Gilliam Holt

Born of the Battlefleet, Astropath, Daemonic Incursion Survivor, Rite-Master

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
30 36 30 31 37 40 40 54 38

-3 WS, -5 Per, +11 WP, +3 Fel
8, 11, 5, 6, 12, 15, 20, 18, 10


Experience: 500/500
Wounds: 9
Insanity: 13
Corruption: 7
Fate: 2

Trained: Awareness, Common Lore (Imperial Navy, Adeptus Astra Telepathica), Forbidden Lore (The Warp, Psykers), Invocation, Navigation (Stellar), Psyniscience, Language (Low Gothic, Battlefleet Cant, High Gothic), Trade (Voidfarer)
+10: Forbidden Lore (Daemonology)

Void Accustom (Zero G does not count as difficult terrain), Enemy (Ecchlesiarchy), Resistance (Psychic Powers), Light Sleeper (always count as awake), Unshakable Faith (re-roll failed Fear checks), Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Heightened Senses (Sound), Psy Rating (2)

  • Officer on Deck!: +5 to Command when on board a spaceship
  • Ship-Bound: -2 to Initiative and double range penalties while in open terrain
  • Loyalty: +5 to all WP and Fel checks while on board home ship.
  • Astropath:
    • +20 to WP to resist possession, opposed WP against a daemon, or whenever making an opposed WP check against any Talent, Psychic Power, special ability, or other effect originating from a daemon. Astropaths roll an additional d10 when rolling on Perils of the Warp and may discard any one d10 for a more favourable result.
    • Begin play with Psy Rating of 2 and access to Psychic Techniques from the Telepathy Discipline
    • Astropaths are not affected by effects that target vision, such as blind grenades and cameleoline. They are incapable of seeing Untouchables.

Psychic Powers:

  • Telepathy
    • Thought Sending: (Free, Sustain, 1km x PR) Can send thoughts into the minds of others within range.
    • Astral Telepathy: (Free, WP) An astropath’s “signal strength”—broadly how far in average conditions in the warp he may transmit clearly with a successful focused use of his power—is determined by his Psy Rating (see Table 6–5: Astral Signals). After this distance, unless relayed on, the signal will sharply degrade, imposing a –20 penalty to understand per additional range bracket until it dissolves into nothingness. Picking up an astropathic communication by its intended target within clear range is a Routine (+10) Psyniscience Test for an astropath in a meditative state to receive one, and a Challenging (+0) test for one going about ordinary life, increasing to Hard (–20) if he is in life or death combat or other such distracting circumstances.
    • Delude: (Opposed WP, 1m x PR) +30 to Interaction Checks with target
    • Compel: (Delude, Opposed WP, 5m x PR) Target must follow basic commands achievable within one round's time.

-BQ Las Pistol (30m, S/-/-, Dam: 8 E, Clip: 30, Rld: Full, Never Jam) 1.5kg: The frame of this pistol has been carved from a single Rak'Gol thighbone, which are noted for their intricate ebony and ivory mottling.
-BQ Mono Sabre (Dam: 10 R, Pen: 2, Balanced, +20 to WS) 3kg: Thin and slightly curved, the handle of this sabre has been finished with the tanned skin of an Ork, while the cross-piece and guard has been constructed from a large Ork "toof".
-Void Suit
-Guard Flak Armour (4- All) 11kg

Acquired Item:

Born to the Battlefleet Koronus, Gilliam learned from a young age the importance of the command chain. Hierarchy and obedience allowed the vast vessels and vaster fleets to operate with such envious efficiency. Loyalty above all, even ones-own life and well-being, was held in total regard. Faith in the Emperor is utmost in the minds of the citizens of the battlefleet, for it is His guidance which allows safe passage through the tumultuous turmoil of the void.
It was a moment of joy and reverence which marked Gilliam’s ascension to Astropath, a task he relished so he may serve the Emperor in a capacity beyond that of a mere man. Gilliam’s learning at the Chamber of Sight (a mobile Chamber of the Astronomican in the Calixis Sector) was skewed somewhat by a radical Instructor, who taught his disciples that psykers who had been touched by the Emperor were above mundane “sightless” mortals. Psykers were the true evolution of mankind, and were closer to the Emperor thanks to His blessing of true sight. During his ascension to the vaunted role of Astropath, the Chamber of Sight was struck by a mass-incursion, an event which claimed the lives and souls of hundreds of future Astropaths. Gilliam and a few others were spared this fate, all claiming to have been protected by a towering figure clad in resplendent gold who kept the darkness from devouring their minds.
Gilliam could never forgive the Ecclesiarchy for what he suffered at their hands during his interrogation and subsequent trial. While the Ecclesiarchy could not prove corruption or heresy in the mind of Gilliam, he has nevertheless been dogged by their spies and agents in the years since, resulting in somewhat of a struggle to maintain a steady career. This only reinforced Gilliam’s belief in his ascendancy, and after being declared pure of taint, was returned to the Koronus Expanse to fulfill his role as an Astropath.
Gilliam was most grateful to be given another chance to prove himself when he was assigned to Lady Redwynn's fleet. A strict sense of honour, loyalty and command born from his upbringing aboard the Battlefleet Koronus has served Gilliam well during his time with the Lazarus.

Character Path:
Homeworld: Battlefleet
Birthright: Child of the Creed
Lure of the Void: (Jump) Tainted: Deviant Philosophy
Trials: Darkness>Warp Incursion [100xp]
Motivation: Devotion>Loyalty [100xp]
Career: Astropath
Lineage: Accursed>Insight [300xp]

Character Creation:
Darkness>Warp Incursion [100exp]
Devotion>Loyalty [100exp]
Accursed>Insight [300exp]

Level 1:

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