Random Tables

Random Hive Pocket Loot

Roll Loot
01 AUSPEX- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150.
02 AUTO QUILL- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150.
03-05 BACKPACK- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook, p.146; roll 1d5+1 more times for contents, ignoring this result if it occurs again.
06 BAG OF BALL BEARINGS- If dumped on the floor, these cover a 1d2 meter radius; anyone taking more than a single Move Action through the covered area must make a Challenging Agility test or fall.
07-08 BOOK- (roll %) 01-20: Penthrift Dreadful (Inquisitor’s Handbook p127), 21-40: religious allegory, 41-60: military history, 61-80: local history, 81-99: biography of a famous Imperial hero, 00: a Dismal Text (details should be tailored to the current scenario).
09-11 BOTTLE OF LIQUID- (roll %) 01: This is the Good Stuff- high-end amasec! 02-20: mid-grade alcohol, 21-60: rotgut booze, 61-90: lubricant (mildly toxic; Challenging [+0] Awareness test to tell it’s not booze), 91-00: vermicide (highly toxic; Routine [+20] Awareness test to determine as much). There is a 50% chance the bottle is labeled; d100% of the liquid remains. (See Dark Heresy Gamemaster’s Screen for rules on toxins.)
12-13 BOX OF METAL FASTENERS- These are basic nuts, bolts, and washers.
14-15 CANDLES- 1d5 total, plus an igniter.
16-18 CHANGE OF CLOTHING- 50% chance these are cleaner than the ones being worn.
19-20 CHRONO- (roll %) 01-02: a very fancy gold-plated timepiece (50% chance with an inscription) worth 10x standard, 03-20: high-end model (water-proof, shock-resistant) worth 2x standard, 21-00 a basic model (10% chance it’s broken).
21-25 COGNOMEN- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook p.126; (roll %) 01-90: valid identification card of the bearer, 91-99: counterfeit card with alternate identity, 00: the identification card of a completely different individual.
26-27 COINPURSE- This contains 2d10 Thrones over and above the amount that would normally be carried.
28-30 CORD- 2d10 meters in length.
31 CREDIT SCRIP- Issued by many employers in place of wages, these coupons can be used to make purchases at specific businesses owned by the issuer.
32 CREDIT WAND- a pencil-sized piece of plastek tipped with a datacrystal containing codes to draw from an account at a local financial institution, up to 1d100 Thrones (the amount is also the % chance that a specific cognomen is required to utilize the wand).
33-35 DATASLATE- (roll %) 01-02: Classified information about the local government, 03-40: mind-numbing technical drivel, 41-60: maps of local environs, 61-80: religious sermons, 81-99: pornography, 00: heretical treatise (reading it requires an Ordinary [+10] Willpower test or gain 1 Corruption Point).
36-37 DICE- 5% chance they are loaded, adding +20 to Gambling skill; the modification is noticeable on a Difficult (-10) Awareness test.
38 FILTRATON PLUGS- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.147.
39-41 FOOD- (roll %) 01-75: pre-packaged meal (25% chance it’s half-eaten), 76-00: left-overs of a home-cooked meal (10% chance spoiled; if eaten, make a Challenging Toughness test or gain 1 level of Fatigue per degree of failure 1d5 hours later, and lasting 2d10 hours).
42 GAS MASK- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.147.
43 GEW-GAW- Something the bearer picked up because “it looked interesting”- a rusted wafer that looks like a face, a bit of congealed chemical waste resembling a gemstone, etc. Usually worthless, there is a 1% chance it actually has some value: roll a d10 for it’s worth in Thrones; on a ‘10’, roll again and add 10 to the result (multiple times if necessary).
44-46 GOGGLES- (roll %) 01-05: count as Good Quality Photo-Visor (Dark Heresy Rulebook p.147), 06-75: standard darkened lenses (add +20 to Toughness tests to resist damage to eyes), 76-00: simply wind/dust resistant, with no other benefits.
47 HANDKERCHIEF- 75% chance it’s dirty; if used, a Routine (+20) Toughness test must be made or gain 1 level of Fatigue 2d10 hours later. This cold lasts until a Challenging Toughness test is passed- check every 24 hours after symptoms develop.
48 JEWELRY- (roll %) 01: highly valuable, worth 2d10x100 Thrones, 02-10: moderately valuable, worth 1d100x5 Thrones, 11-90: costume jewelry, worth 3d10 Thrones, 91-99: fake, requiring an Ordinary (+10) Appraisal test to spot or be mistaken for being worth 100 Thrones, 00: high-end fake that requires a Difficult (-10) Appraisal test to spot or be mistaken for being worth 1000 Thrones.
49-51 LAMP-PACK- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150; roll % to determine amount of battery life remaining.
52 LASCUTTER- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150.
53-57 LHO-STICKS- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.147; 2d10 remaining.
58 LIVE PET- (roll %) 01-35: a tame rodent, 36-50: a not-so-tame rodent, which tries to bite anyone who provokes it (no chance of dealing real damage, but it could be amusing to see how hardened Acolytes try to deal with an enraged rat…), 51-80: a large, harmless arthropod (of course, the PCs won’t know it’s harmless…), 81-98: a small, none-too-smart reptile, 99-00: an exotic species imported from off-world (possibly illegally), worth 2d10x10 Thrones.
59 LOTTERY TICKET- Illegal in most Imperial communities (but rarely prosecuted), secret lotteries usually sell tickets for a Half Throne. There is a 50% chance this ticket is expired; otherwise, a % roll of 01 twice in a row indicates a winner, worth 1d100 Thrones- if you can find the bookmaker who sold the ticket.
60 LUCKY CHARM- This can take a number of forms, from an empty shell casing to a preserved rodent appendage; in any event, there is only a 1% chance it works like an actual Charm (Dark Heresy Rulebook p. 146).
61-62 MAGNOCULARS- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150; 10% chance they are the high-quality version.
63 MIRKER’S GREAVES- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook, p.125
64-66 MUD TAPE- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook, p.183 (under Tool Kit entry).
67-71 PASSKEY- Accesses (roll %) 01-50: a residence, 51-75: a vehicle, 76-85: a business, 86-99: a storage unit, 00: something illicit (such as a mistress’ residence…).
72 PICT RECORDER- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.151; 75% chance it contains previously recorded images.
73-76 PLAYING CARDS- (roll %) 01-10: missing 1d10 cards, 11-99: a standard deck, 00: Heretic’s Wake Deck (Inquisitor’s Handbook p.122).
77 SALVATION AUGER- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook, p.127; 10% chance it is a superior model.
78-79 SCROLLS- 2d5 total; (roll %) 01-05: star charts, 06-15: floorplans of a building, 16-30: legal contracts, 31-50: transcriptions of depositions, 51-94: Administratum records, 95-99: ‘wanted’ posters, 00: occult ritual.
80 SLITHER BOOTS- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook, p.151.
81-82 SPOOL OF WIRE- 1d10 meters total length.
83-87 TOOLS- (roll %) 01: Combi-Tool (Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150), 02-10: fine detail tool kit (cannot be used on anything larger than a chrono), 11-90: 1d5 standard tools, 91-00: one heavy duty tool (+20 to Strength tests requiring torque or leverage; can be used as an Improvised Weapon).
88-91 TRANSIT PASS- Allows use of local public transportation system; (roll %) 01-20: good for unlimited rides, 21-00: can only be used on a narrowly defined route.
92-94 TUBE OF ADHESIVE- Sets in 1d5 minutes; requires a Hard (-20) Strength test to pull apart once set.
95 VOLT GLOVES- Thick, insulated gloves for handling high-voltage cables. These provide 2 AP to the Arms and negate Shock effects to the same location, but impose a -10 penalty to any tests that require fine manual dexterity.
96 VOX-CASTER- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.151.
97-98 WHISTLE- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook, p.183
99-00 WRITING KIT- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.151.

