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Dynastic Holdings


Size PF Value Complacency Order Productivity Piety
7 10 7 6 6 (10) [+2 when Mining, +2 for "Productive"] 4
  • Location: Prasinus System, Prasinus III, Plains Region.
  • Cost to set up: 16 PF
  • Resources to Harvest:
    • 31 (Mineral)
    • 21 (Organic)
  • Traits: Productive [+2 PF Value].
  • Mining Colony:
    • +2 Productivity and +2 PF when exploiting mineral resources.
    • Starts with "Industrial Facility" upgrade.
  • Colony Leader: Harlon Tavius
    • Beloved: +1 Piety.
    • +1 PF Value.
  • Upgrades:
    • Industrial Facility: +1 Productivity.
    • Communication Station: +1 Productivity and Order.
    • Food Production Facility: +1 Productivity and Complacency.
    • Water Management Infrastructure: +1 Order and Complacency.
    • Transport Infrastructure: +1 Productivity, +1 Complacency.
    • Arbites Precinct: +1 Order.
    • Cultural Improvements:
      • Cathedral to the Emperor: +1 Piety.
      • Tetrarch’s Gardens: +1 Complacency.
    • Trappings:
      • Redwynn Stag Monument: +1 Complacency.
      • Coldharbour Museum of Antiquities: +1 Complacency.
    • Astropath’s Tower: +1 Order, Counts as Astropath’s Tower ship component. [4 Astropaths]
    • PDF Garrison: +1 Order, +10 to command/intimidate tests to deal with protecting the colony.
    • Voidship Picket: Orbited by the raider Blue Maiden, +10 to command/intimidate tests to deal with protecting the colony.
    • Redwynn Palace: +1 Order, +10 to charm etc when dealing with visiting dignitaries.
Historical Events
[950.M41] The colony is established in the mountains of Prasinus III, and despite the rich ores the locations proves untenable and must be abandoned.
[951.M41] At great expense Tetrarch Godwyn re-establishes the colony on the lower plains of the planet, promising to "build a capital worth of the Dynasty"
[953.M41] An Astropathic tower is built, both to serve as a communications array and as defense should the colony be attacked.
[956.M41] A passing vessel is damaged in the dust-cloud of the system, and drifts towards the planet. The vast impact throws the planets cycles into disarray, but when the storms settle the colonists find the crashed ship to be a valuable source of resources as well as new colonists.
[958.M41] The 1st Prasinus rifles are established, a volunteer PDF force forged from the settlements growing population.
[960.M41] The fast growing dominion begins to spread across the oceans of Prasinus III, and a canal district is built alongside the older city. Having ruled the colony with diligence, Godwyn is called away on Dynastic business and the command of the settlement falls solely to Governor Tavius.
[960.M41] Mercenary ships hired to harass the settlement are conquered and refitted by a returning Lazarus, and the raiders Bronze Knight and Blue Maiden take up a defensive picket above Prasinus III
[961.M41] Early in 961 the construction of Redwynn Palace is completed. A massive marble palace sitting on the frozen waters of Lake Aestoban it is a true showing of the majesty of the dynasty
[963.M41] As a form of retaliation against the Dynasty the ships of Karrad Vall take up residence above Coldharbour. The occupy it for six months, slaughtering or enslaving the populace before the return of the 'Lazarus' destroys their forces and re-establishes peace.


