Magos Giger

First Tetrarch

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
58'' 33 (95) 75'' 90'' 26 60''' 35 31 12

-13 Fel, +13 T, +5 S, +5 WS, -5 WP
18, 8, 15, 12, 6, 20, 10, 11, 5


Experience: 13950 / 14000
Wounds: 15
Armor: 12 (Halve En AP)

Trained: Survival, Common Lore (Machine Cult, Tech, Koronus Expanse, War) 10, Forbidden Lore (Xenos, Mutants, Beasts), Literacy 10, Logic 20, Speak Language (Binary, Low Gothic, Techna-Lingua, Rogue Trader Cant), Trade (Armourer, Technomat, Chymist, Explorator, Voidfarer, Archeologist), Secret Tongue (Tech), Scholastic Lore (Astromancy, Chymistry) 10, Dodge, Security, Chem-Use,
+10: Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) 30
+20: Tech Use 70, Medicae 60 Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) 20

Weapon Training: Melee [Universal], Basic [Universal]
Mechadendrite Use: Utility, Weapon
Peer: [Mutants, Mechanicus] +10 to all Fellowship tests when dealing with this group
Good Reputation: [Mechanicus] +10 to all Fellowship tests when dealing with this group (stacks with Peer)
Resistance: [Poison] +10 when making tests to resist the effects of this group
Jaded: Outrageous events, from death's horrific visage to xenos abominations do not cause Insanity points or Fear tests. Terrors of the Warp still affect the character normally.
Meditation: Success on a Willpower Test and 10 minutes without interruptions removes one level of Fatigue
Light Sleeper: Always assumed to be awake for Awareness tests or Surprise
Nerves of Steel: Re-roll failed Willpower Tests to avoid or recover from Pinning
Autosanguine: Always considered Lightly wounded, heal at 2 points of damage per day
Binary Chatter: +10 bonus to communicate with Servitors, +1 to Crew Moral
Electro Graft Use: +10 to Common Lore, Inquiry and Tech Use tests when connected to a data port
Luminen Charge: Toughness test to recharge/power machinery
Total Recall: Perfect memory, int test if detailed
Maglev Grace:Half action to hover for 1d10+TB minutes, Reduces all fall damage to 1d10+3, TG test to recharge
Prosanguine: Meditate for 10 minutes, Tech-Use test to recover 1d5 damage, If roll 96-100 then can't use for a week.
Feedback Screech: Can blast noise over his vox synthesisers, all creatures who can hear within 30m must test WP or lose a Half Action on their next turn.
Master Chirurgeon: +10 to all Medicae tests, Heal 2 Damage instead of 1, +20 to prevent limb loss
Talented (Tech-Use) +10 to tests
Machinator Array: 3x Weight, Can't swim, Can mount CC weapons or any Pistol on ballistic implants
Master Enginseer: Can spend a Fortune Point to auto pass a Tech-Use test for enhancement, repair or upgrade of a ship in the minimum amount of time possible.
Electrical Succour: Can recharge at power sources, +10 TG test giving 1+DoS Fatigue back, takes one Minute


  • Machine Trait (1): Don't breathe, immune to vacuum, immune to cold, immune to mind influencing psychic effects, machine trait AP applies to fire
  • Multiple Arms:// +10 Tg, +10 to Str tests involving movement, Multiple Attacks action gives two attacks
  • Brute: +10 Str, +10 Tg
  • Paranoid: -10 to Fel in Formal situations
  • Survivor: +10 to resist pinning or shock
  • Echo of Hard Times: -1 Profit Factor


