Fleet and Assets

The Fleet

The Lazarus

Like most Turbulent-Class frigates the Lazarus, named after the ancient Terran fable, was built for use in the Angevin crusade. It served proudly in the campaign, even becoming part of the Saint's own fleet at one stage. During a push into the reaches of the Calixus sector the ship was part of a scouting fleet that was set upon by xenos of an unknown classification and the Lazarus crash landed upon the planet, where it would wait for over a millenia. Centuries ago an old Rogue Trader discovered the wreckage of the Lazarus and at great expense restored the aged ship to her former glory. She would go on to have many adventures with her new holder before once again falling to disrepair and ruin…

The exact fate of the Lazarus is unknown, except that she was found a century after last spotted listing in the cold dark loneliness of the Koronus Expanse. Lady Redwyn, her discoverer, saw the potential of this battle scarred and wounded old ship and had her repurposed as a part of her fleet. The Rogue Trader turned the war vessel into her home for exploration, adding libraries and increasing the quality of life for her crew. When she fell ill these facilities decline until eventually they were restocked by the Adeptus Mechanicus, albeit with their own personal flavour.


Sub Class: Planet-Bound for Millenia
Hull: Turbulent-Class Heavy Frigate
Speed: 9
Manoeuvrability: +28
Detection: 25
Armour: 20
Hull Integrity: 31/36
Turret Rating: 1
Void Shields: 1

Crew Population: 90/100 (25,000)
Crew Morale: 85/98 [100]
Space: 41/42
Power: 41/50
SP: 64/64

Starship Traits:

  • Fiery Temperament: Any plasma drive installed has its Power Generation increased by +2.
  • Antiquated Communications: All Command Tests on a Turbulent suffer a -5 penalty.
  • Gravity's Harsh Embrace: -4 Hull Integrity (included)
  • Lost relic of the past: Gain a modified drive for no extra cost, may purchase one Archeotech component
  • Dreams of distant worlds: Ship gains +10 manoeuvrability while within 5 VUs of a planet.
  • Ongoing Effects:
    • +5 Command to Resist Boarding and Hit and Run [Clankin]
    • -5 Command [Trait]

Essential Components:

  • GQ Lathe Pattern 2a: +48 Power, +3 Manoeuvre, +1 Speed[Space 13, SP 2]
  • GQ Strelov 1 Warp Engine: [Space 9; Power 9]
  • Emergency Gellar Field: [Power 2]
  • Single Shield Void Array: Provides a single void shield. [Power 5; Space 1]
  • GQ Bridge: [Power 1; Space 1]
    • Armoured Command Bridge: When damaged, on a 4+ remains unharmed.
  • GQ Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer: [Power 3; Space 1]
  • GQ Clankin Quarters: +5 to Command checks to resist Boarding and Hit & Run actions.[Power 1; Space 3; SP 1]
  • Deep Void Auger Array: +10 to detection [Power 7; SP 1]

Supplemental Components:

  • Teleportarium: [Power 1; Space 1; SP 1]
    • Can be used to make Hit and Run actions in ship combat against a ship with Void Shields down.
      • 1 VU = No test
      • 2 VU = +30 test
      • 3 VU = +20 test
      • 4 VU = +10 test
      • 5 VU = +0 test
      • If the Tech-Use test fails by 4 or more degrees, a horrible accident has occured resulting in 1 Crew Population damage. The Hit and Run attack is considered aborted.
    • Outside of Ship to Ship Combat
      • Once per session, can teleport to and back from, or to a point.
      • Requires the area to be scanned by a Focus Augry first.
        • Failure = 100m scatter per DoF
      • Full action to activate teleport homer and return to ship, otherwise cannot return. 2m sphere around the beacon.
  • Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay: 50 Achievement Points towards Trade objectives. -3 Manoeuvre. [Power 1; 2 Space; 1 SP]
  • Observation Dome: +50 Achievement points for Exploration objectives. [Space 1; SP 1]
  • Crew Reclamation Facility: Reduces loss of crew by 3 (Minimum 1). [Power 1; Space 1; SP 1]
  • Medicae Deck: +20 to Medicae skill checks, Medicae can treat triple Int Bonus. [Power 2; Space 1; SP 1]

Weapons: 2x Dorsal

  • Sunsear Laser Battery [Power 6; Space 4]
  • Mars Pattern Macrocannons [Power 4; Space 2]
Type Position Strength Damage Crit Range
Sunsear Laser Battery Dorsal 4 8 4 9
Mars Pattern Macrocannons Dorsal 3 8 5 6

Crew: [SP 5]

  • Crack:
    • Good Quality [+3 Moral]
    • 40 on Primary Statistics.
    • All have Trade (Void-farer) and skills relevant to their roles (Command, Tech-Use, Operate, Intimidate, Athletics, Trade [Shipwright], Scrutiny etc).