Occult Paraphernalia

header header
01-02 1d5+1 Shrunken Heads
03-04 Basin filled with razor blades, crusted with dried blood
05-06 Dried length of umbilical cord, tied into an elaborate knot
07-08 Defaced brass aquilla
09-10 Necklace of finger bones
11-12 Cup full of small tiles inscribed with runes in the Unholy Tongue
13-14 Carved wooden shaman mask
15-16 Tiny glass bottle labeled ‘Tears of an Innocent’
17-18 Jar containing the pickled fetus of a mutant
19-20 Fetish doll sewn from canvas and stuffed with human hair, pierced with pins
21-22 Tambourine made from stretched human skin
23-24 Leather strap tied with 2d10 beast claws
25-26 1d10 corpse fat candles
27-28 Dried lizard
29-30 Ceramic rattle containing human teeth
31-32 Dessicated human hands, wrapped in barbed wire
33-34 Cut obsidian chalice (worth 3d10x10 Thrones)
35-36 Hangman’s noose (used)
37-38 Human skull painted with occult symbols
39-40 Heart of a virgin, wrapped in shroud-cloth
41-42 Blood-fed root shaped like a man
43-44 Dried human tongue branded with a rune (‘liar’, to anyone who can read the Unholy Tongue)
45-46 Large fossilized egg
47-48 Grave earth, kept in 1d5 miniature coffins
49-50 Black velvet bag containing 13 coins of outdated denominations
51-52 Small piece of meteor rock
53-54 Glass jar full of eyes
55-56 Jewelry box containing 2d10 feminine ring fingers, with wedding rings still attached (valued at d10x100 Thrones in total)
57-58 Ornate sacrificial knife (worth 1d100 Thrones)
59-60 Dried membranous wings in a clay jar
61-62 2d10 vials of various forms of animal venom
63-64 1d5 pieces of charcoal
65-66 Brass brazier engraved with unholy symbols
67-68 Pouch full of fish scales
69-70 1d5 scrimshawed leg bones
71-72 Wreath of razor wire, woven through with dead flowers
73-74 Small stone idol from a feral culture
75-76 Astrological charts
77-78 2d5 feathers from an extinct species of bird, bound by their quills with copper wire
79-80 Tricobezoar (a compacted ball of hair, cut from a corpse’s stomach)
81-82 Carved wooden juju stick
83-84 Skull of a carnivorous beast
85-86 Urn containing the ashes of a cremated psyker
87-88 Cauldron (either stained with various foul substances, or bubbling over a fire, as appropriate)
89-90 1d5+2 large dead insects skewered on long pins
91-92 Sinister portrait
93-94 Mummified cat
95-96 Crystal Prism
97-98 Clay vessel containing a carefully preserved vital organ
99-00 Torture implements (used)


