Karrik IX Vitruvius

V Cohort, III Century, XI Legion

Aptitudes: Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Weapon Skill.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
31 '57'' 30 30 49'' 32 33 32 23


+5 BS, +5 WS, +3 BS, +3 WP, +3 T, -3 Per

Experience: 4550/4700

Wounds: 13
Insanity: 1
Corruption: 0

TRAINED: Awareness, Command, Common Lore (Imperium, Imperial Guard +10, War +10), Dodge, Linguistics (Low Gothic, High Gothic), Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Navigate (Surface), Operate (Surface)
+30: Stealth

Talents and Traits:
Lasgun Barrage, Stealth Sniper, Spotter, Hip Shooting


-Uniform (IX Legion) 3kg
-Longlas and three charge packs (150m; S/-/-; 9 Dam; Energy; Pen:1) Clip 30; Reload Full; Reliable, Accurate, Felling 4; Custom Grip, Modified Stock; 4kg (3 Clips 1.6kg)
- Auxiliary Grenade Launcher and three frag rounds
(45m; S/-/-; 12 Dam; Explosive; Pen: 0; Clip 1; Reload Full; Blast (5) 2.5kg, (3 Rounds 3kg)
-GQ Gladius (+10 to hit; Dam 6; Rending; Pen 2); Custom Grip, Sacred Insciption, Homeworld Materials; 2.5kg
-Knife 1kg
-1x Frag Grenades 0.5kg, 1x Krak Grenades 0.5kg,
-GQ Light Carapace 5-All (6 first hit) 15kg,
- Deadspace Earplugs (+20 to Concussive Weapon tests)0kg

In Ruck Sack:
-Poor Weather gear 2kg, Rucksack 2kg, Basic Tools 1kg, Mess Kit 0.5kg, Water Canteen, Blanket & Sleeping Bag 4kg, Rechargeable Lamp Pack 0.5kg, Grooming Kit 0.1kg, Dog Tags, Infantryman's Uplifting Primer 0.3kg, Combat Sustenance Rations (Two Weeks) 14kg,



  • Awareness [200 exp]
  • WT (Launchers) [200 exp]
  • Hotshot Pilot [300 exp]
  • BS [100]
  • BS [250]
  • Stealth +10 [200]
  • Survival [100]
  • Operate [100]
  • Stealth sniper [300]
  • Hail of Fire (Order) [250]
  • Stealth +20 [300]
  • Stealth +30 [400]
  • Agi [100]
  • Hip Shooting [300]
  • Spotter (Order) [300]
  • Marksman [300]
  • BS [500]
  • Dodge [100]
  • Agi [250]

Vitruvius is an orphan who joined the Legion at a young age, looking for purpose in life. He excelled in the use of explosives and technological equipment and was assigned as a Cohort Operator. He is yet to serve in a real combat zone and his mettle has not yet been tested.
He feels a strong sense of loyalty to his comrades, who he considers to be his only family.
What will you sacrifice?
Anything in the service of the Legion.
What is your greatest ambition?
To have my name known by every soldier in the Legion.
What is your greatest hatred?
The enemy.
What have you lost?
Nothing… yet.
What do you fear?
Dying insignificantly and without having added to the glory of the Legion.
What does it mean to be a soldier in the Imperial Guard?
Unwavering loyalty to your comrades.

Service History:

Operation Reinhardt:

  • Battle of Mt. Osoco:
    • Unit Citation: Star of Boudica. Stallion on bronze star.
      • Victory in the face of overwhelming odds.
      • [With Bar.]
      • +1 DOS to Battlefield Awareness tests when outnumbered 10-1 or more.
    • Personal Citation: Marksman's Lanyard. Crimson lanyard on dress uniform.
      • Achieving a 1-for-1 bullet to kill ration in a large engagement.
      • Once per encounter may negate one DOS of an enemies dodge.
  • Operation Reinhardt:
    • Personal Citation: Medway Cross. Plain black cross with a steel gladius at its centre.
      • Excellence in stealth and covert operations, leading to Imperial victory.
      • [With Bar.]
      • Once per game session may add +5 to a single Stealth check after the check has been rolled.
    • Personal Citation: Medallion Crimson. Three vertical pillars of crimson encased in gold.
      • Continuing to fight the Emperors foes after grave injury.
      • Reduce the first damage of a combat by 1.
    • Personal Citation: Triple Skull. Three silver skulls.
      • Surviving an engagement in which 66% of your unit was destroyed.
      • +5 to Dodge and Parry checks.
    • Personal Citation: Cross of Saint Haephon. White winged spear.
      • Redacted by Inquisitorial Edict
      • Fear counts as one degree lower when accompanied by other holders of the cross.
  • Titanfall Incident:
    • Unit Citation: Ribbon Intrinsic. Etched brass trip with triptych ribbon.
      • Unit is instrumental in Imperial victory in a large battle.
      • +10 to Battlefield Awareness and Manouvers.
    • Personal Citation: Honourifica Imperialis. Gold skull flanked by laurel leaves.
      • Substantial heroism in the face of death.
      • +10 to fear tests.
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