Maothti Naeanghymm

Rider of the Lost Way, Navigator of the Webways, Gunslinger, Sadist

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
47'' 50'' 30 30 60'' 33 46'' 36 48''



Wounds: 10
Fate: II
Fortune: II

Trained: Chem-Use, Common Lore (Dark Eldar, War), Command, Forbidden Lore (Webway, Xenos), Navigation (Webway, Stellar), Operate (Flyers, Spacecraft, Personal), Speak Langauge (Eldar, High Gothic), Tech Use, Trade (Voidfarer)
+10: Acrobatics, Dodge, Operate (Skimmers), Intimidate, Silent Move, Speak Langauge (Dark Eldar)
+20: Awareness, Deceive


  • Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight): +10 to any tests using this sense.
  • Paranoia: +2 Initiative, GM may rolls secretly for hidden threats.
  • Dark Sight: Can see in areas of total darkness, never takes a negative for dim or no lighting.
  • Cat Fall: Free Action to roll an Agi Test and reduce distance fallen by Agi Bonus x DoS.
  • Sprint: Full Move (+AB), Run (Double Move), One level of fatigue if used twice.
  • Unnatural Agility (x2): Double Agi Bonus, +2 DoS on Agi tests.
  • Jaded: The Explorer’s wide travels have shown both wonders and horrors beyond the ken of most. The galaxy has thrown its worst at him and he has yet to flinch. Outrageous events, from death’s horrific visage to xenos abominations, will not cause Insanity Points or Fear Tests. Terrors of the Warp still affect the character normally.
  • Dark Soul: Whenever you make a Malignancy Test you only take half the negative.
  • Decadence: When drinking 2xTB before passing out, +10 to resist addiction.
  • Disturbing Voice: +10 to Intimidate or Interrogation, -10 to Fel for Animals, Children, Easily Startled.
  • Hard Target: -20 hit with BS tests when this character runs or charges.
  • Kabalite Weapon Training (Kabalite): Splinter, All Melee Primitive.
  • Exotic Weapon Training (Blast): Dark Eldar Blast Weapons.
  • Melee Weapon Training (Universal): Chain, Shock, Power.
  • Resistance (Poisons): +10 to resist the effects of these groups.
  • Ambidextrous: Do not suffer the effects of using your off hand, can use with TWW to drop the negative to -10.
  • Quick Draw: Can ready as a free action a Pistol, Basic or Melee Weapon that can be wielded in one hand.
  • Leap Up: Stand as a free action.
  • Rapid Reaction: Agi test to act normally when surprised.
  • Passing Slash: Once per Round, when the Explorer flies within 1 metre of a foe as part of a Full Move Action, he may make a Difficult (–10) Pilot Personal Test (or a Hard (–20 Drive (Skimmer) Test if he is driving an appropriate vehicle with the Open-Topped Trait). If he succeeds, he may make a melee Standard Attack Action against the target as a Free Action. He gains a +1 bonus to Damage on the attack for every two Degrees of Success he scored on the Pilot (Personal) or Drive (Skimmer)Test.
  • Combat Master: Opponents gain no bonuses for outnumbering.
  • Hotshot Pilot: Treat all Operate skills as Basic Skills, +10 to Operate skills you already possess.
  • Rapid Reload: Half reload times.
  • Pity the Weak: +10 on Command, Commerce, Deception, and Intimidation Skill Tests, -10 on Charm Skill Tests when opposed by someone with either a Strength or Willpower Characteristic lower than his own, or whose Profit Factor or apparent social status is beneath his own.
  • Lightning Reflexes: Add +1 to your AB modifier when calculating initiative.
  • Tormentors Will: After gaining at least two Pain Tokens in an encounter, the character may spend a Fate Point to gain the From Beyond Trait for the remainder of the encounter.
  • Assassins Strike: After making a melee attack, a successful Acrobatics Test allows him to move at half rate as a free action. May only be done once per round.
  • Step Aside: Gives an additional dodge per round.
  • Deadeye Shot: Called shot is only at -10.
  • Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic): Full action to attack with two weapons of the same type (Ballistic).
  • Hip Shooter: Full action move allows a single attack with a ranged weapon.
  • Mighty Shot: +2 Damage with ranged weapons.
  • Crack Shot: +2 Critical Damage with ranged weapons.
  • Marksman: No BS tests at Long or Extreme range.
  • Dual Shot: Full action to fire both weapons, combine damage, armour is added twice but toughness only once.

- DE Blast Pistols [20m, S/-/-, 2d10+7R(5+2), Pen:16 Clip:6, Rld: 1.5 Full, Felling (1), Proven (2)] - 3 to 5 pistols
- DE Shard Carbine [60m, S/3/5, 1d10+4X(2+2),Pen: 3, Clip:200, Rld: Full, Storm, Toxic]
- DE GQ Plasma Grenades [SBx3m, S/-/-, 1d10+8E(6+2), Pen:4, Blast(4), Shocking, Reliable] - 3 to 5 grenades
- DE Power Sword [1d10+8E(5+3), Pen:5, Power Field, Balanced
- DE Micro Bead [Good for comms out to 1km]]
- DE Translator Unit
- DE Kill Recorder
- 2x Doses of Vitae Rebellion (TG test or take 2d10X Dam ignoring Armour but with TG)

- DE BQ Ghostplate Armour (AP:7, PR:20, Fails on doubles)


Reaver Jetbike:

  • Skimmer, Bladevanes, Exposed
Armour Front [15], Side [12], Rear [10] Integrity 8
Cruising Speed 400kph Tactical Speed 50m
Manoeuvrability +30 Size Hulking (+10)

- Pilot-operated Splinter Rifle: Front, 80m, S/3/5, 1d10+4R(2+2), Pen:3, Clip:200, Rld: Full, Toxic)
- Bladevanes: When attempting a Ram Action against a creature, a Reaver jetbike deals 1d10+5 R Damage, Pen 4, increasing to 2d10+5 R Damage if travelling at least twice its tactical speed. It may continue to move, using any remaining movement, after hitting such a creature. If the pilot chooses to take an additional –20 penalty on the Drive (Skimmers) Test to perform this Ram Action, he may choose the location struck, as if the attack were a Called Shot. Note that this means that a Reaver can potentially strike down the passengers and crew of open-topped vehicles.
- Exposed: Enemies may target the pilot of a Reaver jetbike with a Called Shot Attack Action. In addition, when an enemy makes a Fully Automatic Attack Action against a Reaver jetbike, every third hit strikes the pilot instead of the vehicle itself.

Upgrades: 16,000/16,000

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