Roll Encounter
01 ARBITE (1) An Adeptus lawman currently persuing an investigation; 30% chance of being undercover.
02-05 ASHLEEN WARRIORS (1d10; 25% chance mounted on dustdogs) Native tribesmen; 75% chance they are in town to trade for supplies; otherwise, they are here to drink and fight.
06-07 BAWD (1) A pimp enticing potential customers to sample the local hedonistic pleasures; 10% chance of working with Muggers, luring prey in a trap in exchange for a cut of the take.
08-09 BEASTS (2d10) Domesticated animals- either mounts, draft creatures or livestock; 10% chance they have gotten out of control on the city streets.
10-24 BEGGAR (1 or 30% chance of 1d10; 30% chance of being of Ashleen decent; 20% chance young urchins) Unfortunates begging for coins- they may offer information in exchange (25% chance the information is true).
25 BOUNTY HUNTER (1) 50% chance he’s currently tracking a target; otherwise likely to be looking for trouble.
26-28 CITY MILITIA (2 or 30% chance of 1d5+3) Armed soldiers; 50% chance of being off duty, in which case there is a 30% chance they are currently drunk.
29-31 CREWMEN (1d5+1 or 20% chance 2d10) Voidship ratings, in town on leave and looking for a good time.
32-35 DRUNKS (1d5) A group of revelers; 30% chance they are Ashleen, 15% chance of being off-worlders. 20% chance they are armed.
36-37 DUST STORM (*) The wind whips up the all-pervasive dust, reducing visibility to 2d10 meters for 1d10 minutes. Anyone without some form of filter mask must make an Easy (+20) Toughness test or gain 1 level of Fatigue.
38-40 ENFORCER PATROL (2) Lawmen ‘keeping the peace’; 10% they are corrupt and looking to solicit a bribe.
41 FORTUNE TELLER (1) A crazy hag offering to ‘see the future’ for a Throne (10% chance of having actual precognitive powers).
42 FREAK WEATHER (*) The weather briefly takes a surprising turn, typically in the form of a thunderstorm or torrential downpour.
43-45 GRIFTER (1) A fast-talking con man looking to hustle some rubes out of their hard-earned Thrones. Deceive Skill of 50%.
46-48 GAMBLER (1) A card-sharp looking for a game. 75% chance of being an off-worlder. Gamble Skill of 45%.
49-50 KILLER (1) A ‘bad man with a gun’, either ‘laying low’ after trouble (50% chance) or looking for an opportunity to enhance his reputation. 20% chance there is a 1d5x100 Throne reward for his capture.
51-59 LABOURERS (1d10) Local prols hard at work (60%) or hard at play (40%; in which case there is a 75% chance they are drunk).
60-61 MERCENARIES (1d5+1) Well-armed and -armoured soldiers-for-hire; 60% chance they are currently unemployed.
62-66 MERCHANT (1; 75% chance of having 1d5 bodyguards) A trader hawking wares; 5% chance of dealing in illegal goods. Trade: Merchant and Evaluate Skills of 60%
67-70 MUGGERS (1d5) Criminal thugs looking for potential victims.
71 OFFICIAL (1-2; 50% chance of having d5 bodyguards) A member of the community’s small Adeptus presence; there is an equal chance of being engaged in business or pleasure.
72-74 PICK-POCKET (1) A sneaky criminal looking to boost an item (Sleight of Hand skill: 40%).
75 PILGRIMS (2d10) A group of religious fanatics retracing the steps of a saint or martyr (1% chance they are actually members of the Red Redemption).
76-77 PRESS GANG (1d10+2) Burly off-world toughs armed with shock mauls, looking to forcibly ‘recruit’ crewmen for service onboard a voidship.
78 PROPHET (1) A holy man who claims to have divine visions- or he may just be insane…
79-82 PROSTITUTE (1 or 50% chance 1d5) A ‘joygirl’ soliciting ‘customers’; 10% chance she is working with muggers.
83 RIOT (*) Civil unrest erupts into violence in the streets, as a crowd of 3d100 people go on a rampage. It takes the local Enforcers 1d5 hours to break up the disturbance.
84 ROBBERY (*) A group of 1d5+2 criminals are in the process of robbing a local business (01-30), financial institution (31-60), or Ghostfire Pollen warehouse (61-00).
85-89 ROWDIES (2d5) Local ne’er-do-wells looking for a fight.
90-93 SCAVENGER (1 or 30% chance 1d5) Either in town with goods to sell (70% chance), or equipping for another expedition into the wastes (30%).
94 SORORITAS (2) A pair of Sisters from the Abbey of the Dawn, in town on a specific mission; they are well-armed and usually (75%) semi-disguised under heavy robes.
95 TRAFFIC ACCIDENT (*) 1d5+1 ground vehicles have collided, blocking off a main road for 3d10 minutes.
96-99 VERMIN Either a swarm of Miniscule creatures or a pack of 2d5 Puny beasts, all ravenously hungry and looking for easy pickings.
00 WYRD (1) An unsanctioned psyker living in the shadows (10% chance off-worlder, 40% chance Ashleen).

