Mordechai Heller

Broker, Acquisitionist, and resident Playboy of the Lazarus

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
33 40' 31 30 41' 50'' 44' 41 61''(30)



Wounds: 9
Fate: 2
IP: 3

Trained: Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Pirates), Inquiry, Literacy, Language (Low Gothic, Traders Cant, Eldar), Awareness, Dodge, Security, Stealth, Performer (Musician), Secret Tongue (RT), Trade (Voidfarer), Interrogation, Search,
+10: Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Evaluate, Deceive, Common Lore (Underworld)
+20: Charm, Commerce

Talents and Traits:

  • Decadence: Can consume alcohol equal to twice TB, +10 to resist addiction.
  • Resistance: +10 to resist [Fear, Psychic Techniques].
  • Peer: +10 on social interaction [Nobility, Underworld, Insane, Government, Admech, Eldar].
  • Weapon Training: Basic [Universal], Pistol [Universal], Exotic [Splinter]
  • Enemy: -10 to social interaction with Enemy [Inquisition].
  • Paranoia: +2 to Initiative.
  • Strong Minded: Re-roll all WP tests against Psychic Techniques which affect the mind.
  • Jaded: Outrageous events, from death’s horrific visage to xenos abominations, will not cause Insanity Points or Fear Tests. Terrors of the Warp still affect the character normally.
  • Quick Draw: May ready Pistol, Basic, or single hand Melee weapons as a free action.
  • Noble: +10 Fel in formal or authoritative social situations
  • Vendetta: Someone is after you
  • Cold Trader: The Inquisition don't like you, but some Xenos do, which is nice
  • Loyalty: +5 to all WP and Fel tests made on your home ship
  • Seneschal: The Seneschal may spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed at any Ciphers, Lore, or Logic Test. Doing so means that the Test is resolved in the minimum time required. In addition, the Seneschal adds one bonus Degree of Success to any successful Commerce, Inquiry, or Evaluate Test.

- BQ Hellpistol [35m, S/2/-, D:10, P:7, Clip:40, Rld:2Full, Never Jam]
- Splinter Pistol [50m, S/3/-, D:8, P:3, Clip:120, Rld:2Full, Toxic]
- GQ Pirate Stub Automatic [30m, S/3/-, D:9, P:3, Clip:9, Rld:Full, Reliable, Man-stoppers]
- GQ Naval Pistol [20m, S/2/-, D:13, Clip:6, Rld:Full, Reliable, Bleeder Rounds]
- BQ Dark Eldar Envenomed-Blade [+10 to hit, Dam: 3+SB, R, P:2, Compact, Tox-Dispenser (8/10)]
- Xeno-mesh Armour [ABL: 4]
- Concealed Holster Splinter Pistol: -30 to Search tests to locate, cannot be Quick-Drawn from
- BQ Concealed Holster Envenomed Blade: -40 to Search tests to locate, can be Quick-Drawn from
- Autoquill, Dataslate, Micro-bead, Multikey, two sets of robes, Chrono, Cameleoline Cloak

Able Tzafrir, Master of Coin

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
30 30 30 30 30 40 40 40 40

-Charm, Commerce, Deceive, Evaluate
-GQ Sword, Data-slate, BQ Clothes

Character Path:
Homeworld: Noble Born -5WP, +5 Fel, Literacy, Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic), +10 in formal situations to Interactions, +1 PF, Peer (Nobility), Peer (Government), Vendetta
Birthright: Vaunted Decadence, +3 Fel, -3 Per, 1d5 Corruption
Lure of the Void: New Horizons: Xeno Arcanist [100] +3 WP, Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Trials: Dark Voyage Resistance (Fear), 1d5 Insanity
Motivation: Devotion: Loyalty [100] Trade (Voidfarer), +5 to WP and Fel made on home ship
Career: Seneschal
Lineage: Extensive Means: Contacts [300] Peer (Underworld, Admech, Insane)

Advanced Careers: Cold Trader Enemy (Inquisition), Peer (Eldar)

Upgrades: 6750/8000

Character Creation: 500/500
New Horizons: Xeno Arcanist [100]
Devotion: Loyalty [100]
Extensive Means: Contacts [300]

Level 1: 2000/2000
BS [250]
Agi [250]
Int [100]
Fel [100]
Per [100]
Awareness [100]
Charm [100]
Dodge [100]
Security [100]
Stealth [100]
Performer (Musician) [100]
Secret Tongue (RT) [100]

Level 2: (Cold Trader) 5000/5000
Commerce +10 [200]
Deceive +10 [200]
Evaluate +10 [200]
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) +10 [200]
Charm +10 [200]
Language (Eldar) [200]
Paranoia [200]
Resistance (Psychic Techniques) [200]
Strong Minded [500]
Exotic Weapon Training (Splinter) [200]
Charm +20 [200]
Perception [250]
Fel [250]

Level 3: (Acquisitionist) 6750/8,000
Interrogation [200]
Int +10 [250]
Common Lore (Underworld) +10 [100]
Jaded [200] (From Cold Trader)
Quick Draw [400] (Elite from Rank 3)
Forbidden Lore (Pirates) [200]
Commerce +20 [400] (Elite from Rank 3)

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