Operation Reinhardt
  • Name - Operation Reinhardt
  • World - Horizon, The Periphery, Calixis Sector, Segmentum Obscurus
  • Mission - Pacification of native populace
  • Resources - 250,000 Imperial Guard Regulars, 250 Armoured Vehicles, 1000 Sentinels, 5000 Assault Aircraft, 15,000 Chimera Transport Vehicles


  • Imperial Expedition Force Vanguard, consisting of 40,000 Regulars supported by 50 Assault Aircraft, 100 Sentinels, and 2000 Chimera Transport Vehicles, are to make transit to Horizon aboard 4 Tempest Class Strike-Frigates with all haste
  • Regiments present in Vanguard; 22nd Light Brontian Long Knives, 383rd & 129th Scintillan Line Fusiliers, 76th & 93rd Scintillan Mechanised Fusiliers, 5th Arcadian Rough Riders, 412th Mechanised Cadians, 29th Descaal Heavy Recon Lancers , 765th Knovian Gharkas Guerrillas, 303rd Mordant Acid Dogs Drop Troops, 902nd Vardan Line Rifles, 7th Xenophon Guard Artillery, IX Legion Karrik Grenadiers
  • En route, they are to engage in training and war games to prepare them for the terrain and combat expected on Horizon
  • Vanguard will make planet fall utilizing all 50 Assault Aircraft, as well as 80 Drogue Landers, securing locations deemed high priority
  • Vanguard are expected to hold locations and engage in suppression of aboriginal hostiles until main Imperial Expedition Force enters orbit approximately 90 days after initial planet fall
  • Further orders will be issued by Imperial Expedition Force Command

Karrik IX Legion

Deployed Units:

V Cohort, III Century:

  • Decanus Octavo
  • Legionnaire Ibram
  • Ballistarius Vitruvius
  • Medicus Sidonus
  • Legionnaire Tristan
  • Legionnaire Patronius
  • Legionnaire Gilliam
  • Legionnaire Ibram

Mission Log

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