Dark Eldar Pilot

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
53'' 30 40 40 50'' 36 38 31 42''

18, 5, 15, 20, 10, 11, 8, 6, 12

Experience: 3350/3900
Wounds: 12
Corruption: 0


Trained Acrobatics, Awareness, Chem-Use, CL (War, Dark Eldar), Deceive, Dodge, Intimidate +10*, Pilot (Flyers, Personal +10, Spacecraft) Silent Move, Speak Language (Eldar, Dark Eldar)

Ambidextrous, Decadence, Disturbing Voice, Hard Target, Resistance (Poisons), Keen Senses [Heightened Senses Sight, Hearing, Dark Sight, Paranoia], Non Imperial [-10 to CL, SL, FL Imperium of Man], Matchless Grace [Catfall, Sprint, Unnatural Agility x2], Speak Not Unto the Alien [-20 Fel to influencing party in interaction with humans], Soul Nemesis [Jaded, Dark Soul], Quick Draw, Weapon Training (Kabalite), Melee Training (Universal, Hellglaive)

Power Through Pain
Gain Pain Token when a living creature is killed, stunned, suffers a Critical result, suffers Blood Loss, fails a Fear Test or a Pinning Test within PER in meters*. Expend 8 Pain Tokens to gain a Temporary Fate Point that must be used before the end of the session.

*Sadistic Joy Gain 1 additional Pain Token when the creature is an ally. Token is lost if you are the cause of the Pain.

-CQ Hellglaive (Melee: Dam 11 R; Pen3: Razor Sharp, [Counts as 2x Melee Weapons; Provides +10 Bonus to Pilot: Personal Tests] Scarce)
-CQ Splinterpistol (Pistol; 50m, S/3/-; Dam 8R, Toxic, Clip [120] Reload [2 Full])
-CQ Eldar Powersword (Melee; Dam 11; E; Pen 8; Power Field, Balanced +10)
-CQ Kabalite Armour (All- 4)
-CQ Skyboard [Gain Flyer 15, +2 AP to all locations, supplement Pilot (Personal) Test for Acrobatics or Dodge Tests] (Scarce)
-Translator Unit, Microbead, Kill Recorder

Character Path:
Trueborn [500]

Level 1:(2000)
WS +5 [100]
WS +10 [250]
Agi +5 [100]
Agi +10 [250]
Ambidextrous [200]
Quick Draw [200]
Deceive [200]
Intimidate +10 [200]

Level 2(3350)
Exotic Weapon Training (Hellglaive) [300]
Pilot Personal [200]
Pilot Personal +10 [200]
Pilot Spacecraft [200]
Pilot [Flyers] [200]
Fel +5 [100]
Fel +5 [250]

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