Praetus the Reticent

'Slayer of Copax'
'Keeper of the Torestus'
'Scourge of The Ferryman's Coin'

Human, Psyker

Vengeful, Manipulative, Academic, Arrogant

Pride: Devotion- +5 Willpower, -5 Strength
Disgrace: Betrayal- +5 Corruption, -10 to Charm
Motivation: Ascendancy- -2 Wounds, +5 Willpower

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
31 36 28 39 35 42 42' 70''8 30


Experience: 5600/5660
Wounds: 11/11
Infamy: 56

Blessings of Chaos:

Corruption: 85
Alignment: Tzeentch (Tzeentch: 10, Slaanesh: 0, Nurgle: 1, Khorne: 0, Unaligned: 5)
Marks: Tzeentch
Favours: Warpsmith (+2 Psy Rating, Counts as Bound), Pseudo-Daemonhood (Fear 4, Warp Instability, 'Blessing of Tzeentch': Power field rating 20), Wreathed in Chaos (+10 Intimidate, -10 Scrutiny), Winged (Flyer 2), Mark of Tzeentch (+1 Psy Rating, Unnatural Willpower [1])

BASIC- Acrobatics, Athletics, Charm, Command, Commerce, Deceive, Inquiry, Logic, Medicae, Security, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Survival, Tech-Use

KNOWN- Awareness, Psyniscience, Forbidden Lore (Psykers, Warp, Heresy), Dodge, Interrogation, Common Lore (Imperial Guard, War), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Trade (Archeologist), Operate (Voidship).
Trained (+10): Forbidden Knowledge (Daemonology), Psyniscience, Intimidate.

Talents and Traits:
Jaded, Weapon Training (Primary, SP), Warp Sense (Psyniscience as a free action), Light Sleeper, Favoured by the Warp (Roll twice on Psychic phenomenon and choose result).

  • 'The Quick and The Dead': +2 Initiative
  • Warp Instability: If takes damage and doesn't deal damage or insanity in a turn must make a WP test. If you fail you take D5 wounds and 1 wound for each Degree of Failure. If this kills the character they are cast into the Warp.
  • Winged: Flyer 2.
  • Unnatural Willpower: 1

Psychic Powers:

  • Psy Rating: 6

Mind Over Matter (Telekine)
Precision Telekinesis (Telekine)
Thought Sending (Telepathy)
Delude (Telepathy)
Compel (Telepathy)
Mind Link (Telepathy)
Psychic Scream (Telepathy)
Precognition (Divination)
Precognitive Dodge (Divination)
Gift of the Gods (Unaligned)
Gholam Curse (Tzeentch)
Bolt of Change (Tzeentch)


-'Apostatic Matrix': (D10; Impact; Pen 0; Primitive, Balanced)

  • Half action psychic power. Enemies hit with the weapon must make a fear check. Fear 1: +0 WP, Fear 2: -10 WP, Fear 3: -20 WP, Fear 4: -30 WP.

-BQ Flak Coat: 4 [A, B, L], BQ Mesh Cowl: 4 [H]
-BQ Stub Automatic (30m; D10+4; Impact; Pen 0; S/3/-; Clip 9; Reload Full; Silencer, Reliable, +5 to hit.)
-BQ Staff (D10+1; Impact; Pen 2; Balanced, +10 to hit, Two-Handed, Mono, Balanced)
-Ensorcelled Hand Cannon (30m; D10+5; Impact; Pen 4; S/-/-; Clip 5; Reload 2 Full)
-The Torestus
-Respirator, Rebreather, Recoil Gloves, 5x Frag Grenades, 26x manstopper bullets, 27x Bullets, Psy-Focus, Data-Slate filled with arcane lore, Copax's Ward (Charm).

