Lord Astropath, Lord Governor of Coldharbour, Master Daemon-Slayer

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
50' 35 31 33 41 42'' 53'' 70'''' 25


Wounds: 10

Basic: Intimidate
Ciphers - Astropath Signs
Common Lore - War, Adeptus Astra Telepathica
Speak Language - High Gothic, Low Gothic, Military Cant
+10: Invocation, Scholastic Lore - (Occult, Cryptology)
+20: Psyniscience, Awareness, Forbidden Lore (Psykers, Warp), Scrutiny

Talents and Traits:

  • Weapon Training: Melee (Universal), Pistol (Universal), Basic (SP)
  • Hatred: [Chaos worshipers, void pirates] +10 to Melee rolls against hated group.
  • Nerves of Steel: Re-roll WP tests to avoid Pinning.
  • Quick Draw: Ready a Pistol, Basic or one handed Melee weapon as a free action.
  • Meditation: WP test to remove 1 fatigue in 10 minutes.
  • Heightened Senses: Sound
  • Resistance: Psychic Techniques
  • Peer: Astropaths
  • Good Reputation: Adeptus Mechanicus.
  • War Training: -5 to social interactions not related to combat.
  • The Face of the Enemy: –10 to all Fellowship Tests dealing with target of hatred.
  • See Without Eyes: Functionally treated as if he can see normally however are not affected by effects that target their vision, such as blind grenades and cameleoline.
  • Right of Sanctioning: Trademark Psychic Phenomena: Hoarfrost.

Psychic Powers:

  • Psy Rating: 6
  • Soul-Bound to the Emperor: Gains +20 to his Willpower when resisting Possession, in any opposed Willpower Test against a daemon, or whenever making a Willpower Test to resist any Talent, Psychic Power, special ability, or other effect originating from a daemon. An Astropath Transcendent rolls an additional d10 when rolling on the Perils of the Warp table and may discard any one D10 for a more favourable result.
  • Telepathy:
    • Thought Sending (WP) - 10xPRm
    • Astral Telepathy (WP) -
    • Delude (Opp WP) - (1xPR)m - +30 to interactions
    • Mind Link (WP) - (1xPR)km - WP Bonus in Fettered strength links
    • Mind Probe (Opp WP) - (1xPR)m
    • Compel (Opp WP) - (5xPR)m
    • Sensory Deprivation (Opp WP) - (10xPR)m
    • Dominate (Opp WP)
    • Psychic Scream (WP)
  • Telekinesis:
    • Mind over Matter (WP) -
    • Force Bolt (WP) - (10xPR)m, 1d10+2+2xPR, 3DOS - Prone and moved 1d5m

-Talon (+10 to hit; 1d10+7; R; Pen 8; Balanced [+15], Beastslayer [+50% Size bonuses] Choirmaster [Choir counts as 1 larger], Counts as Psy-Focus, Force)
-Aurilian Plate Bodyglove BQ Silver-Gold body suit, fits snugly but is as hard as diamonds. Squat manufacture. (Armour 8-All, Weight 2.5, +5 Charm/Command, -30 Concealment)
-Seer's Orb Small green orb, glows with a faint light (+25 to Awareness -30 to determine use, -30 to find, -10 if familiar)
-Battlemage Armour: 5 armour-All, +5x Psy Rating to resist enemy psychic powers
-White Chitin Chest Piece: +10 to Psyniscience/Dodge [B-5, 5kg]

-GQ Bionic Arm, GQ Bionic Leg (or BQ Vat-Grown if you would prefer).
-Poor-Craftsmanship stub automatic (Pistol; 30m; S/3/-; Dam 9; I; Clip [9]; Reload [Full]; Unreliable)

-Void suit
-Cracked Obsidian Xenos Data-Slate, Scorched Book of Arcane Script.


- Following sanctioning was stationed at an Imperial Fortress World
- Trained to use abilities in the heat of battle, assigned as Astropath for the planet's military HQ
- Became disillusioned with the Imperium, given its treatment of psykers
- Took position as chief astropath aboard the Lazarus
- Expanded studies of the warp and psykers beyond what was allowed by the Imperium

Character Path:
Homeworld: Fortress World
Birthright: Stubjack
Lure of the Void: Crusade -Warrior [250]
Trials: Hand of War
Motivation: Fortune
Career: Astropath Transendant
Lineage: Witch Born [100] + Delude [100]

Centurion Servitors

Adeptus Mechancius murder servitors, black and steel living weapons implanted with a command chip to allow them to be psychically guided by Godwyn. A gift from Harlon Tavius on Godwyn's name-day, a sign of the friendship growing between the two Governors of Coldharbour.

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
55 22 42 8 50 10 44 20 40 40 02

Movement: 8/16/24/48
Resist: 19 [9 Armour, 10 Toughness]
Wounds: 14

Acrobatics +10, Athletics +20, Awareness +10, Concealment +10, Dodge +10, Search +10, Silent Move +20, Tracking +20

Talents and Traits:
Ambidextrous, Berserk Charge (Charge gives +20 to hit, not +10), Crippling Strike (+4 to Critical damage), Crushing Blow (+2 Dam on Melee Weapons), Frenzy, Lightning Reflexes (Initiative Bonus is 5), WT (Melee- Uni), Step Aside (2nd Dodge reaction), Swift Attack (Hit per 2DoS up to WSb), Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee).

  • Brutal Charge: +3 Damage when charging.
  • Dark Sight
  • Flyer: [6] Null-Gravity only.
  • Improved Natural Weapons:
  • Machine: [3]
  • Multiple Arms:
  • Unnatural Speed: Double move distances.
  • Unnatural Strength and Toughness: [x2]


  • Four Arms: 2x Mono Talons, 1x Viscerator-Limb, 1x Melta-Cutter
  • Armour Plating [6-all]
  • Mono-Talons (Dam 1d10+10; R; Pen 2) [Strength Included]
  • Viscerator-Limb (Dam 1d10+14; R; Pen 2; Tearing, Unbalanced) [Strength Included]
  • Melta Cutter Array (5m; S/-/-; Dam 3d10+8; E; Pen 13; Clip [10]; Reload [3 Full]; Inaccurate, Scatter (PB - +1 Hit per DOS, LR - 2 x Armour), Twin-Linked (+20% BS, 2DOS = +1 Hit)
  • Micro-bead, photo-visor, Psychic Implant

Multiple Attacks: -10WS, (1 x Mono-Talon per 2DOS), (1 x Viscerator-Limb)
Charge: +20WS, (1 x Viscerator-Limb) , + 3 damage
Single Attack: +10WS, 1 x Viscerator-Limb

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