Assets: [Capacity 12/12]

  • 'The Blackbird' (Modified Aquila Lander)
  • 6x Arvus Lighters
    • Capacity 12, Manoeuvrability -15.
  • 3x Halo Barges
    • Capacity 40, Manoeuvrability -20.
  • Drill Barge
    • Capacity [Hellbore Drill], Manoeuvrability -20.
  • 'Nostromo' (Gun-Cutter)

Dynasty Ships

The Resolute


The Resolute was long from the Emperor's service when House Quinn recovered it. Pulled from the wreckage of a large space hulk, the ship was refitted as a long-haul transport vessel and set to work within the fleet. It's origins and pedigree are unknown and some crew who have served aboard have claimed strange noises or apparitions within its halls, but few could doubt its pure stoicism and value as a voidship. More heavily armed than most transports House Quinn used it as a solo transport vessel, more than capable of hauling cargos as well as fending off would-be attackers.

After years of service the ship was exchanged from House Quinn to House Redwynn as part of an arrangement made by the Redwynn Tetrarch Torius. For their part Quinn were glad to be rid of the ship, as it was getting quite the reputation as a cursed and unholy vessel amongst their sailors. Some rumours even persist that the passageways would change locations between warp journeys, but this is of course mere gossip. Redwynn would put it to work straight away, shipping supplies between Footfall and their two growing colonies in the expanse, a vital lifeline keeping these growing populations alive. Outfitted with excellent weapons for a transport, as well as extra storage for supplies, the Resolute became an integral part of the House Redwynn rise in the years 950-960.M41.

The Blue Maiden & The Bronze Knight


As fate would have it, the 'Blue Maiden' and the 'Bronze Knight' were both engineered in the same batch of raider class vessels as the 'Jezebel', later to be renamed 'Augustine' and also serve in the Redwynn Fleet. The 'Maiden' and 'Knight' served as mercenary raiders, before a series of bad battles and employment in the Reaver Fleet took most of the vessels and the company was downsized. Now serving as a two ship fleet they took smaller jobs, and Commodore Cauthon of the 'Bronze Knight' began to look further and harder for work. This eventually led to employment by a mysterious unnamed man, to harass and attack the forces of House Redwynn.

Underestimating their opposition the twin-raiders were blitzed, with most of the crew killed in the opening hours of the ship battle. Surrendering, the ships were joined into the ranks of the Redwynn fleet, tasked with protecting the growing colony of Coldharbour in the Prasinus system. Although most of the senior crew were reallocated away from the ships Captain Cauthon was allowed to keep his position by the Tetrarch Torius Redwynn, and the 'Bronze Knight' and 'Blue Maiden' would begin their vigil in the sky high above Coldharbour. During the Reaver Occupation of Coldharbour the 'Bronze Knight' would sell her life dearly to destroy one of the attacking Frigates, while the 'Blue Maiden' was captured and used by the enemy as an occupation ship. Upon the return of the 'Lazarus' the ship was taken once again, and resumed her post high in orbit above Coldharbour.

Lost Vessels

The Augustine

The Augustine is a Raider in the truest sense of the word. Originally bearing the name 'Jezebel' it was created within the Expanse. Engineered by a mercenary company as a ship-for-hire, it was eventually retrofitted and introduced into the Reaver Wolfpack of Dreadlord Karrod Vall. It is through this service that it came to be captained by Yorgen Blackhand, who went on to make a name for himself and his ship amongst pirates and navy alike. When the ship was captured by the Redwynn dynasty it was refitted as a pure warship, and would serve as the primary attack dog of the Dynasty.