The act of a psyker becoming sanctioned can leave many lasting impressions on those it is visited upon. Some lose their minds and have them rebuilt mechanically, some become sullen and withdrawn and others have no memory of the event whatsoever. Praetus Hax, taken as a young child from an influential noble house on Scintilla, was supposed to be one such Psyker. Tortured and beaten by the Soritas contingent on the Black Ship that took him, his mind was wiped shortly after his sanctioning to hide his mistreatment. Praetus, however, was a strong willed individual and in the years following his return to the Calixus sector his memories slowly came back. Horrible visions of robed figures, phantom burns on his skin and bone chilling nightmares followed him wherever he went no matter how he psychically guarded his mind.
Daring not to ask Priests or senior psykers of his ailment due to fear of execution, Praetus eventually turned to ancient texts to find an answer. Slowly and surely Praetus uncovered his mindblock until eventually he discovered how to unchain it and the truth came flooding out. Weeks and months of torture ‘in the name of the Emperor’ filled his mind and his faith in the Imperial Creed was utterly destroyed.
Using his long held ability to control others, Praetus manipulated the Imperial Guard company commander he was stationed with into taking an archeological guard duty assignment, seeking the warp gate rumoured to be hidden within as a means by which to escape the reach of the Imperium once and for all. Opening the gate Praetus found not the salvation he sought but a horde of daemons bursting forth, seeking to overcome the small contingent guarding the site and escape into the corporeal. But despite their strength the Guardsmen fought back the creatures until the gate closed, turning to Praetus with hearts full of blame. Realising that if he surrendered he would once again be in the burning hands of the Inquisition, Praetus made his final move: Their willpower overcome, the remaining men turned on each other in a bloody short range battle. Eventually coming to their senses the men found that Praetus was well and truly gone, flying away in a stolen Gun-Cutter with a pilot who had long been under his control.
Seeking the void beyond Imperial space Praetus forcibly removed his sanctioning tattoo, covering his body in arcane and forbidden lore until his skin was covered by heretical writings. Travelling through the Vortex, he seeks knowledge that can unlock more powers with which he can gain his revenge on the Imperium.

a) Opening of warp gate and destruction of Guard Company.
b) Unable to remove the nightmares and visions of his horrible past.
c) Find knowledge with which to remove his mindblock entirely.
d) Before being taken by the black ships he was a member of a major noble house.
e) Gun-cutter pilot, a long term mind control element in place making him a trustworthy, if unconsenting, ally.
f) Inquisitorial Witch Finder still hunting him.

It was after answering the summons of Renkard Copax that Praetus first met the woman Eliza. Unwilling to speak to many of the inhabitants of Chimaeris and finding many of his companions unwilling to communicate with him telepathically, Praetus found in Eliza an ally not only capable of vocalising his ideas but also of convincing nearly anyone of their righteousness. Eliza in turn found someone who was not interested in her sexually in the slightest, Praetus' desire for flesh having been long since eroded by time and the torture inflicted upon him. Sharing a mutual need and a shared hatred of the Adeptus Soritas, it was such that she became his Emissary and he in return swore to assist her in any tasks she asked of him.



  • 1x BQ Servo Skull 'Lucian'

Acquired on Messia, Lucian the servo-skull was once the Magos Tench.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
15 15 10 20 30 15 35 20 -

Movement: - (See Below)
Wounds: 4
Skills: Awareness +20, Dodge, Stealth +10
Talents and Traits: Fearless.

  • Dark Sight
  • Flyer (6)
  • Machine 2
  • Puny (2)

Equipment: Inbuilt vox, cogitator, auspex, combi-tool, lumen globe and laspistol (30m; S/2/-; D10+2; Energy; Pen 0; Reliable, Red Dot Sight)

  • 56x Armsmen

When Praetus purchased the mercenary company these men once belonged to he gave them a choice of serving him loyally or being destroyed. Those who stayed he gifted with mutations to show his patronage.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
45 45 45 45 30 30 45 30 30

Movement: 3/6/9/18
Wounds: 10
Skills: Awareness, Athletics, Common Lore (Screaming Vortex), Interrogation, Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Talents and Traits: Weapon Training (SP, Melee), Takedown

  • All have Avian Features
  • 8x 'Bannermen': Magnificent Horns
  • 8x 'Enforcers': 'Wreathed in Chaos' (+10 to intimidate)
  • 8x 'Grey Men': Illusion of Normalcy (Unremarkable)
  • 8x 'Leaders': Icons of Blasphemy dictate leadership of a squad.

Equipment: Hassal Pattern Autoguns (D10+5, Pen:4, Clip: 30, S/3/6, Rld: Full, Reliable), Light Carapace [A, B, L: 5]), Auto Pistols w/ Dum Dums, 3x Frag Grenades, Uniform, 2x spare clips, Rebreather, Photo-visor.

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