Crew of the Lazarus


  • Lady Augustine Redwynn

Tetrarch Council:

Executive Councillor

Officers of the Fleet:

  • First Officer Marcella Cymbry: Well spoken and professional woman from a lower noble family. Senior-most non-Tetrarch aboard the Lazarus.
  • Omnissian Congregator Asholm: Overseer of the machine spirit of the teleportarium, second in command for the Mechanicus contingent under Giger.
  • Mister Argyle: Stalwart manservant of Torius since the boy's nameday. Humourless, stern, and utterly efficient at cleaning up the mess of his ward.
  • Magister Yngrul: House Oscilla Navigator. Contracted after the withdrawal of Roenos Yergar. Sinister, solitary.
  • Halion: Telepathica Enforcer. White-haired and milky eyed, powerful but somewhat reckless.

Officers of the Dynasty:

  • Demi-Clademaster Cornellian: Underworld boss/fence/aquisitionist. Promoted from stealth team for heroics against Rak'Gol. Later promoted to operational seneschal of Rook's Clade Kin assassins.
  • Captain Stiehr: Commander of the 'Resolute'. Career merchant captain, with a particular eye for void tactics and commercial affairs. Mostly handles supply runs and security for the House Redwynn colonies.
  • High Factorum Harlon Tavius: Organiser and seneschal without peer, Tavius stepped down from a position within the Tetrarch to serve the Adeptus Mechanicus. He would later be allocated by that organisation as representative and leader of the Prasinus colony. He rules over this colony with an extreme eye for detail and profit.
  • Omnissiah Legate Victrus: One time Adeptus Mechanicus military officer, Victrus served the Dynasty with distinction for many years, fighting in the Ilk Temas, Damaris, Prasinus and Fellhome endeavours. After sustaining heavy wounds in the conquering of the Ilk Temas system he retired to serve with the Adeptus Mechanicus, eventually being assigned Governorship of the Aviary colony.
  • Arch-Magos Giger: First Tetrarch, he ruled over the Redwynn Dynasty with an iron fist for decades, before retiring to the rank of Arch-Magos within the Adeptus Mechanicus. Now overlord of the research facility in the Fellholme system.


Past Council Members

  • Marius Serghar, Tactics Officer [Deceased during the war on Damaris]
  • Xaver Casterly, Voidmaster [Returned to Scintilla to take up a House position]
  • Artorias, Battle Cleric [Marooned in the Fellholm system]
  • Mordechai, Seneschal [Serving as House financier at Footfall]
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