During the venture to the Tamas system the Dynastic fleet was split, after an enemy attack crippled the 'Lazarus'. The 'Augustine' moved to engage the satellite moons of the Xenos Engineer species, but in it's weakened state was obliterated in a single salvo from the defensive turrets. Drifting and bleeding flames, it's warp drive overloaded and it vanished in a blossom of warp energy.


Military Assets

House Guard


Initially recruited from the best and most loyal of the Lazarus' armsmen, the House army are better equipped than usual ship-bound troopers and given training in ground combat.
While aboard their duties range from protecting the lives and quarters of the Tetrarchs to leading boarding attacks against enemy ships. At least a company are kept aboard the Lazarus for the purpose of guarding important assets aboard the ship, while the rest may be deployed planetside.
Forged in the fires of battle of Damaris and joined by the Lazarus crew who fought on the ground, the Redwyn House Guard have become a legitimate fighting unit, with a particular fondness for slaying Orks. After the loss of it's commanding officers in a mutiny aboard 'the Lazarus' the House Guard were reformed from loyal armsmen, bolstered by the ship's Skitarii Classiarii contingent.
With the expansion of the Dynasty the roles of the House Guard expanded. Troops still served aboard the 'Lazarus' and 'Resolute', protecting and enforcing the will of the Tetrarch's but many others were reallocated. Some were stationed in the House Redwynn colonies, both protecting the Tetrarch's there and helping keep order as the colonies grew. Others still were sent to Footfall, Damaris and Bethany to serve at the Rogue Trader palaces being built there for the dynasty. And some were sent to Damaris for another reason, their Ork hunting skills put to good use for many years.

  • Training: Normal armsman training, expanded to include Imperial Guard training. Specialised Ork-hunters.
  • Deployment: Roughly 100 aboard each ship and 50 stationed at each dynasty location. Each Tetrarch is assigned 10 House Guard to protect their quarters and to serve as personal bodyguards.
  • Armament: Redwynn Pattern Lasguns (D10+5; E; Pen 2), Imperial Guard Flak Armour, Micro-beads, Naval sidearms w/ manstoppers, frag grenades.
  • Specialised: Deployed squads are equipped with either one flamer or long-las per squad and a heavy stubber. Demolitions experts and missile launchers are also intermingled with the command structure. Colonel Aubray wields a power sword, a gift from the Tetrarch's for service.
  • Command Structure: Colonel Aubray. Platoon Lt's and squad level NCO's.

Dynasty Aeronautica


'The Blackbird' Modified Aquila Lander

  • Type: Spacecraft. Size: Enormous +20
  • Mooring: The Lazarus
  • Tactical Speed: 26m/12 AU's. Cruising Speed: 2400kmph/8 VU's
  • Manoeuvrability: +15. Silent Running: +15.
  • Armour: F20 S20 R18. Hull: 25/25
  • Crew: Pilot. Capacity: 6
  • Pilot Operated Twin Lascannons: Front Facing; 600m [6AU's]; Heavy; -/2/-; Dam 40; E; Pen 10; Clip [250]; Use double ammo
  • Special:
    • Blackbird: May make silent running tests, -10 to attempts to detect it.
    • Spacecraft: In atmosphere acts as a flyer or skimmer, at pilots choice.
    • Scanners: Built in Auspex, with a range of 200m.

Ground Vehicles

Folly-Class Mining Transport [Rook 1]

  • Wheeled, Enclosed, Rugged.
Armour Front [15], Sides, Rear [11] Integrity 25
Cruising Speed 70kph Tactical Speed 15m
Manoeuvrability +0 Size Massive (+20)
Capacity Driver + 12 passengers or capacity

Hellbore Siege Mining Vehicle [Trevor]

  • Trucked, Enclosed, Rugged.
Armour Front [40], Sides, Rear [30] Integrity 50
Manoeuvrability -40 Size Enormous (+30)
Capacity Driver, Engineer + 30 passengers or capacity

Lazarus Hold

Colonisation Supplies

Mobile Hab Bases:

  • [3-5] Cut down Hab Bases
  • Facilities:
    • Barracks for 20
    • Sterilised room (Medicae/Commissary)
    • Storage shed
    • Comms Hubb (Auspex, Vox Array)
    • Small Genatorum
    • Deployable landing pad

Relics and Curios

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