Decanus Octavo

Sergeant, Brawler II

V Cohort, III Century, XI Legion

Aptitudes: Agility, Finesse, Offence, Strength, Toughness, Weapon Skill

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
59'' 32 40'' 40'' 42'' 36 20 37 41''


+5 Fel, +5 WS, +3 BS, +3 WP, +3 T, -3 Per

Experience: 5000/5000
Wounds: 14/14
Insanity: 6
Corruption: 0

TRAINED- Awareness, Charm, Common Lore (Imperium, Imperial Guard, War), Dodge, Linguistics (Low Gothic, High Gothic), Parry, Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Stealth, Tech-Use.
+20: Command

Talents and Traits:

  • Air of Authority: Can affect 100 x Fel Bonus of targets.
  • WT: Chain, Las, Low-Tech, Launcher, Power
  • Ambidextrous: No penalties for offhand.
  • Unshakeable Faith: Reroll Fear tests.
  • Resistance (Fear): +10 to Fear tests.
  • Bombardier: Indirect ranged attacks as a half action, when firing weapons with the indirect quality or throwing grenades roll two scatter dice and pick.
  • Street Fighting: +1/2 WSb to Crit Damage with Knives, Fists, Small Weapons.
  • Double Team: Additional +10 to ganging up, +20 if both have double team.
  • Blind Fighting: Reduce all vision penalties to WS by half.
  • Infiltrators: When two or more characters from a Squad with this Doctrine are called upon to make a Stealth Test, one of the characters making the Test may choose to make his Test at a –10 penalty. If he succeeds, one other character making the Test may use the first character’s Agility Characteristic for the Test instead of his own. The characters must be within 10 metres of one another to use this ability.
  • Pugilist: Make a free Feint Action when making an unarmed attack. Called Shot as a half action when unarmed.
  • Quick Draw
  • Crushing Blow: Add +1/2 WSb to Melee weapon damage.
  • Swift Attack: Extra hit per 2 DOS, up to WSb.
  • Two Weapon Wielder: -10 to attack with both hands.

-Power Gladius (+5 to hit; 13 Energy; Pen 5; Power Field, Balanced, +5 to resist Fear, +10 to resist Pinning) w/ Custom Grip, Home Materials, Sacred Inscription Weight 1.5kg
-M36 Lasgun (+5; Basic; 100m; S/3/–; 9 E; Clip 60; Reload Full; Reliable) [Custom Grip, Aux-Grenade Launcher] [60, 60, 56]
-GQ Light Carapace (5-All, 6 1st hit)
-GQ Mono-War Knife (+10 to hit; 9 Dam+Str; Pen 2; +5 to resist Fear) w/ Custom Grip, Home Materials
-Grenade Launcher (Basic; 60m; S/–/–; Clip 6; Reload 2 Full) [6, 6, 6]
-3x Lasgun Clips, 1x Frag Grenade, 1x Krak Grenade, 1x Aux-Frag Grenades, 3x Grenade Launcher Flag Clips
-Deadspace Ear-Piece
-Microbead (+1 Spare)
-Pict Recorder
-BQ Mono-Knife
-Entrenching Tool
-4x Stun Grenades (Blast [3], Concussive [2])
-Rucksack [Basic Tools, Canteen, Poor Weather Gear, Blanket and Sleeping Bag, Mess Kit, Grooming Kit, 'Infantryman's Uplifting Primer', Rechargeable Lamp Pack, One weeks rations]


What will you sacrifice?
Anything in the service of the Legion.
What is your greatest ambition?
To gain fame and recognition for service to the Legion. To earn the rank of Centurion and lead a Century to glory.
What is your greatest hatred?
The enemy.
What have you lost?
After the failure of his first mission as Sergeant, Octavo's unit was subject to the punishment of decimation for it's failure. Legionnaire Harmon had served with honour but was chosen for the decimation and executed. Octavo took this loss as a personal insult and took Harmon's gladius as a reminder of the cost of failure.
What do you fear?
Dying insignificantly and without having added to the glory of the Legion.
What does it mean to be a soldier in the Imperial Guard?
It means a chance to kill and conquer in the name of the true divine.

Service History:

Operation Reinhardt:

  • Battle of Mt. Osoco:
    • Unit Citation: Star of Boudica. Stallion on bronze star.
      • Victory in the face of overwhelming odds.
      • [With Bar.]
      • +1 DOS to Battlefield Awareness tests when outnumbered 10-1 or more.
  • Operation Reinhardt:
    • Personal Citation: Medallion Crimson. Three vertical pillars of crimson encased in gold.
      • Continuing to fight the Emperors foes after grave injury.
      • [With Dual Bar.]
      • Reduce the first damage of a combat by 1.
    • Personal Citation: Triple Skull. Three silver skulls.
      • Surviving an engagement in which 66% of your unit was destroyed.
      • +5 to Dodge and Parry checks.
    • Personal Citation: Honourifica Imperialis. Gold skull flanked by laurel leaves.
      • Substantial heroism in the face of death.
      • [With Bar.]
      • +10 to fear tests.
    • Personal Citation: Cross of Saint Haephon. White winged spear.
      • Redacted by Inquisitorial Edict
      • Fear counts as one degree lower when accompanied by other holders of the cross.
  • Titanfall Incident:
    • Unit Citation: Ribbon Intrinsic. Etched brass trip with triptych ribbon.
      • Unit is instrumental in Imperial victory in a large battle.
      • +10 to Battlefield Awareness and Manouvers.
    • Personal Citation: Clandestine Order of St. Meleum. Small grey metal skull.
      • Redacted by Inquisitorial Edict
      • May use Fortune point to automatically pass Fear test with D5 DOS.
    • Personal Citation: Winged Skull. Silver winged skull.
      • Inspired leadership led to Imperial victory.
      • +10 to Command checks.

Experience: 5000/5000

  • Sergeant
    • Parry (I) [100 exp]
    • Ambidextrous [300 exp]
    • Fellowship (I) [100 exp]
    • WT (Launchers) [200 exp]
    • Command +10 [200 exp]
    • Comrade (Vox-Tech) [250 exp]
    • Charm [100 exp]
    • Fellowship (I) [250 exp]
    • Dodge [200 exp]
    • Command +20 [300 exp]
    • Toughness (I) [100 exp]
    • Toughness (II) [250 exp]
    • Awareness [200 exp]
  • Brawler
    • WT (Power) [200 exp]
    • Agility (I) [100 exp]
    • Agility (II) [250 exp]
    • Quick Draw [200 pts]
    • Strength (I) [100 pts]
    • WS (I) [100 pts]
    • Crushing Blow [400 pts]
    • WS (I) [250 pts]
    • Strength +5 (II) [250 pts]
    • Swift Attack [300 pts]
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