Ishvaal Caine

Battlefleet, Stubjack, Crusade, Press Ganged, Duty, Astropath


//Austere, ?, ? , ? //

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
41 36 40 40 30 37 43 53 30


Wounds: 12/12
Insanity: 3
Fate: 3

Awareness, Dodge, Intimidate, Invocation, Psyniscience, Navigation (Stellar),

Common Lore; (Adeptus Astra Telepathica) (War), (Imperial Navy),
Forbidden Lore (Psykers)(Warp)
Scholastic Lore (Cryptology)
Speak Language; (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Battlefleet War Cant)

Pistol Training (Universal), Melee Training (Primitive), Heightened Senses (Hearing), Quick Draw, Meditation, Psy Rating (2)

Officer on Deck; +5 Command while in space
Void Accustomed; Immunity to space sickness, low gravity difficulties
Ship Bound; -2Init, 2x Long Range penalties in open spaces.
Jealous Freedom; WP or reacts violently to prospect of imprisonment
Unshakeable Faith; Re-roll WP for Fear

BQ Laspistol - D10+2, Pen(1), S/_/_/ Clip (30)
BQ Monosabre- (+10 to hit), D10+(SB)+1, Pen (2)
BQ Enforcer Carapace (HABL-6) 7.5kgs
Guard Flak - HABL (4)

Naval Uniform, Charm, Void Suit, Microbead, Psy Focus,

Telepathy Discipline (Thought Sending, Astral Telepathy)
Powers: Mind Probe, Terrify, Chaos Mind, +1

- Born on Battlefleet Defense Platform Port Wander. Trained as a Squad Sergeant in the Station Defense Force.
- During the Iniquiry Wars, Port Wander was besieged and partially destroyed. When relief finally arrived in the form of an unfamiliar Rogue Trader fleet, the ragged survivors were forcefully conscripted into a campaign to hunt down the pirates.

- Slaved in the loading pits for many years. During this long toil, he found his faith kept him going. He became a respected example of conviction and discipline among the ratings.

- As the war dragged on, the overseers made increasingly cruel demands of their workers. When the foremen began killing and torturing their underlings, Ishvaal rounded up as many ratings as he could and began a campaign of sabotage and insurgency against the vessels' commanders. As their ammunition dwindled, it fell increasingly to the former naval fighters like Jed -trained in bladework - to maintain the rebellion. It was during this time he turned to the writings of Saint Drusus, who preached a philosophy or discipline, perseverance and strength of will.

- After a year of battle and with supplies running low, Ishvaal organized a final push to wrest control of the vessel. Upon seizing the bridge, the mutineers discovered proof that the Captain and his officers - having abandoned the vessel at the first signs of trouble - were pirates and deviants themselves, separatists fleeing an Imperial Crusade. Jed's ragged inner circle were victorious, but unable to pilot the ship back to Footfall.

- After desperate months adrift, they were suddenly hailed by salvage teams from the Golden Bounty. Caine had begun to manifest his latent telepathy, broadcasting his thought into the void. The Bounty's Choir Master had recognized and responded to the call.

- Forced to wear a Null-Collar for his own safety, he served for some years as Bosun aboard the Golden Bounty, whereupon he met fellow junior officers Uther and Severus.

- As the Crusade wound down, the Bounty returned to Port Wander. There Ishvaal awaited the arrival of the Black Ships.

- Now returning to the Expanse after many years to reunite with his former comrades. Found it difficult to acquire work as an officer due to a general distrust of psykers before being taken under the wing of Rogal Quinn, a Rogue Trader of the vessel The Lazarus. Served with him for a number of years before his death after which his son took over, the renascent Rogue Trader Uriah Quinn.

Starting Exp:
Level 1:
Duty [100]
Warrior [250]
Psychic Techniques (2) [100]
Level 1:
Rite of Sanctioning [500]
Scholastic Lore (Occult) [100]
Forbidden Lore (Warp) [100]

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