  • Mechanicus Implants:
    • Electro-Graft (Allows interface with data ports), Electoo Inductors (Used to emit or siphon power), Respirator Unit (+20 to resist airborne toxins and gases), Cyber-Mantle, Potentia Coil, Cranial Circuitry.
  • GQ Cortex Implant: x2 Unnatural intelligence, Act as a Cogitator
  • Medicae Mechadendrite: +10 to Medicae tests. Half action to staunch bloodloss. +0 test to amputate limbs. +10 to Interrogate. D5 rending in combat.
  • GQ Mind Impulse Unit +10 to communicate with machine spirits, Tech Use, Pilot, Drive, Logic, Inquiry and Ballistic Skill Tests, Can experience the senses of any familiar he controls.
  • Calculus Logis Implant: +10 to Literacy, Logic or Scholastic Lore tests.
  • Void Skin:Resist the void for 1d10+3 extra turns
  • Vox Implant:Can mentally switch through channels, talk internally
  • Sub-Skin Armor: +2 Armor (A/B/L)
  • GQ Bionic Respiratory System:+20 to Tg tests to resist gases and toxins, keeps blood oxygenated regarless
  • BQ Synthetic Muscle Grafts: x2 Unnatural Strength, -10 to Agi tests
  • Pain Wards: Immune to stunning, involuntary actions from critical effects
  • GQ Auger Array: Half action to use Auspex, allows re-rolls on of all Perception tests, +20 to Awareness tests, Tech-Use test to spot things not normally detectible to human senses (ie invisible gases, bio-signs, radiation).
  • Manipulator Array: Can extend to 1.5m, +20 to Strength tests, two sets of crushing/gripping pincers, can anchor you to position.
  • Ballistic Mechadendrites: With weapons as equipment below.
  • Archeotech Lightning Rifle:
    • Basic; 30m; S/3/; Dam 14; E; Pen 4; Clip [12]; Reload [Full+ Toughness test]; Shocking, Never-Jams; 4kg [Powered by internal conductor]

- Omnissian Axe (Melee; Dam 2d10+20(4/14/2); Pen 6; E; Powerfield, Unbalanced) - Counts as a Combi-Tool
- BQ Power Sword (Melee; Dam 1d10+21(5/14/2); Pen 5; E; Powerfield, Balanced) - Mounted on Ballistic Mechadendrite
- Power Maul (Melee; Dam 1d10+21(5/14/2); Pen 4; E; Powerfield, Shocking / Dam 23; Pen 2; E; Shocking) - Mounted on Ballistic Mechadendrite
- Multikey (+30 to Security Tests)
- BQ Combi-Tool (+20 to relevant Tech-Use tests)
- Void Suit
- Injector
- Sacred Unguents (Makes clip immune to Jamming / Unjams jammed weapon)
- Micro-Bead (1km communications)
- Medi-Kit (+20 to Medicae tests)
- Combi-tool (+10 to Tech-Use tests)
- Dataslate
- Army (10,000+) of Servoskulls

- GQ Cortex Implants (x2 Unnatural intelligence, Act as a Cogitator) [from Heretek]

-Mechanicus Dragon-Plate
- BQ Lathewrought Power Armour (9 AP) [Weight 33kg]
- Halves enemy AP
- +20 Str, Sealed, Inbuilt Vox-Caster, Heightened Senses (Sight), Dark Vision, +10 to interactions with Adeptus Mechanicus, -10 to Hereteks.
- Arch-Magos Petriclus' Machine Spirit: Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) +10
- Orange Eye Goggles: +50 to opposed Awareness/Scrutiny tests, +25 to non-opposed.

-Technomancer's Gloves
- As per Scribe Tines: +15 to investigation, -15 to determine use. Remove themselves upon hosts death.


Beep Boop Type 1: Auspex Servo Skull

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
15 15 10 20 30 15 35 20 -

Wounds: 4
Skills: Awareness +20, Dodge, Stealth +10.
Talents and Traits: Fearless, Dark Sight, Flyer [2], Machine [2], Size [Puny].
Gear: Inbuilt vox and cogitator. Auspex (+20 Awareness, can scan).

Beep Boop Type 2: Medicae Servo Skull

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
15 15 10 20 30 15 35 20 -

Wounds: 4
Skills: Awareness +10, Dodge, Medicae +20, Stealth +10.
Talents and Traits: Fearless, Dark Sight, Flyer [2], Machine [2], Size [Puny].
Gear: Inbuilt vox and cogitator. Medical instruments.


Originally captured in Aviary, Giger spent his many years getting a colony started on that planet tinkering with his archeo-hawk. Adding extra armour and strength, he applied his research on the archeo-hawks to improving his personal beast.