Size PF Value Complacency Order Productivity Piety
6 8 5 6 6 (8) [+2 from Ordered] 4
  • Location: Aviary system, planet of Aviary prime, Mountainous Region.
  • Cost to set up: 3 PF
  • Resources to Harvest:
    • Archeotech- 17 X (64)
    • Mineral- 84 (91)
    • Mineral- 33
    • Organic- 0 (17)
  • Traits: Placated [+1 PF Value], Productive [+2 PF Value], Ordered [+2 Productivity].
  • Research Colony:
    • +2 Productivity and +1 PF when exploiting Xenos Ruins or Archeotech.
  • Colony Leader: Tetrarch Victrus
    • Thrilling Heroics: +1 Piety, but increase Calamity results by 3.
    • Military Minded: +1 Order.
  • Upgrades:
    • Mechanicus Outpost: +3 Productivity.
    • Transport Infrastructure: +1 Productivity and Complacency.
    • Skitarii Enforcer's Fortress: +2 Order, +20 to dealing with criminal problems. [II]
    • Cultural Upgrades:
      • Shrine to the Omnissiah: +1 Piety.
    • Power Station: +2 Productivity.
    • Water Management: +1 Order and Complacency.
    • Food Infrastructure: +1 Productivity and Complacency.
    • Mechanicus Navy Outpost: +1 Order, +10 to Command/Intimidate to protect colony.
      • Single Light Frigate (Et Calculum) in Orbit and 3 picket-patrol ships.
    • Trappings:
      • The Rookery: +1 Complacency. Vast tower working as an aviary for the Archeotech birds.
    • Tech Guard Garrison: Built to protect the Naval Mechanicus interests in the system. +1 Order, +10 to Command/Intimidate to protect Colony.
    • Comms Station: +1 Order, +1 Productivity.
    • Magos Lexographer Kaspher: Adeptus Mechanicus Scholar, studying the ruins of Advent Terminus and the archeo-hawks. +2 Piety, -1 Productivity.
Historical Events
[950.M41] Settled by a group of Adeptus Mechanicus scholars and researchers to study the nearby archeotech ship and archeo-hawks
[952.M41] Colony falls into anarchy. Admech Skitarii Enforcers brought in to re-establish order
[954.M41] Anti Adeptus Mechanicus strike mining operations. Overseer Giger organises the Enforcers in creating a facial scan data-base, and his servo skulls eventually help find the culprits.
[957.M41] Tetrarch Victrus convinces the Adeptus Mechanicus to set up a Naval base on Aviary, using it as a staging post for the region. Mechanicus ground troops establish themselves to try and protect their growing assets.
[959.M41] The discovery of a strange poisonous chemical within the swamps of Aviary sets the researchers ablaze, and all efforts are moved to focusing on this strange new substance.
[960.M41] Famed Omnissian Scholar Magos-Lexographer Kaspher arrives at the colony, bringing his research facility with him and cementing Aviary as a location for scholarly pilgrimage for members of the Mechanicus. Meanwhile Aviary's long time Overseer Giger sets off to rejoin the crew of the Lazarus
[962.M41] In the absence of Giger the non-Redwynn influence on the planet grows, and eventually the Adeptus Mechanicus regains total control of the colony

System Library

Helmsman's Map


Explored Systems


  • House Orleans. Neutral to Dynasty.

System Interior:

  • Damaris:
    • System capital. Population 3 billion, 1 billion in Damaris city. Imperial humans.
      • Factions- House Forsellis remnants, Independent Damaris.
      • Governor Kapak.
    • Habitable planet, primarily used for agriculture in the temperature equatorial regions.
    • 'The Bulwark':
      • Orbital defense platform and shipyard. Operated by Commander Reynolds.
  • The Burning Ones:
    • Three uninhabitable planets: Ignus, Aestus, Aduro.

Frozen Reaches:

  • Skadi:
    • Gas giant. Occupies outer reaches of system, difficult to locate.
    • Orbited by a destroyed Ork fleet and Rok production facility.


  • Rogue Trader House Quinn. Allied to Dynasty.
  • Dominant white star.

Outer Reaches:

  • Treadwater:
    • Large cold planet, inhospitable.
    • Large Moon: Treadwater Alpha and Beta. Moons are home to mining colonies that harvest it's massive gold deposits.
  • Dust Cloud:
  • Bethany Prime:
    • Population 500 million, 10 million in Old Bethany City. Imperial humans. Pious, focus on scholarly and religious pursuits. Two orbiting moons.
      • Factions- House Quinn. Governor Nugen.
    • Vast temperate planet, highly habitable.
    • Garrisoned by Rogue Trader Frigate, Spear of Redemption. Planetary defensive Lance cannon.
    • Two Moons: Caphaligus and Regulus. Unremarkable.

Primary Biosphere:

  • Evergreen:
    • Large barren planet. Inclimate weather, unstable planetary plates. Orbited by debris field.
  • Bethany Secundus:
    • Small occupation force dwelling in ancient human city.
      • Factions- Adeptus Mechanicus and Battlefleet Koronus.
      • Magos Boothe.
    • Large cold planet. Toxic Atmosphere.
    • Large ancient human city, largely occupied by archeotech servitors and defence systems.
    • Naval Garrison, Frigate Medusa. Archeotech Mass Conveyer guarded by Adeptus Mechanicus and Naval forces.
    • Traces of radioactive and organic resources, as well as archeotech resources within city.
    • Orbiting asteroid field

Inner Cauldron:

  • Bethany V: [Forbidden by order of House Quinn]
    • Large desert planet, extreme gravity.
    • Covered with ruined cities of unknown original. Some evidence of Xenos occupation.
    • Three lesser moons.


  • Occupied by House Redwynn forces.
  • Large anomalous aqua blue star.
  • Dangerous solar flares throughout Inner Cauldron and Primary Biosphere.