Red Herrings

Roll Rumour
01-02 'Old Sven the lay technician went missing two days ago after meeting a cowled stranger in the seven Kings bar. (Old sven has left his wife. The cowled stranger was his mistress in disguise)
03-04 'There's strange lights been seen up in the Old Mill'. (No there haven't')
05-06 Arbite patrol rolled in two weeks ago. The detective was looking for a Hienrich Vinkrieger. The Arbites brought a lot of men for one man. (Hienrich Vinkrieger is a notorious cold trade smuggler. However he is now off world and has no relevance to the case)
07-08 'In the middle of his sermon the local priest began speaking in the tounges of the Ancients last holy day. The congregation could not understand him but it was prophecy of great import no doubt!' (The priest was having a stroke. he is now receiving pallative care in a local hospice)
10-15 'The local baron/governor/Guild Master is thinking of raising taxes. He is siphoning the money off to pay for an army. There is war coming!' (The annual tax for the barony/planet/Guild domain gets raised every ten years as per Adminsitratum edict 556/HHY-IJ-Delta. Applications for exemption or rebate should be sent to the sector capital in triplicate)
16-20 The mayor is conducting sorcery and dark magic in his home. He has a deamonic familiar that takes the guise of a common housecat. But his maid Octavia learnt the truth. He feeds it human blood! (What Octavia heard was the mayor shouting at his cat to 'drink its bloody milk'. Although how the person knows about deamonic familiars is another matter)
21-24 Mutant warband been seen up by [seedy location]. No doubt they're behind [whatever Pcs are investigating or some other plot event of note] (There is a mutant warband hiding out in [seedy location] but they are scavanging for food/weapons. They have no relevance to the investigation)
25-27 If you want information about [whatever PCs want information about] you should speak to Magnus at the bar outside the manufactorum. He has his ear to the ground and no mistake. (The speaker is mistaken. Magnus is no more informed than any other member of this pig ignorant planet. If the PCs speak to him roll again on the rumour chart)
28-29 Klien the Reclamaitor found [speaker will lean in close] an Astartes helmet in the sump pond. And more than that it has horns on it! Never heard of the like! (Klien found a large corroded bucket he painted red and added horns to and is peddling as an Astartes helmet)
30-33 Kragan is a heretic. He has a temple to foul things in his basement. (Kragan is infact devout. Extremely devout. Make your players suspicious)
Objects (that can be found on NPC bodies or in their houses etc
34-36 A small idol of a cross legged man in prayer. (This is an old trinket from a girlfriend/boyfriend. NPC doesn't know where she got it from)
37-39 A vial of unidentified liquid. (This is a herbal treatment for bad stomach pains. if a player drinks it has a 100% chance of being a laxitive)
40-43 A photograph of the PCs (either simply a target photo of them or there isn't an explanation!)
44-47 An out of place weapon. A bolt pistol in a down and outs hovel, a chain blade on a feral world or soemthing similar (The NPCs great great grandfather fought in the guard and this is a momento)
48-50 A chrono meter that runs backwards (The chrono meter is broken)
51-53 A Temple with statues to a different saint than the Temple is dedicated to.(150 years ago the congregation saved up money to refurbish the Temple which was duly sent to the Bishops office in the capital. There was a mix up of forms and the stone mason/artist/artisan that arrived had the wrong specs. Make sure the locals are very sensitive about this and either adamantly deny there is a mistake or get violent).
54-58 A notepad full of bizzare scribblings detailing strange events, odd occurances and murderous people. To randomly detemrine the contents roll d5+1 times on this chart and assume the notepad details the resultant rumours, objects and events (The NPC is a budding writer. This is their novel. Once the PCs determine that the notepad is fiction a Trade (Story teller) check will reveal whether the potential novel is awful (90%) or a masterpiece (10%))
59-63 A glass of vinegar mixed with blood with half a frog floating init (The NPC is a wierdo).
64-65 A very detailed map marking out a location some distance away (d10km). (The NPC secretly met a married lover he was having an affair with here a few years ago. He has forgotten to throw the map away)
66 A signet ring containing the seal of a long dead Rogue Trader House. (The NPC doesn't realise it but is the long lost scion of a Rogue trader dynasty and has the right to reclaim his birthright. Really. None the less this has no relevance to the investigation at hand)
Events [These could occur at any time, particularly if the PCs are spending the session getting supplies instead of investigating]
67-71 A mysterious figure in carapace armour with the insignia of the local barony/governor etc is seen across the street staring at the PCs. He turns on his heel and leaves if they approach (The figure is the barons/governors judicial champion. He is rather intuitive and thinks the PCs look like the kind who will cause trouble).
72-74 Two autocarriages, cars or steam wagons have a collision in front of the PCs. the drivers clamber out battered but not seriously injuured. They look at each other and flee in random directions. (Driver A has no insurance. Driver B is driving a stolen car)
75-80 The PCs are accosted by a beggar proclaiming them as the fated ones able alone amongst the galaxy to shape their own destiny! (the beggar is very mildly psychic and is technically correct.)
81-86 The PCs are accosted by a beggar with a perfect geometric shaped birthmark on his forehead. He wants money and vehmently denies having the birthmark (This is the Imperium. The unusual birthmark is viewed as a potential mutation and is why the man is a beggar. It is a source of great shame. Obviously he doesn't want to talk about it).
87-90 Every night feral animals prowl the streets and the locals cower in fear inside their hab units (The pest-castigation guild has been on strike in this area for the past century following a dispute with an administratum official. A century worth of interest on the tithe due now means a new guild is unlikely to be set up)
91-95 A woman is brought to the centre of the hab-plaza/town square/meeting circle and burnt at the stake. (She is a psyker)
96-99 A local dignatry is touring the area. With him is a man who bares the sigil of the Inquisition (There are other Acolytes in the sector. Some of them get easy assignments).
100 Armed men pour into the area and begin clubbing/stunning adults and dragging them away. The Arbites/enforcers standby and do nothing. (By Imperial Degree this world/hab block/village has been selected for the most holy honour of providing fighting men and women to the Imperial Guard).



