Torius Redwynn

Scion of Redwynn, Swashbuckler, Duelist, Scoundrel

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
58''' 30 40 30 50' 47'' 40' 42'' 54''



Wounds: 14
Fate: II
Fortune: IV

Trained: Commerce, Common Lore (Imperium, Koronus), Evaluate, Scholastic Lore (Astromancy, Judgement, Tactica), Speak Language (Low Gothic), Inquiry, Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader), Acrobatics, Trade (Astrographer, Voidfarer), Scrutiny, Pilot (Personal)
+10: Literacy, Speak Language (High Gothic), Common Lore (Rogue Traders), Deceive
+20: Command, Charm, Dodge, Awareness

Talents and Traits:

  • Exceptional Leader: Grant one ally +10 to any one Test as a Free Action once per round
  • Weapon Training: Melee [Universal], Pistol [Universal]
  • Enemy: -10 to Social Interaction with [Imperial Navy]
  • Paranoia: +2 Initiative
  • Air of Authority: Effect 1d10+Fel Bonus on successful Command Test
  • Renowned: +10 to Social Interactions with those who understand the importance of the Warrant
  • Iron Discipline: Followers equal to WP bonus may re-roll failed Pinning and Fear tests. +10 to Command in Boarding Actions
  • Jaded: Immune to Fear and Insanity from all but Terrors of the Warp.
  • Leap Up: May stand as a Free Action
  • Quick Draw: May ready as a Free Action
  • Ambidextrous: Use either hand equally well
  • Blademaster: Re-roll one missed attack per round
  • Combat Flair: Half-action Charm Opposed WP. Success grants -10 to target’s WS, additional -5 for each DoS. Applies for one full round. Bestial, Daemonic, From Beyond, Machine Trait may be immune.
  • Wall of Steel: Gain an additional Parry per Round
  • Rapid Reaction: May roll Agility to negate Surprise attacks
  • Swift Attack: Attack at +0, additional hit for every 2 DoS
  • Counter Attack: After successful Parry, may free attack at -20
  • Peer: Gain +10 to Social Interaction tests with members of Peer Group [Government, Nobility]
  • Crushing Blow: +2 Damage on Melee Attacks
  • Disarm: Opposed WS as a Full Action, success causes target to drop weapon. Target’s weapon becomes characters on 3 or more DoS
  • Combat Master: Opponents gain no bonus for outnumbering you
  • Resistance: +10 to resist (Fear)
  • Dark Soul: Take half normal penalty when testing for Malignancy.
  • Dynasty: +3 Ship Points/-3 Profit Factor
  • Honour: +5 to Social Interactions in formal settings
  • Enemy: Someone is out to get you
  • Brook no Insult: Any who insult you or those you command may be met with violence if a WP test is failed

- BQ Las Pistol [30m, S/-/-, 1d10+2, Clip:30, Rld: Full, Never Jam]
- Ivy [1d10+13, P:8, +10 to Hit, Balanced (+10 to Parry)]
- Daggertail [1d10+2, R, Pen:2, +10 to hit, 5m range, Balanced, Flexible, Razor Sharp, 1kg -30 to find.]
- Dowry BQ Enforcer Light Carapace [ABL: 6, +2 AP against Rending and Explosive, +10 to Command and Intimidate, -30 to Stealth, projects a 30ft tall image of Torius at will, layered in adamantine-forged symbols of House Redwynn]
- Adamantine Helm [H: 5, Ignores Penetration]
- Flip Belt: +20 to all Agility based tests, Hoverer (6)
- BQ Voidsuit:
- GQ Photo-contacts: Gain Darksight, Immune to Photon Flash
- Microbead, Fine Clothing, Xenos Pelt,
- Ancestral Seal (+10 to Social Interaction Tests with Imperial Citizens or Organisations)

Character Path:
Homeworld: Child of Dynasty -3T, -5WP, +3Int, +5Fel, Literacy, High Gothic
Birthright: Service: Born to Lead [200] Command, Literacy, Scholastic Lore (Tactica), +3Fel, -3T
Lure of the Void: Chosen: Fated +1FP, 1d10+1IP
Trials: Vendetta Paranoia, Inquiry, Brook No Insult
Motivation: Pride Ancestral Seal
Career: Rogue Trader Exceptional Leader
Lineage: Disgraced: The Last Child [200] Commerce, Trade, +3Int, -3PF

Advanced Careers: Swashbuckler Enemy [Navy]

Upgrades: 14,350/14,900

Character Creation: 400

Rank 1: 2200/2000
WS [100]
Fel [100]
Awareness [100]
Dodge [100]
Air of Authority [100]
Secrete Tongue (RT) [100]
WP [250]
Per [250]
Renowned Warrant [200]
WS [250]
Agi [250]

Rank 2: 5050/5000
Charm +10 [200]
Deceive [200]
Iron Discipline [200]
Jaded [200]
Leap Up [200]
Quick Draw [200]
Carouse [200]
Fel [250]
Ambidextrous [200]
WP [500]
WS [500]

Rank 3: Swashbuckler 8,300/8,000
Command +20 [400] (Elite from Rank 3)
Acrobatics [400] (Elite from Rank 3)
Dodge +10 400
Charm +20 [400] (Elite from Rank 3)
Blademaster [300]
Combat Flair [600]
Wall of Steel [750]

Rank 4: 12,250/12,000
Dodge +20 [200]
Swift Attack [500]
Rapid Reaction [200]
Sound Con x3 [600]
Int [100]
Int [250]
Scrutiny [400] (Elite from Rank 3)
Counter Attack [500]
Common Lore Rogue Traders [100] (Rank 1)
Common Lore Rogue Traders +10 [200]
Awareness +10 [200]
Crushing Blow [500]

Rank 5: 14,350/16,000
Pilot (Personal) [400] ELITE from GM
Disarm [200]
Deceive +10 [200]
Combat Master [500]
Awareness +20 [200]
Sound Con x2 [400]
Resist (Fear) [200] (Rank 3)
Dark Soul [200] (Rank 3)

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