VI, 7th Platoon, 12th Company, 71st Malice Regiment of Foot
++Transfer Date…

Schola Progenium, Fixed, Line Infantry, Hardened Fighters, Die Hard, Commissar

Aptitudes: Agility, Finesse, Leadership, Perception, Fellowship, Weaponskill, Willpower, Toughness

Heroic, Jaded, Strict, Pious

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
41 23 42 35 34 27 26 32 32


Experience: 300/525

Wounds: 15
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0
Fortune: 2

BASIC- Awareness, Charm, Commerce, Deceive, Dodge, Inquiry, Interrogation, Logic, Medicae, Scrutiny, Security, Sleight of Hand, Tech-Use.
TRAINED- Common Lore (Imperium, War), Linguistics (High Gothic), Command, Intimidate, Parry, Athletics
+10: Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)

Talents and Traits: Air of Authority, Unshakeable Faith, Weapon Training (Bolt, Las, Chain, Low-Tech), Street Fighting, Rapid Reload,


Carried [25.35 kg]
-GC Boltpistol (30m; S/2/-; D10+5 X; Pen 4; Clip 8; Reload Full; Reliable; Tearing) 3.5kg
-4x Bolt Pistol Magazine
-GC Chainsword (D10+2; Pen 2; Tearing; Balanced, Custom Grip; +10 to WS) 6kg
-Commissar Uniform 3kg
-Knife 1kg
-Flak Coat 3 (A, B) 5kg, Flak Helmet 2 (H) 2kg
-Stub Automatic (30m; S/3/-; D10+3; Pen 0; Clip 9; Reload Full) 1.5kg
-3 clips stub automatic 0.45kg
-2x Frag Grenades 1kg 2x Smoke Grenades 0.5kg,
-Microbead, Chrono.
- Rechargeable Lamp Pack 0.5kg, Grooming Kit 0.1kg, Dog Tags, Infantryman's Uplifting Primer 0.3kg,

Stowed [32.1kg]
-Poor Weather gear 2kg, Rucksack 2kg, Basic Tools 1kg, Mess Kit 0.5kg, Water Canteen, Blanket & Sleeping Bag 4kg,
-Combat Sustenance Rations (Two Weeks) 14kg
-Uniform (71st Malice) 3kg
-Bullpup Lasgun (90m; S/2/-; D10+3; Pen 0; Clip 60; Reload Full; Reliable, Custom Grip, Fluid Action; +5 to BS, +1 DOS to Semi-Auto) 4kg
-4x Lasgun charge packs 1.6kg,

Commissar Stelios Spiridon hails from a Shrine World in the Drusian Marches known as Veneris, a planet much renowned for its substantial tithe to the Imperial Guard. The men, for women are not admitted into the Veneris Regiments, are fiercely dogmatic and fanatical in the execution of their duties. The soldiers fight with utmost ferocity and piety in order to please their commanding officers and through them, the God-Emperor. It is not uncommon for squad and unit level Commissars to lead mass charges at entrenched positions in an effort to break the enemy. Using bayonets, axe-rakes, entrenching tools and other paraphernalia, the Veneris Guard fall upon the enemies of mankind and the Imperium, tearing and slashing. Thousands are lost in the brutal charges, but every soul is an offering the the immortal master of the human race, and they shall live forever by His side.

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