Location within the Vortex (d10 Roll)
1-4 Gloaming World. The planet lies on the outer rim of the Screaming Vortex, largely free from the majority of the reality-warping effects of the Warp Storm but still firmly routed in Chaos. The planet’s Terrain cannot be Warp-Twisted.
|5-8 The Inner Ring: The planet is saturated with realspace/Warp overlap, and many mind-breaking horrors can be witnessed here.
9-10 The Lower Vortex: The planet is almost totally absorbed by the warp, becoming a daemon world. The planet’s terrain is Automatically Warp-Twisted.

Planetary Classification (d16)
1. Feudal: Most advanced technology escapes the usage of the planet’s inhabitants, although basic Iron-Age analogues, rudimentary medicine, and gunpowder may be prominent. Feudal Worlds suffer a -2 Penalty to Technolgical Advacnement.
2. Feral: The planet’s population s comprised mostly of hunter-gatherer societies or the beginning of agrarian pastoralists. Such places serve as excellent recruiting grounds for personal Warlords and Chaos Warbands. Feral Worlds suffer a -4 Penalty to Technoligcal Advancmenet.
3. Forge Worlds: Usually controlled by the Dark Mechanicus, corrupted forge worlds are the sites of creation of most of the weaponry employed in the Vortex, from corrupted power armor to traitorous Titans. Forge World gain a +4 Bonus to Technoligcal Advancement and automatically gain the Dark Mechanicus as its Primary Faction.
4. Fortress World: This planet might serve as the headquarters of an enterprising Chaos Warlord or a renegade Astartes Warbands. Fortress worlds serve as stockpiles for munitions, vehicles, and other instruments of war. Fortress Worlds gain a +2 Bonus to Technligal Advancement.
5. Hive Worlds: These enormous industrial arcologies house innumerable masses of humanity, and the waulity of life on them is very poor, despite their relatively advanced technology. Hive World gain a +2 Bonus to Technlical Advancment.
6. Dead Worlds: Dead Worlds are often the sites of huge battles or mass deaths via Exterminatus or other arcane means. Usually, these post-aopcalyptic zones harbor few survivors, but many treasures may be found there.
7. Votive Worlds: Dark parodies of the Imperium’s Shrine Worlds, Votive Worlds serve as enormous edifces to the Glory of the Chaos Powers. It is here that titanic statues and temples are raised in the name of Ruin.
8. Pleasure Worlds: Paradises and scources of respite for decadent nobles and pirates, pleasure worlds are often full of exotic attractions to capture the gaze of tourists. Of course, paradise means different things to different people, and one heretic’s pain can be another heretic’s pleasure.
9. War Worlds: War Worlds are the sites of contuous conflict between two factions. War Worlds possess Two Primary Factions that are at war with each other.
10. Mining/Industrial: These planets are given wholly over to the extraction and processing of raw materials to fashion finished goods, and are often of great value to enterprising conquerors.
11: Agri-World: Used for framing and producing foodstuffs to sell and supplement the greed of its inhabitants.
12: Prsion World: These enormous penal planets are used for incarcerating prisoners. While few are punished for conventional crimes in the Screaming Vortex, these planets are often used as dumping grounds for conquered people or breeding lands for sacrifices.
13: Death World: The planet is almost inhospitable to humans, with very little to no technology or civilization apparent. Feral Worlds automatically have Primitive Clans.
14: Daemon World: The planet is inhabited entirely or at least mostly by daemons, where the veil is sundered badly enough for them to remain corporeal indefinitely. Daemon Worlds are automatically Warp-Twisted.
15: Stationary non-planet: These include orbital stations, defense installations and deeps-pace facilities. Do not roll for terrain type.
16: Space Hulk: A vast, wrecked ship, these structures are large enough to warrant their own systemic feature. Do not roll for terrain type.

Dominant Terrain Type (d10)
1. Jungle
2. Desert
3. Ice
4. Ocean
5. Wasteland
6. Volcanic
7. Dead
8. Toxic
9. Airless
10. Warp-Twisted: Roll again for base terrain type.


Devotion to the Ruinous Powers (d10)
1-2: Blinded. The inhabitants either do not worship Chaos or, if they do, are unaware of its true nature. This is especially common on feral or feudal worlds where the understanding of the warp is misconstrued as magic and witchcraft. -2 to Mutations.
3-7: Average. The Chaos Gods are worshipped but generally not monotheistic. Chaos Undivided is most prevalent on these planets.
8-10: Zealous. The Chaos Gods are worshipped, often monotheistic, with utter fanaticism. +2 to Muatations.

