House Castella

History of House Castella

Younger than House Rosalind, House Castella is nevertheless a renowned plunderer and privateer of the Koronus Expanse. Founded during the Harvest of Reavers in 754.M41 by Rogue Trader Aspyce Chorda, House Castella was one of many to be signed into existence with hastily written and often poorly worded warrants of trade in order to swell the ranks of House Chorda. When the banking house of Krin recalled Chorda to protect them from aggressors in 761.M41, she enacted the failsafes written into the temporary warrants, effectively disbanding and dissolving the newly formed rogue traders. House Castella fled into the reaches of the Cineras Maleficum before such action could be enacted against them, finding refuge with the reavers and pirates they had so recently fought. For the next several hundred years House Castella provided a legitimate face through which the reavers could trade, and in return Castella grew strong and rightly feared as a bloodthirsty and piratical house. After the death of the house patriarch in 888.M41, the first-born Killian would take the helm of the flagship Handsome Jack and set forth in search of new plunder.

Captain Killian Castella


Navis Scion Severine Lho


Void-Master Titus Reddin


Missionary Irven Azararch


'Handsome Jack'



Meritech Shrike-Class Raider

Dimensions: 2km long, 0.25km abeam
Mass: 4.5 megatonnes
Crew: 15,000
Accel: 5.9 Gravities

Speed: Unknown
Man: Unknown
Detec: Unknown
H.I.: Unknown
Armour: Unknown
T.R.: Unknown
Space: Unknown
SP: Unknown
Morale: Unknown
CP: Unknown
Void: Unknown
Pow: Unknown
C/Rat: Unknown

Dorsal: Mars Pattern Macrocannons [R:6, S:3, D:8, CR:5]
Prow: Starbreaker Lance Battery [R:6, S:2, D:8, CR:3]

Jovian Class 2 Drive, Strelov 1 Warp Engine, Warpsbane Hull, Command Bridge (+5 BS, +5 Command), Vitae Life Sustainer, Pressed-Crew Quarters, Deep Void Augur (+10 Detection), Advanced Cogitator Linkage (+5 to all BS tests), Ghost Field (-40 to hit ship with lances, torpedos, attack craft, or ramming and hit & run, -20 for macrobatteries), Xenos Habitats (Charm and Inquiry Tests are at +10, -2 Morale)




Claymore-Class Corvette

Dimensions: 1.4km long, 0.3km abeam
Mass: 5.9 megatonnes
Crew: 21,000
Accel: 4.6 Gravities

Speed: 9
Man: +25
Detec: +17
H.I.: 26/30
Armour: 17
T.R.: 1
Space: 36/38
SP: 38
Morale: 0
CP: 0
Void: 1
Pow: 43/47
C/Rat: 0

Dorsal: Sunsear Laser Battery [R:9, S:4, D:9, CR:4]
Dorsal: Sunsear Laser Battery [R:9, S:4, D:9, CR:4]Damaged

Lathe Pattern Class 2 DriveDamaged, Strelov 1Damaged, Gellar FieldDamaged, Single Void, Combat Bridge (+10 to repair)Damaged, M-1.r Life Sustainer (Increase Morale Loss by 1)Damaged, Pressed Crew (Decrease Morale by 2), Mark 201.b Auger (+5 Detec), Munitorum (+1 to Macrobattery Damage)

Wrothful: During combat, gain +1 Speed and +7 Man. Out of combat lose -1 Speed, and -5 Man and Detection
Emissary: Intimidate tests gain +15 bonus, all other social Skill Tests suffer -5.

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