Outer Reaches:

  • Prasinus I:
    • Large Blue Gas Giant, Weak Gravity
    • Lesser moon
  • Ship Graveyard:
    • 7 ships, utterly annihilated, antiquated Ork designs.
  • Prasinus II:
    • Vast Cold Planet, Normal Gravity, Pure but heavy atmosphere.
    • Verdant forest world.
      • One landmass, consisting of four definable regions.
    • Xenos Ruins (Suspected Eldar)
    • Some natural resources.
    • Orbited by the hulks of the Claymore class Corvette Centurion and the Meritech Raider Handsome Jack.

Primary Biosphere:

  • Dust Cloud:
    • Massive, seems unnatural.
  • Prasinus III:
    • Small Cold Planet, Normal Gravity, Moderate Pure Atmosphere
      • Single landmass with mountains, vast plains and swamps.
    • Coldharbour: Mining facility [Harlon Tavius- House Redwynn]
    • Lesser Moon:
      • Radioactive minerals
    • Moon:
      • Low Gravity, Moderate, Deadly, Hot. Detected resources, as well as ornamental minerals.
  • Gravity Well:
  • Prasinus IV:
    • Small Hot Dense Planet, Normal Gravity, Heavy Tainted Atmosphere
    • Temperate with limited to no eco-system, wasteland.
  • Prasinus V:
    • Large Hot Planet, High Gravity, Moderate Toxic Atmosphere
    • Temperate, Liquid water, No larger life forms.
      • Planet covered in immense and dense forests.
    • Xenos Ruins (Orks)

Inner Cauldrons:

  • Solar Flares:
    • Extensive and punishing.
  • Radiation Flares:
  • Dust Clouds:
  • Prasinus VI:
    • Small Hot Planet, Low Gravity, Moderate Pure Atmosphere
    • Wasteland
    • Some natural resources.
    • Large asteroid orbiting:
      • Arcane Resource



  • Adeptus Mechanicus Occupied, Allied to Dynasty.
  • White-Gold unstable star. Whole area prone to solar flares.

Outer Reaches:

  • Warp Anomaly:

Primary Biosphere: [Exists within Warp Anomaly]

  • 'Pilgrim's Rest':
    • Starship graveyard. Approximately a dozen ships, Imperial make.
  • Custodite Station:
    • Mechanicus observation station previously occupied by Chaos Reavers.
    • Now converted to Mechanicus research facility under the ruling of Arch-Magos Giger.
  • The World Within:
    • Small, Hot, Standard Gravity
    • Wasteland under the perpetual light of the Warp Anomaly, riddled with burrows and underground caverns and tunnels.
    • Large Techno-Barbarian population occupying ruin of the Ecclesiarchal Light Cruiser Eternal Radiance.

Inner Cauldron:

  • Warp Anomaly:

Leegar's Pit

  • Unoccupied.

The Pit:

  • Features a class Alpha stellar anomaly, or 'Black Hole'. Extreme hazard to incoming ships.

Derelict Station:

  • Believed to be of Stryxis design. Unoccupied but riddled with automated defences. Known to house some Xenos and Archeotech relics.


  • Claimed by House Redwynn.
  • Dominant blue star.

Outer Reaches:

  • Dust Cloud: Created from a pulverised planet, possibly due to the warp-mishap caused by the Advent Terminus.
  • Derelict Vessel:
    • Ancient Adeptus Mechanicus precursor vessel, Advent Terminus. Found heavily damaged and without power. Now destroyed. Researchers from the Aviary colony study what remains.

Primary Biosphere:

  • Aviary Prime:
    • Low Gravity, Dangerous Atmosphere
    • Temperate climate; thriving ecosystem
    • Ornamental and Industrial metals
    • Archeotech Cache (Archawks)
    • Aviary Colony: Research base [Magos Goji- House Redwynn]

Inner Cauldron:

  • Dust cloud: Likely caused by ancient solar flares.
  • Radiation Flares: Sporadic bursts of solar radiation. Proper insulation of components provides adequate protection. Attentive auguring can detect bursts before they occur.
  • Asteroid Cluster: Once a planet, now reduced to chunks of floating rock and iron. Reason for destruction unknown.


  • Claimed by House Redwynn.
  • Blue star.
  • Dust Cloud:
    • Resource rich
  • Cobalt:
    • Planetary body. No atmosphere or visible life.


  • Claimed by Redwynn Dynasty.
  • Dominant orange star.

