Captain Uriah Quinn

Ship Role: Lord-Captain- +10 to Hold Fast. May pass Exceptional Leader ability to others for one strategic round as a free action.

Impetuous, Words, Words, Words

Origin Path: Footfallen, Stubjack, Hunter (Xenos Hunter), Lost Worlds (Beyond the Pale), Fear (Tormented by the Unspeakable), Rogue Trader

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
31 48 30 30 38 40 37 36 43


Wounds: 10
Insanity: 23 (Unsettled: +10)
Corruption: 1
Fate: 3
Exp: 500/600

Acrobatics, Barter, Blather, Carouse, Chem-Use, Ciphers, Climb, Concealment, Contortionist, Demolition, Disguise, Dodge, Gamble, Inquiry, Interrogation, Lip Reading, Navigation, Scrutiny, Search, Security, Shadowing, Silent Move, Sleight of Hand, Survival, Swim, Tech-Use, Tracking, Wrangling.
Command, Commerce, Charm, Scholastic Lore (Astromancy), Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic), Evaluate, Literacy, Intimidate, Tracking, Forbidden Lore (Xeno, Inquisition), Common Lore (Koronus Expanse), Psyniscience, Pilot (Spacecraft), Awareness, Dodge

Quick Draw, Air of Authority, Pistol Weapon Training, Melee Weapon Training, Leap Up, Light Sleeper, Jaded, Resistance (Fear), Polyglot, Rival (Inquisition), Peer (Void-born), Intimidate


  • Street Knowledge: -5 on Scholastic Lore that does not in some way involve the Koronus Expanse
  • Web of Contacts: Peer (Void Born)
  • Port of Call: Receive Polyglot Talent
  • Sixth Sense: Gain Psyniscience Skill and Rival (Inquisition)

-"Persephone" Common Quality Plasma Pistol (1D10+6; S/2/-; Pen 6; R:30m; 3 Full; Clip: 10; Overheats)
-"Talim" Common Quality Powersword (1D10+5; Pen 5; Balanced, Power)
-"Astinis' GC Hydraphaur Pattern Suppression Shield (1D10E, Shocking, Recharge, Defensive, AP: 4 to Left Arm and Body for first hit)
-Lazarus Alpha Command Baton
-Micro Bead, Void Suit, set of fine clothing, Xenos Pelt
-Best Quality Enforcer Light Carapace (HABL:6, 7.5kg)

  • Born out of wedlock to a courtesan on Footfall, had been told from birth that his father was a traveler of the stars
  • Grew up among the pleasure-houses and wanders of Footfall, hearing tales of the wildness in Unbeholden Reaches and the noble explorers of Winterscales Realm
  • Spent some of his formative years running with gangs dealing in narcotics and minor items of cold-trade interest
  • Was caught by a rival gang and press-ganged into service aboard the Stalwart Guidance, a colony-vessel bound for the deep black, where he refined his already growing skill of hunting and tracking within the dark corridors and gantry-ways
  • After several years on-board he managed (through cleverly placed word and subtly implied threat) to achieve a place with the containment team, those responsible for curtailing the efforts of wayward xenos and mutants that managed to slink aboard after each landing
  • The ship eventually came upon the lost world of Orn and was prepared to disgorge another batch of eager colonists when it was attacked by unknown assailants
  • The attackers were ferocious in their assault, slaughtering the colonists, the marines as well as other crew members. Uriah and his men escaped the surface aboard one of the landing craft, but not before several hundred of the creatures sequestered themselves on board
  • As the ship was leaving orbit it came under heavy ordinance fire from the ground, mass-reactive macro shells tearing large chunks of metal and framework apart, the ship barely managing to translate to the relative safety of the warp
  • Uriah spent the next several years hunting the stowaway monsters in the belly of the vessel, discovering curious symbols and markings etched upon their patchwork bodies of metal and flesh
  • The ship returned to Footfall and was decommissioned, the remaining crew dispersing to find new work. Uriah returned to the pleasure-houses, to both spend his coin and reunite with his long-lost mother and childhood companions
  • Word reached Uriah that previous members of the Stalwart Guidance were turning up dead or lost, and suspecting foul-play, made arrangements to flee Footfall
  • Hours before Uriah was due to leave a modestly-dressed man with a kind voice came to his door, bearing a sigil of a flaming bird of prey rising from a tumultuous warp-storm. The man introduced himself as Brother Severus, and informed Uriah of his connection to the great Rogue Trader house of Quinn, as well as the untimely passing of his biological father Rogal Quinn.
  • Seeing an opportunity for escape, Uriah took the man at his word and left aboard the Lazerus with his mother…

Fear: 200xp
Lost Worlds: 100xp
Hunter: 200xp
Rank 1:
Pilot (Spacecraft): 100xp
Awareness: 100xp
Dodge: 100xp
Ambidextrous: 200xp

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