Chaos Worship (d12)
1-3: Chaos Undivided
4: A minor god or specific daemon.
5-6: Khorne
7-8: Slaanesh
9-10: Tzeentch
10-11: Nurgle
12: Roll again, twice.

Technological Development
1-2: Primitive Clans: All items acquired from this planet must have the Primitive Trait.
3-4: Pre-Industrial: The inhabitants are capable of producing Primitive and Solid Projectile Weapons, along with gear that does not require advanced components.
5-6: Basic Industry: The planet’s industry can create Solid Projectile and Explosive weapons and gear, having abandoned Primitive technology.
7-8: Advanced Industry: The planet can manufacture all basic items of weaponry, armor and gear.
9-10: Voidfarers: The planet is capable of interstellar travel and commerce, with the facilities to produce its own starships.

Population Mutation Demographic (d10)
1-4: Pure. Mutations occur, but they are still not the norm.
5-7: Augmented. The population has been genetically or magically augmented to make one kind of mutation more common. Roll once on the Gifts of the Gods Table in the Black Crusade Core Rulebook, or select a specify deity (if it is desired to roll randomly, use the Chaos Worship Table).
8-9: Insane. Roll once on the Mental Disorder Table in the Black Crusade Core Rulebook.
10: Damned. Roll 1d3 times on the Gifts of the Gods Table or the Mental Disorder Table.

Factions (d20)
1. Chaos Cultists
2. Local Dictator
3. Chaos Space Marine Warband
4. Sorcerer Kabal
5. Dark Mechanicus
6. Corrupted Clerics
7. Traitor Titan Legion
8. Imperial Presence
9. Pirate Princes
10. Renegade Guard Regiment
11. Decadent Nobles
12. Unique xenos
13. Radical Inquisitors
14. Orks
15. Eldar
16. Assassin Guild
17. Dark Eldar
18. Daemons
19. Necrons
20. A new faction combining elements from two of the previous (roll twice). For example, Daemons+Dark Mechnaicus could indicate a strong presence of Daemon Engines, while Corrupted Clerics+Imperial Prescence could represent Imperial Secessionists.

1: Endangered: The faction’s control over the planet is waning, allowing others to rise up and compete for control. The planet gains 1d4+1 Tertiary Factions, each of which with its own strength (not that this does not generate more factions).
2-3: Weak: The faction is on its decline. The planet has 1d4 Tertiary Factions.
4-6: Nominal: The faction is maniting its power base. The planet has 1d4-1 (to a minum of 1) Tertiary Factions.
7-9: Strong: The faction is in control of the planet. The planet has 1d4-2 Tertiary Factions (to a minimum of 1).
10: Oppressive: The faction has utterly crushed all opposition. The planet has no Tertiary Factions.


Local Attractions –
01-10: Preferred Fighting Style
11-20: Special Chaos Icons. Re-roll if your planet's devotion to chaos is "Blinded".
21-25: Daemon Weapons. Re-roll if your planet's devotion to chaos is "Blinded.”
26-35: Bestial Companion.
36-45: Ancient Weaponry.
46-50: Unholy Wargear.
51-60: Stolen Technology.
61-70: Special Mount.
71-80: Unique Daemon Engines. Re-roll if your planet's devotion to chaos is "Blinded" or if they do not possess Advanced Industry, or if they do not possess a faction that could feasibly construct Daemon Engines.
81-90: Special Armour.
91-100: Biological Experiments

Local Cult Beliefs:
1-30: Revere the Gods. A single Chaos God is worshipped above all else with single-mindedness.
31-45: Undivided. The Chaos Gods are worshipped equally as a pantheon.
46-55: Honor the Warp: The Chaos Gods are not Worshipped. Instead, Chaos itself is viewed as a primordial force of nature.
56-60: Death Cult: Unsavory practices regarding the futility of life have arisen.
61-65: Pleasure Cult: Strange beliefs involving fetish and ritual have emerged.
66-70: Witchcraft: Psykers are revered above all else.
71-75: Warmongers: Fighting and destruction are lauded elements of society.
75-80: Totem Animal: A specific creature native to the planet is a huge part of society.
81-85: Flesh Above All: The mortal form and condition are praised.
86-90: Finality in Steel: The bionic and the mechanical is revered and sought after.
91-95: Ascension: Daemonhood is the goal of every civilian.
96-100: Servile: The inhabitants are easily lead and will pledge themselves to the strongest.

Society Type (d10)
1: Agriculturalist
2: Hunter
3: Feudal
4: Raiders
5: Nomadic
6: Monastic
7: Scavengers
8: Xenophobic
9: Tradition-Bound
10: Other.


Generator Table Results:
Location: Inner Ring.
Classification: Pleasure World
Dominant Terrain Type: Ocean
Devotion: Average Tzeentch/Nurgle
Tech Level: Pre-Industrial
Mutation Demographic: Augmented (Tzeentch).
Factions: Dark Mechanicus (nominal), Chaos Cultists (weak), Unknown Xenos (Strong), Pirate Princes (Nominal).
Local Attractions: Unique Daemon Engines.
Local Beliefs: Finality in Steel.
Society Type: Scavengers.