Outer Reaches:

  • Mariana:
    • Large planet, Normal gravity, heavy-pure atmosphere.
    • Inhabitable, limited to no eco-system.
      • Two continents of ice shelfs.
    • Archeotech ruins [Age of Technology] buried under ice.
      • Evidence of vast linked cities. Archeotech weapons and advanced AI systems. Defensive AI found in some areas.
    • Trace amounts of radioactive and ornamental resources.
    • Shattersea: Large Moon with normal gravity.
      • Tainted atmosphere. Habitable ice moon with trapped water. Evidence of industrial, radioactive and radioactive resources.
      • Archeotech ruins, similar design to Mariana.
      • Fledgling Pilgrim Settlement: Ecclesiarchal colony [Governess Guile]
  • Large Asteroid Cluster

Primary Biosphere: [Entire Biosphere covered by dense nebula]

  • Temas Prime:
    • Large planet, High gravity, thin-pure atmosphere.
    • Semi-permanent Warp Rift
    • Hot climate, inhabited by 'Engineer' species and their bio-constructs.
      • Numbers estimated at billions.
      • Two main continents as well as numerous islands within chemical seas. Smaller islands caused by unnatural orbit of moons.
    • Traces of metal, ornamental, organic and radioactive resources.
    • Xenos ruins of unknown origin
      • Now occupied by 'Engineer' species.
    • Two Moons: Linked to planet by biological structure of some kind. Unnatural orbiting formation.

Chorda's Folly

  • Rogue Trader House Chorda.
  • Dominant white star.

Outer Reaches:

  • Starship Graveyard:
    • Three Imperial transport ships. Destroyed by plasma drive malfunction.
  • Asteroid Belt

Primary Biosphere:

  • Gravity Riptide
  • Derelict Station:
    • STC pattern space station. Abandoned.
  • Dust Cloud

Inner Cauldron:

  • Gas Giant
    • Strong gravity.
    • Extensive dust rings, 2x lesser moons.
  • Chorda's Folly:
    • Small and dense. Normal Gravity.
    • Abandoned mining settlement.
    • Some evidence of scant resources.
  • Gravity Riptide


  • Known commonly as "Iniquity".
  • Chaos Reaver occupied.
  • Twin Stars, one now destroyed.
  • No distinguishable solar zones.

The Maelstrom:

  • Storm of destroyed planets and nebula that blocks Iniquity off from the rest of the Expanse.
  • Dangerous warren of plasma, asteroids and the debris of destroyed planets.
  • Some evidence of dulling the abilities of Astropaths and Navigators.

Unnamed Gas Giant:

  • Slowly being consumed by the Maelstrom. Burns with a dull blue hue.
  • Orbited by the moon of Iniquity.


  • Orbited by a ramshackle shipyards, home to half a dozen or so reaver ships at any time. Run by various factions but well defended.
  • Ruined toxic planet turned into wasteland by centuries of mining and interactions with the ruinous powers.
  • Large scale mining operations across the planet. Main settlement is Skaarsdelve, a hive of scum and villainy set in the same mountain range as the Citadel of Skulls. Population largely made up of slaves and chaos Reavers. Xenos species and manifested daemons are also commonplace. Heavy Dark Mechanicus presence.
  • The Ruins of the Citadel of Skulls:
    • Demesne of Karrad Vall. Once a heavily fortified keep that supplied and outfitted most of the reavers under Vall's command. It was considered impregnable, built directly into the mountains, and standing atop ancient warrens and tunnels. Rumoured to be the home of his fabled Vault of Secrets, a secure room were Vall hides his treasures from across the expanse.
    • In M41.961 the Tetrarch's of House Redwynn set of an atomic within the warrens beneath the Citadel, vaporising the lower floors and turning the rest to rubble. Now only occupied by scavengers picking over the wreckage or the last of Vall's guards, protecting what little remains of their master's treasures.

Quinn IV

  • Rogue Trader House Quinn.
  • Cold Blue Star.

Outer Reaches:

  • Dust Storm Nebulae

Primary Biosphere:

  • Radiation and Solar Flares

Inner Cauldron:

  • Massive Gas Giant
    • Two dust rings, two planetary debris rings.
    • Two Moons: One small, one large dense and inhospitable.

Known Systems

  • Aestor System:
    • Pirate hideout. Believed to have been swallowed by the 'Cresting Terror' Warp Anomaly.
  • Quinn Dynasty Trade Routes:
    • Known systems include:
      • Kurse: Mining colony and asteroid mining facility.
      • Jeopardy: Quinn assets involved in asteroid mining operations.
  • 'Quinn V':
    • Five habitable planets. Once home to a massive Ork infestation, including orbital platforms and a large fleet. Destroyed in 955.M41 by an Imperial aligned coalition fleet. Survivors fled Rimward. Now occupied by the Adeptus Mechanicus.
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