Dynastic Records

House Redwynn

The dynasty almost fell in a single night.

The Redwynn fleet, led by the flagship 'Eldramaron', had forged into the black, rallying to the defence of the family's fledgling grip on the systems of the Unbeholden Reach. Rumours of horror - of ghost-ships, pirates and vanishing colonies - had begun to reach Footfall. Humanity's great sally into the unknown darkness was dwindling. But the Redywnn heir and his brothers, each with a craft of their own, were ready to see off whatever terror menaced the holdings of their dynasty.

None of the vessels returned. Garbled transmissions, distorted by distance and incoherent screaming, was the last thing heard from the armada. It was followed only by a sudden, ringing silence.

Lady Augustine Redwynn, having long bequeathed the Warrant to her sons, wept tears of grief for them onto the glass of it's protective plinth. Even aboard her refitted war vessel 'the Lazarus', she struggled to maintain the family's various colonies in the following years, stripped of the martial power of the armada. As expenses mounted and avaricious competitors circled, she was forced to sell or weaken her interests in many holdings around the Expense. It pained her adoring officers and crew to see the Old Lady's steely resolution wane, as though her inner fires had guttered out.

Her decline was slow but inexorable. The sickness which befell her was cruel and degenerative, resisting analysis or cure. Though she poured her remaining wealth into the fight - hiring physicians from across the Expanse and equipping the ship with a medical research facility - it was clear that she was growing closer to death. At the last, in the hope of preserving the dynasty she had fought all her life to preserve, she made a deal with the Magi of the Mechanicus.

The ancient Stasis-Throne was an immense and arcane device, requiring constant maintenance and expert upkeep. Even for a Rogue Trader, the cost could not be borne in Gelt alone. What emerged from the fierce negotiations was the Tetrarch Pact. Ceding 50% of Small Council seats and a share of dynastic profits to the Emissariats of the Adeptus Mechanicus, House Redwynn was given full access to the resources and expertise of the Forge. The unique arrangement would challenge each new Tetrarch, as they sought to balance competing interest and rejuvenate the dynasty they now commanded.

Holder of the Warrant: Augustine Redwynn II
Flagship: 'the Lazarus'

Current Profit Factor

Effective 83

Breakdown: Actual [65] Aviary [8] Coldharbour [10]

Noteworthy Endeavours

On Fairer Tides

A simple salvage operation in the Cinerus Maleficum tests the Explorator's mettle and raises questions amongst the new council…

948.M41 Endeavour Records: Codename 'On Fairer Tides'

The Frozen Reaches

The world of Damaris prepares for an Ork invasion, and calls for the Explorator's aid. They travel to the far reaches of the Koronus Expanse to assist the colony, but they are not the only faction vying for advantage…

948.M41 Endeavour Records: Codename 'The Frozen Reaches'

A Dark Sun

As the Dynasty attempts to consolidate alliances in the Expanse they are drawn into events that trace the voyage of the Lazarus in an age past.

949.M41 Endeavour Records: Codename 'Dark Sun'

Dead Men Tell No Tales

The Tetrarchs are faced with an intrusion upon their holdings, forcing them to act lest they lose what little prize they have.

950.M41 Endeavour Records: Codename 'Dead Men Tell No Tales'

Ilk Temas

The Adeptus Mechanicus conscript the Dynasty to journey far across the expanse, taking the 'Lazarus' and her crew into far unexplored territories.

950.M41 Endeavour Records: Codename "Ilk Temas''

Citadel of Skulls

After a long respite the Tetrarch's cast forth into the Expanse once more, discovering a secret that could bring them wealth and renown beyond imagining.

960.M41 Endeavour Records: Codename "Citadel of Skulls''

Notes on the Expanse

The Koronus Expanse

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