A pleasure world of the Inner Ring, the planet known as the Wuthering is a testament to the blasphemous tech-heresies of the Dark Mechanicum. According to legend, the planet that would later become the Wuthering – its name lost to the ages of time – was once a barren, lifeless rock, its oceans boiled away and its rocky crags collapsing back primordial soup. Undoubtedly, the planet would have been allowed to collapse into a volcanic ruin were it not for the ancient legends permeating through the Vortex regarding ancient troves of forgotten treasures, forbidden lore, and archaic technology buried beneath its surface by ancient void pirates.
Attracted by the promises of such relics, a kabal of hereteks self-designated the Mystiques of Vandermyre voyaged to the planet with plans to initiate and excavation. Said attempts proved increasingly difficult due to the dangerous rad-storms and tectonic catastrophes blighting the world’s surface. For fear of losing their prize, the Mystiques went to work terraforming the planet, with the intention to stabilize it before the priceless artifacts buried somewhere on the planet were destroyed.
Conventional terraforming techniques would have proven futile were it not for the warp dabbling and demonomancy of the Mystiques of Vandermyre. By striking numerous daemonic pacts, the terraforming could be achieved via the reality-changing abilities of the warp where mere technology had failed. Such was the direness of the situation that the Mystiques were required to give up their souls to the Lord of Change in order to conduct such a transformation upon the planet’s fabric. Miraculously, the Wuthering was transformed into a world of verdant tropical islands and vast, crystal-clear oceans to rival an Eldar maiden world.
Unfortunately, this paradise was not to remain untainted for long. Drawn by promises of riches, pirates, mercenaries and cutthroats from across the sector made the pilgrimage to the Wuthering to begin their new lives. While the influx of these ne’er-do-wells allowed the Mystiques to extend the range of their excavations by hiring the newcomers as scouts and explorers, the planet soon descended into lawlessness and piracy. Additionally, the conflicting interests of the numerous pirates has significantly hampered the activities of the Mystiques of Vandermyre, who, in a typically logical way, are unable to fathom the counterproductively competitive nature of the pirates. In order to try and quell their rebellious nature, the Mystiques have decreed that all reasonably modern technology on the surface is subject to thing and confiscation by the hereteks at any time, leading the Privaseer Lords to strike pacts with daemons to maintain some measure of independence. The most powerful of the Privaseer Lords command demonically possessed sailing galleys, baroque ships of writhing wood, metal and flesh that prowl the seas like vicious predators.
Word of the paradise planet finally proved to be its undoing when it attracted the notice of the Grandfather of Plagues, who was personally affronted that a world destined for such a slow, sweet death had been saved from the brink of oblivion by his arch nemesis, the Grand Deceiver. In recent years, a cult of Nurgle referring to itself as the Bayou Lodge has taken up root in the swampy marshes of the northern hemisphere, where much of the planet’s treasure troves is believed to be held. Reports of mysterious noxious light, cadaverous warriors in mechanical armor, and reanimated corpses permeate the nearby pirate bases, and most captains refuse to journey there for fear of losing their lives to the various parasites, poxes and toxins that blight the marshlands

The desert continent of Thibyss forms the singular large landmass of the Wuthering, and is therefore of great interest to the Mystiques of Vandermyre – after all, any notable civilization capable of producing the wonders described in the ancient legends regarding the Wuthering must have possessed a reasonable base of land to sustain itself. As such, Thibyss now serves as the stronghold of heretek dominance over the planet.
From here, the Mystiques of Vandermeer rule from glimmering golden pyramids and minarets, inscribed with arcane runes and warded with protective sorceries. The gold pyramids of Thibyss act as the fortresses, palaces and laboratories of the Mystiques, where the latest finds and artifacts can be catalogued, examined, and reverse-engineered.
All manner of strange and esoteric devices can be found here, and while the majority of Thibyss is given over to the devotion of Tzeentch, followers of all of the Chaos Powers are welcome here as long as they do not interfere with the Mystiques’ archeological operations. Technological marvels ranging from archeotech treasures reproduced by the Mystiques to elaborate daemon engines can be purchased. For this reason, Thibyss is a bustling city of trade, and is frequented most commonly by technologically oriented factions such as other Hereteks, Obliterator Cults, and warbands of the Traitor Legions. In appearance, the Mystiques themselves commonly dress in robes of gold, sapphire or indigo adorned with glyphs, sigils and occult paraphernalia, and often display outlandish bionics and mutations befitting their devotion to the madcap Lord of Change.

The Emerald Isles are a network of tropical islands that serve as a base of operations, living quarters, and warzone for the various factions of nautical pirates that operate as mercenaries for the Mystiques of Vandermyre. Due to the limits on privatized technology, the pirates must make do with the barest essentials of flintlock weapons and wooden sailing ships. However, these meager supplies are supplemented by the daemonic pacts these pirates enter into. Due to the sway that the Architect of Fate holds over the planet, it is incredibly difficult to summon daemons of deities other than Tzeentch, although recent rumors concerning apparitions of the Lord of Plagues have become infamous. Therefore, the majority of the pirates, while not devout in their worship, are marked with the Lord of Change’s blessings in the form of writhing tentacles, extra mouths and eyes, and flame0belching orifices. Local custom dictates that whenever a pirate strikes a pact with a daemon for power, be it the talents of sorcery, the strength of a daemon weapon, or the versatility of the possessed vessel, a mark is made upon the flesh of the pirate. Therefore, those pirates who have struck the most deals are often adorned with mind-bending runes inked into the fabric of their souls, souls that are now irrevocably damned. The basis of the “pact economy” comprises the majority of inter-pirate trading, because the pirates are forbidden from selling their finds to others. As such, the trading of pacts is a popular pastime, and gambling games can be found in great abundance long the aisles as the seafaring cutthroats stake their boons in games of dice, cards, or skill at arms.

