House Rosalind

History of House Rosalind

Founded in the 2nd century of M41, House Rosalind was one of the many to be swept into the colonies of Sebastian Winterscale during his conquest of the Koronus Expanse. House Rosalind enjoyed several centuries of wealth and power alongside Winterscale until the Battle of Agusia in 742.M41. During this climactic struggle against the pirates of the Amerat Union and the Corsair Eldar, the Rosalind fleet was cut down to a fraction of its previous power, and the patriarch of the house captured along with his seven sons by the vicious xenos during their escape. The only surviving ship, the Calypso, was left adrift in the void, thought too damaged to bother reclaiming. It was only thanks to the efforts of the now widowed holder of the warrant that the Calypso was recovered, a costly and drawn out endeavour suffered by the already desperate house of Rosalind. The house would scratch and claw its way back for the next century and a half until the Rosalind matriarch remarried and bore two children to continue the legacy. Marcella, the eldest, would take the captains role aboard the Calypso, while her sister would stand by her side as seneschal and advisor. Through a combination of shrewd business acumen and healthy suspicion of other rogue traders, they have made House Rosalind strong and wealthy once more.

[Profit Factor Estimated at 56]

Captain Marcella Rosalind


High Factorum Verity Rosalind


Genetor Larl Mok


Arch-Militant Rhia Galatia




Falchion-Class Frigate

Dimensions: 2.2km long, 0.3km abeam
Mass: 6.5 megatonnes
Crew: 27,000
Accel: 4.6 Gravities

Speed: Unknown
Man: Unknown
Detec: Unknown
H.I.: Unknown
Armour: Unknown
T.R.: Unknown
Space: Unknown
SP: Unknown
Morale: Unknown
CP: Unknown
Void: Unknown
Pow: Unknown
C/Rat: Unknown

Prow: Voss-Pattern Torpedo Tubes [6x Virus, SP:10, D:22, R:60, 3d10 Crew Pop, 2d10 Morale, -10 Command to halt the infection], Torpedo Rating +20, 2 Rounds per Salvo
Dorsal: Sunsear Laser Battery [R:9, S:4, D:8, CR:4]
Dorsal: n/a

Jovian Class 8.1 Drive (4 or higher critical is ignored), Strelov 1 Warp Engine, Emergency Field, Vitae Life Sustainer, Repulsor Shield (No negatives for travelling through celestial phenomena), Combat Bridge (+10 to repair), Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, Voidsmen Quarters, Mark 201.b Auger




Carrack-Class Transport

Dimensions: 2.1km long, 0.4km abeam
Mass: 8.5 megatonnes
Crew: 19,500
Accel: 2.3 Gravities

Speed: 5
Man: -2
Detec: +10
Hull Integrity: -10/45
Armour: 16
T.R.: 1
Space: 38/38
SP: 25
Morale: 5/100
Crew Pop: 5/100
Void Shields: 1
Power: 34/40
Crew Rating: 40

Dorsal: Mars Pattern Macrocannons [R:6, S:3, D:8, CR:5]
Dorsal: Mars Pattern Macrocannons [R:6, S:3, D:8, CR:5]
Main Cargo hold
Lathe Pattern Class 1 Drive, Strelov Warp Engine, Gellar Field, Single Void Shield Array, Commerce Bridge, Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, Voidsmen Quarters, M-100 Auger Array, Barracks (+20 to Command for Boarding and Hit and Run), Extended Supply Vaults (+1 Morale, repairs 1 additional H.I., can last twice as long at void)

Adventurous: +10 Detection when in an Endeavour, -10 when not
Wrested from Space Hulk: +1 Armour, +1 Speed, +3 Man; roll twice for Misfortune and pick the worse
Cargo Hauler: Pre-equipped with Main Cargo Hold—

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