Marius Serghar

Ex-Guardsman, Arch-Militant, Master-at-Arms of the Neo-Lazarus, Tetrarch

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
31 49'' 30 30 40' 51 37 35 53'

-5 WP, +6 Int, -3 T, +5 Fel, +3 BS
6, 11, 5, 8, 10, 20, 12, 15, 18


Wounds: 10

Basic: Speak Language (High Gothic)
Trained: Awareness, Command, Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Pirates), Intimidate, Literacy, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Military Cant, Rogue Trader Cant), Trade (Voidfarer).
+10: Common Lore (War)
+20: Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)

Peer (Military, Nobility, Void Born), Nerves of Steel, Quickdraw, Sound Constitution [I], WT (Basic [Universal], Thrown [Universal], Pistol [Universal], Melee [Universal]), Ambidextrous.

  • Rival: Nobility.
  • Duty to Humanity: -1 Profit.
  • Legacy of Wealth: +1 Profit.
  • Etiquette: +10 to interactions in formal environments or with high society.
  • Vendetta: Noble houses of home world.
  • Arch-Militant Bonus: +10 to hit, +2 Dam and +20 Initiative when using Pistol class weapons.

-GQ Bolt Pistol (Pistol; +10 to hit; 90m [30m]; S/2/–; Dam 14; X; Pen 4; Clip [8/8/8]; Reload [Full]; Tearing, +20 Initiative, Reliable) w/ Fire Selector and Telescopic Sight3.5kg
-GQ Mono Swordstick Cane (+5 to hit; Dam 6; Rending; Pen 2; Balanced)
-Void Suit
-Enforcer Light Carapace Armour (5- All) 15kg
-Used Bolt Shell (Charm) [From the shot used to execute the enemy general in the Karfass war]
-Arms Coffer
-Ork tusk [1]

Acquired Item:
Fire selector [Scarce]

Hredrin is a Hive World of vast spires and rolling plains. It is also home to the Hredrin Heavy Infantry Regiment, an Imperial Guard force made up of the first born sons of the Hredrini nobility. Marius Serghar was born into the towering nobles districts of Hredrin and grew up amidst this obscene wealth. He trained at the Scholar Militarum and excelling at war history and theory graduated as an officer to the Hredrin Heavy Infantry.

Marius served in the Hredrin for a few years as a rear-echelon officer, attaining the rank of Captain. Eventually his regiment was assigned to the bloody decade long struggle on Karfass II, the last resort in a war that had ground through all other available combat units in the vicinity. Karfass featured important factorums for the Adeptus Mechanicus, and increased pressure was being made on the officers in charge of the war by various Forge Worlds. Unused to proper front line combat the Hredrin were bloodied on Karfass and the war raged on as it had before they arrived. The decisive moment would come with the destruction of the regiments entire command structure, a faulty shield generator allowing a lucky artillery round to vaporise many of the higher ranking officers of the regiment. Now in command of a regiment Marius put theoretical and dangerous tactical moves into play, eager to break the decade long stagnation that lay upon the war. His moves were effective, but further endangered the lives of the Hredrin soldiers, normally accustomed to low fatality work and for whom service was a political means to an ends. A new swathe of commanders were dispatched to run the regiment but before they arrived Marius saw his chance to end the war. He manoeuvred a company of Hredrin to lead an enemy force out of position, sending the remaining units through the opening to flank the enemies main trench line and seize it.

Victory on Karfass II had been won, but at a cost. An entire company of Hredrin were annihilated to gain the foothold needed to win the war, these noble born soldiers who were never meant to fight sacrificed for the greater victory. Marius received many commendations and awards for his decisive tactical work, but soon found his position weakening amongst his regiment. Hatred welled up towards him from men whose brothers, cousins or political allies had died because of his decisions. He was subject to hazing and disrespect usually reserved for lesser officers and eventually the trouble spread. Marius began to receive word from his family back on Hredrin that they were being blacklisted and shunned by old allies; many having lost their eldest sons in the war on Karfass. He was eventually politicked out of his own regiment, a series of false infringements leading to his demotion to 1st Lt and his reallocation to Hredrin's regular Imperial Guard regiment. It was here that he was assigned to the frontier world of Whitefall, a settlement that had been under attack from local chaos aligned insurgents for some time. He relieved the defences led by a man named Xaver, the former having been picked to lead by the local militia after their officer was killed months earlier. Fighting side by side in the trenches they defeated the insurgents and Marius was eventually moved on, the garrison life too easy for one as politically toxic as he.

He served in a number of other war fronts, managing to win some acclaim despite being assigned the worst possible missions at every turn. Eventually a kidnapping attempt by a group of political rivals caused him to be court-marshalled for desertion, and a dishonourable discharge. His medals and awards were stripped and he was banned from entering the Emperor's military service again. He lived off what remained of his familial wealth for a few months on Quaddis, enjoying the fine wines and pleasure houses of the decadent pleasure world. Despite the vast enjoyments he found himself unfulfilled, the pleasures of Quaddis insignificant and fleeting compared to the rush of battle and the gamble of commanding an army.

He eventually found his way back to warfare by serving as an officer in a fledgling mercenary force. This service took him to a number of warzones and eventually to the Koronus Expanse, where his company specialised in the tracking and apprehension of pirates within the expanse. Marius found himself once again without direction when by happenstance he ran into Xaver at a run down bar in Footfall. Xaver had been serving aboard a Frigate called The Lazarus for the Rogue Trader Lady Redwynn since the "old girl" had relieved Whitefall during another enemy attack. Knowing Marius' talent for war his old comrade at arms offered him a place aboard the ship, and eventually the two rose to prominence within the crew. When the Rogue Trader fell ill they supported every measure to keep her alive, dismissing any crew members who would potentially work to subvert these plans and during the Mechanicus' negotiations served as part of the Lazarus' negotiating committee. When the Tetrarch Pact was signed he was offered a spot on the Ship's council as a representative of the absentia Rogue Trader.

Character Path:
Homeworld: Noble Born
Birthright: In Service to the Throne- Born to Lead (replaces Child of the Creed) [150 exp]
Lure of the Void: Duty Bound- Humanity
Trials: Product of Upbringing- Rival (replaces Ship Lorn) [100 exp]
Motivation: Exhilaration- Thrill of War (replaces Fortune) [250 exp]
Career: Arch-militant

Character Creation: 500/500
In Service to the Throne- Born to Lead [150exp]
Product of Upbringing- Rival [100exp]
Exhilaration- Thrill of War [250exp]

Level 1: 2100/2000
Common Lore (Imperial Guard) [100exp]
Awareness [100exp]
Agility +5 (I) [100exp]
BS +5 (I) [100exp]
Forbidden Lore (Pirates) [100exp]
Fel +5 (I) [250exp]
Speak Language (Rogue Trader Cant) [100exp]
Ambidextrous [200exp]
Trade (Voidfarer) [400exp] Elite Advance
BS +5 (2) [250exp]

Level 2: 200/300 (2900)
Common Lore (War) +10 [200exp]


After his injuries upon Damaris Marius was moved to the Lazarus medical bay for treatment. During the warp incident he was set upon by Chief Medicae Bishop, who had mutated into a needle fingered monstrosity. Although Marius managed to kill the creature, he was horribly wounded in the event and died slowly of his wounds.

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