There is a place amongst the Emerald Isles that is forbidden, even for the most daring and depraved of pirate explorers. The Glass Reef is an island spoken of only in hushed whispers and frightened glances. Local legends refer to a Captain Dracozettii, a Privaseer Lord who flaunted the Codes of Trade enacted by the Mystiques of Vandermeer. He was punished for his insolence by a flood of arcane techno-constructions sent from Thibyss, and his stronghold was assaulted by all manner of sorcery-belching engines, gibbering data-daemons and mutated Skitaarii. After a single night the sands of his island were fused with the white ash of the incinerated bodies of his pirates, melting the entire island into an edifice of gleaming pearl glass, perfectly casts of the bodies of the dead and the twisted forms of the daemonic. The Glass Reef is said to be haunted and a bringer of bad omens, and pirate avoid it whenever possible. Unfortunately, the Glass Reef does not seem to maintain a fixed location, and its appearance off the coast of one of the Emerald Isles is said to be a herald of certain doom.

The Wuthering’s northern hemisphere of swampland is infested by virulent plagues. Cursed by Grandfather Nurgle to be his bastion against the despicable verdance and life of Wuthering’s local fauna and flora, the Bayou is home to the eponymous Bayou Lodge, a cult of Nurgle. Ironically, the swamps themselves are teeming with life, all now twisted by Nurgle to more closely resemble the abominations of his favored garden. Travellers throughout the Bayou find themselves initially fatigued and sickened by the noxious plagues of the area, and then beset on all sides by mutated beasts and hateful spawn. Those wounded can find remedy in the healing curatives found deep within the marshes, but even those come with a price, merely replacing one malady with another that brings the healed closer to the embrace of the noxious Plaguefather.
The Lodge acts as Nurgle’s operative on the Wuthering, often-leading small raids on the local pirate bases. Often these raids are carried out overnight, with no evidence of intruders – one night, an encampment or port is simply emptied, with no word from its inhabitants. Occasionally, a festering plague-ridden corpse might be left behind. Devotees of Tzeentch especially are valued, as they make for ideal sacrifices in the Lodge’s decrepit rituals.
The Lodge reveres Nurgle though his messenger, the Herald Pothicrax. Pothicrax is a cunning sorcerer and powerful psyker, even for a daemon, and it is through him that Nurgle’s control over the Bayou is maintained. For Pothicrax holds dominion over a powerful daemon weapon, the Scepter of Hydrus. The Scepter of Hydrus is said to be the ceremonial staff of office of the first Magos of the Mystiques of Vandermyre, whose name has ben lost to the ages. Bound within it, by Pothicrax himself, is the Herald of Tzeentch who struck the original bargain with the first Magos to terraform the Wuthering so many centuries ago. Psykers and devotees of Tzeentch who have sailed near the Bayou claim to hear the voice of the daemon gibbering madly, insane in its captivity, although most do not understand what it is they hear or even if the voices are even real.
Some brave Privaseers who have attempted raids on the Bayou have returned with specimens of baroque, power-armored automatons, bedecked with elaborate runes and encrusted with icons of the Lord of Change. However, these suits are usually decayed and corrupted from exposure to the sump, often coated with vines, fungus, and barnacles, rotted through and rusted. Attempts to re-service these suits have been partially successful, but the Mystiques of Vadermyre have shown disquiet over the claims that these automatons have been fighting in conjunction with the Bayou Lodge, contrary to their iconographic loyalties.

The exact nature of the alien civilization that originally colonized the planet that became the Wuthering is unknown. While some sage amongst the Mystiques of Vandermyre believe it to be the work of pre-Imperial human colonists, reports from the Emerald Isles indicate a very different possibility. Stories and folklore of creatures from the sea, dark machine-fey who rise up out of the waves in the dead of night to carry away the witless and the unawares are popular ghost stories around the local taverns. Closer analysis reveals the possibility that these creatures, if they truly do exists, might be the missing link to the civilization that once inhabited the Wuthering.
While few who have ever encountered one of these xenos have lived to speak of it, and even fewer in possession of a coherent memory of the event, they described creatures of hypnotic but disturbing beauty, an unholy fusion of the serpentine and the mechanical. Many others claim that the apparitions they saw resembled breathtaking mortals, implying that some sort of psychic or pheromone clouding of the mind is at work. Even more bizarre are the similarly biomechanical conceptions they are reported to ride as steeds – a bizarre concoction of the equine, piscine and serpentine.
In any case, the Mystiques of Vandrmyre have designated the race of creatures “Psyren,” after old Terra Mythology. The Mystiques believe that through the warp-cursed changes in its evolution, the species became biomechanical, an unholy fusion of machine and flesh. Exactly what motivates them now is unknown. Many believe that the aliens seek human mates to bear unholy, hybridized offspring, although most followers of Chaos are undaunted by these portents and many Privaseers claim to have sired many a halfing spawn by the biomechanical maidens. On the contrary, those naïve prates that offer themselves up are never seen again, implying darker motives.

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