Brother Severus

Fortress World, Child of the Creed, Zealot, Dark Secret, Pride, Missionary, Drusian Adherent

Ship Role: Confessor- +10 to shipboard Put Your Backs Into It actions.

Relentless, Passionate, ?, ?

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
48 35 40 31 35 32 33 48 34


Experience: 3400/3400 [Rank 3]
Wounds: 11/11
Insanity: 21 (Unsettled)

Basic- Acrobatics, Barter, Blather, Carouse, Charm, Chem-Use, Ciphers, Climb, Command, Commerce, Concealment, Contortionist, Deceive, Demolition, Disguise, Evaluate, Gamble, Inquiry, Interrogation, Lip Reading, Literacy, Logic, Navigation, Scrutiny, Search, Security, Shadowing, Silent Move, Sleight of Hand, Survival, Swim, Tech-Use, Tracking, Wrangling.
Trained- Awareness, Common Lore (War, Imperium), Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Inquisition), Intimidate, Literacy, Medicae, Secret Tongue (Military, Rogue Trader), Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic)
+10: Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Forbidden Lore (Heretics), Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed)
+20: Scholastic Lore (Drusian Chronicles)

Talents and Traits:
Resistance (Fear +20), Hatred (Heretics), Basic Weapon Training (Universal), Melee Weapon Training (Universal), Peer (Military, Ecclesiarchy), Crushing Blow, Frenzy, Battle Rage.

  • Pure Faith: Immune to the effects of Daemonic presence. May spend a fortune point to ignore fear.
  • Unshakeable Faith: Re-Roll WP for Fear x2
  • Nerves of Steel: Re-Roll WP for Pinning
  • PQ Respiratory System: -20 to Silent Move Checks, +20 to resist airborne toxins. +1 AP to Body location.

Equipment 20.5/45kgs
-Sanctified BQ Chainsword (Melee; Dam 16; Rending; Pen 2; Balanced, +10 to Hit, Counts as Holy)6kgs
-BQ Pilgrim's Staff (Melee; Dam 13; Impact; Balanced, Primitive, +10 to Hit)3kgs,
-GQ Flamer (Basic; 20m; S/-/-; Dam 10; Pen 2; Clip 6; Reload 2 Full; Flame, Reliable)6kgs
-BQ Guard Flak (All-5)5.5kgs
-Ecclesiarchal Overlay Robes (+10 to Fel or Command with the faithful)
-Pendant, Sepulchre, Censor and Incense, Micro-Bead

  • Born on a Fortress world and served as a conscript as a youth before leaving the PDF to train as a priest. Spent his formative years in a Chapel learning the way of the creed but always took more interest in the teachings of Saint Drusus and the other battle saints.
  • After achieving priesthood he left his homeworld and took a job as a confessor on a Rogue Trader Vessel, The Pertinent Traveller. It is unknown what happened to the Pertinent Traveller but that it was lost with all hands 2 years later.
  • Met Uther while Arch Militant onboard the Golden Bounty.
  • After the Golden Bounty was left listing while trying to recover an archeotech relic he was picked up and eventually taken into the employ of Rogal Quinn, the Rogue Trader captain of the ship that eventually recovered the relic.
  • Began to travel with Captain Quinn, a deeply devout man, and eventually became part of his trusted inner circle to the extent that when he died some years later he left to Severus his beloved Angevin Era relic chainsword, the traditional symbol of the Arch-Priest on board when the ship was an Ecclesiarchal vessel.
  • Now travels with Rogal's son, Uriah, in the hope of bringing the Emperor's light to the dark reaches of the universe.


On the world of Caledonia, in the Bethany system, Brother Severus was heinously wounded by a turret defense system outside what would come to be called "the citidel". Thanks to the Lazarus' teleportarium and some deft scalpel-work by it's medic he survived the experience but was heavily scarred, both mentally and physically. Noticing this, the then Rogue Trader Uriah offered Severus the posting of System Governor of Bethany stating that 'having someone he could trust and someone who understood the local religion was useful for the Quinn dynasty'. Severus accepted and took on his role from the reaches of Bethany Prime.

Starting Exp:
Level 1:
Literacy [200]
Scholastic Lore (Drusian Chronicles) [100]
Dark Secret [200]
Spent Exp:
Level 1:
Peer (Military) [100]
Intimidate [200]
Peer (Ecclesiarchy) [100]
Scholastic Lore (Drusian Chronicles) +10 [200]
Level 2:
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) [200] Elite Advance
Scholastic Lore (Drusian Chronicles) +20 [200]
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) +10 [200]
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) +10 [200]
Forbidden Lore (Heresy) +10 [200]
Awareness [100]
Crushing Blow [500]
Level 3:
Forbidden Lore (Inquisition) [200]
Frenzy [200]
Battle Rage [200]
Dodge [100]

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