Xaver Casterly


First Tetrarch, Supreme Commander of Wartime Damaris, Fighter Ace

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
53'' 43'' 40 50'' 50'' 40 27 41'' 44

18, 8, 15, 20, 10, 12, 5, 6, 11


Experience: 3800/3900
Wounds: 12
Corruption: 3

Basic: -
Trained Charm, Command, Common Lore (Imperial Navy, War, Koronus Expanse, Rogue Traders), Deceive, Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Navigation (Stellar), Pilot (Flyer, Spacecraft), Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Astromancy), Speak Language (Low Gothic, Lazareen).

Polyglot, Peer (Underworld, Military), Rival (Inquisition), Paranoia, Nerves of Steel, Hatred (Orks), Decadent, Melee Training (Universal), Pistol Training (Universal), True Grit

  • Jealous Freedom.
  • CQ Bionic Left Foot

-CQ Powersword (Melee; Dam 11; E; Pen 5; Power Field, Balanced)
-CQ Hellpistol (Pistol; 35m, S/2/-; Dam 10E, Pen 7, Clip [40] Reload [2 Full])
-CQ Enforcer Flak (All 5)
-Imperial Pilot Uniform, 2 bottles Amasec, Charm keepsake (Ork Tusk [2]), Microbead, Pict Recorder, Rebreather, Void Suit, Vox Caster,

Cpt Jeremiah Blitz, (RT Cruiser Ordained Destiny ) [Max Positive Disposition]
Cpt Elizabeth Orleans (RT Frigate Star Weaver) [Max Positive Disposition]
Cpt Reynolds (4x system ships, Bulwark) [Positive Disposition]

Acquired Item
CQ Vox Earbud Implant

Character Path:
Homeworld: Footfallen
Birthright: Vaunted Birth
Lure of the Void: Call of War (Crusade) [150 exp]
Trials: Press Ganged
Motivation: Endurance
Lineage: Uncertain Inheritance [300 exp]
Career: Voidmaster

Starting: 450/500 exp
Crusade- Call of War [150]
Lineage- Uncertain Inheritance [300]

Level 2: 3300/3500
+5 BS [100]
+5 BS [250]
+5 Ag [100]
+5 Ag [250]
Dodge [100]
RT Cant [100]
+5 T [250]
+5 WS [250]
+5 T [500]
+5 WP [100]
True Grit [200]
+5 WP [250]
Dodge +10 [200]
Command [200]
+5 WS [500]
Intimidate [100]

Technically a Lord, Xaver declined the demands of life as heir to a long-declined House now settled in Solace Encarmine [Vaunted Birth, Footfallen]. Having long dreamed of the untamed frontier of colonised space, he volunteered to join a Crusade fleet rather than take up the mantle on the death of his elder brother [Call to War]. Though having never looked back, he remains a potential thorn in the side of any ambitious relative who seeks to seize the meagre inheritance. [Uncertain Inheritance].

Served variously as a gunner, outrider, pilot and finally an officer for the fleet, often acting as an informal intermediary due to his easy charm and command of languages. This would include native cultures, local regiments and even the force of Skitarii who had been sent to enforce the Mechanicus claim on the troves of Archeotech rumoured to be laying forgotten in the Reef Stars [Giger - Crusade crossover]. Together, Xaver's Fusilliers and Giger's Skittari waged a long campaign against Ork raiders.

Service ended on sun-baked Whitefall, when his unit was sent to reconnoiter an uncommunicative outpost. They found the settlement besieged by a crew of marooned Orks, and despite inflicting heavy casualties, were captured as they withdrew. Suffered imprisonment and torment at the Greenskins' hands [Press Ganged, Hatred:Orks]. Ultimately it would be a force of mercenaries hired by the local governor [+ led by Marius] who relieved the few, starving survivors. Presumed KIA, Xaver and his "Fusiliers" soon built up a reputation of their own as frontiersmen, rogues, explorers, guides and rough-terrain fighters for various Chartists and Rogue Traders, before finally settling in service to the canny "Iron Dame", Augustine Redwynn of the frigate Lazarus. He was promoted to Voidmaster when he ignored her orders and retrieved her at gunpoint from the minions of a Puritanical Inquisitor [Rival Inquisition].

Xaver is ferociously loyal to 'the Old Lady', having recently learned that he was her chosen appointee to the Council after her decline into illness. He is known and trusted by the crew, with whom he is more likely to share a quiet drink than a stern word. Though now somewhat world-weary, he is known to be dryly funny, archly polite and ruthless in defence of the ship.

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