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
45 35 40 40 52 18 50 35 08

Wounds: 12
Movement: 4/8/12/24
Skills: Awareness +20, Dodge, Scrutiny.
Talents and Traits: Bestial, Swift Attack, Flyer (20), Machine (4 [armour 6 total]), Scrawny, Darksight, Grapplehawk (Counts as having Unnatural Strength x2 for the purposes of lifting and carrying)
Gear: Talons and Beak [D:10, P:2, Shocking], Plasma Array (50m; S/-/-; Dam 12; E; Pen 6; Clip [6]; Rld [At least several hours exposure to intense radiation], Inbuilt vox and cogitator, Inbuilt Auspex, Inbuilt MIU, Armour plating [2].
Fluff: Propelled by anti-grav engines. Wings can flap and in times of distress they often will but they are essentially a housing unit for short-range plasma bursts to fend off aggressors. Powered by ancient archeotech drives which feed on exposure to radiation. Has lost the Fearless Trait and is now subject to the Bestial Trait.

Character Path:
Homeworld: Death World
Birthright: Unnatural Origin (Contaminated Environs)
Lure of the Void: Crusade (Warrior)
Trials: Calamity
Motivation: Fortune
Career: Explorator

Character Creation:
Crusade (Warrior) [250xp]
GQ Cortex Implant [200xp]

Level 1:
Str + 5 [100xp]
Int + 5 [100xp]
Int + 10 [250xp]
Speak Language (Rogue Trader Cant) [100xp]
Trader (Armourer) [100xp]
Autosanguine [200xp]
Mechadendrite Use (Utility) [500xp]
Secret Tongue (Tech) [100xp]
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) [100xp]

Level 2:
Medicae [200xp]
Tech-Use +10 [200xp]
Binary Chatter [200xp]
Electro Graft Use [200 xp]
Luminen Charge [200 xp]
Security [100xp]
Total Recall [200xp]
Maglev Grace [500xp]
Tg +5 [100xp]
Tg +5 [250xp]
WS +5 [250xp]
WS +10 [500xp]
Dodge [200xp]
Prosanguine [200xp]
Forbidden Lore: Archeotech +10 [200xp]

Level 3 Genetor
A Machine of Flesh (Multiple Arms) [500xp]
Brute [500xp]
The Flesh is Weak (1) [1000xp]
Trade (Explorator) [200xp]
Peer (Mechanicus) [200xp]
Feedback Screech [200xp]
Forbidden Lore (Mutants) [200xp]
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) [200xp]

Level 4
Master Chirurgeon [500xp]
Chem Use [200xp]
Forbidden Lore (Beasts) [200xp]
Common Lore (Koronus Expanse) [200xp]
Common Lore (War) [200xp]
Medicae +20 [200xp]
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry) [200xp]
Trade (Voidfarer) [200xp]
Talented (Tech-Use) [200xp]
Machinator Array [500xp]
Mechadendrite Use (Weapon) [500xp]

Level 5
Good Reputation (Mechanicus) [Free]
Master Enginseer [500xp]
Int +15 [500xp]
Trade (Archeologist) [200xp]
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech)+20 [200xp]
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus)+10 [200xp]
Str +10 [250xp]
Electrical Succour [200xp]


Nostromo Gun-Cutter Variant

  • Type: Spacecraft. Size: Massive +30
  • Mooring: The Lazarus.
  • Tactical Speed: 25m/14 AU's. Cruising Speed: 2000kmph/5 VU's
  • Manoeuvrability: +0.
  • Armour: F35 S30 R25. Hull: 40/40
  • Crew: Pilot, Co-Pilot (Optional), 2x Side-Gunners, Tech-Adept. Capacity: 6 (Quarters), 30 or equivalent cargo.
  • 2x Pilot Operated Long-Autocannons: Front Facing; 450m (4AU's); Heavy; S/2/5; Dam 29; I; Pen 4; Clip [500]; Reload [2 Full]
  • 2x Side Facing Heavy Bolters: Front Facing/Left & Front Facing/Right; Range 120 (1AU); Heavy; -/-/10; Dam 13; X; Pen 5; Clip [400]; Reload [3 Full].
  • Special:
    • Reinforced Hull: Halve Critical results.
    • Pilot Operated Weapons: A pilot may shoot both weapons at once, with separate rolls.
    • Spacecraft: In atmosphere acts as a flyer or skimmer, at pilots choice.

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