Uther Salamund

Forge World, Child of the Creed, Zealot (Unnerving Clarity), High Vendetta, Prestige, Seneschal

Ship Role: Master of Whispers +10 to disinformation extended actions.

Meticulous, Selfless, Intrepid, Dispassionate

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
25 40 31 30 43 42 35 41 51


Experience: Rank 3 (2500-4000) 3100/3400 including 500 starting
Wounds: 12
Insanity: 14
Fate: 3

BASIC- Acrobatics, Blather, Carouse, Chem-Use, Ciphers, Command, Contortionist, Demolition, Gamble, Interrogation, Intimidate, Lip Reading, Logic, Navigation, Survival, Swim, Tech-Use, Tracking, Wrangling.

TRAINED- Awareness, Barter, Charm, Climb, Common Lore (Underworld, Tech, Machine Cult), Concealment, Deceive, Disguise, Dodge, Evaluate, Forbidden Lore (Archaeotech), Literacy, Scholastic Lore (Archaic), Scrutiny, Search, Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader), Security, Shadowing, Silent Move, Sleight of Hand, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Traders Cant), Trade (Archaeologist),
+10: Inquiry
+20: Commerce

BWT (Universal), PWT (Universal), Peer (Underworld), Unremarkable, Sound Constitution (+1), Good Reputation (Underworld), Quick Draw


  • Stranger to the Cult: -10 to tests relating to knowledge of the Imperial Creed, -5 to interactions with the Ecclesiarchy in formals settings.
  • Unshakeable Faith: Re-Roll WP for Fear
  • Brook No Insult: WP or react violently when honor is slighted.

Equipment 42.25/36
-BQ Hellgun (Lucius) [60m; S/3/-; Dam 10; Energy; Pen 7; Clip 30; Reload 2 Full; Can't Jam] 6kg
-GQ Periuntus-Pattern "Solo" Mark II Boltgun [100m; S/-/-; Dam 12; Explosive; Pen 4; Clip 8; Reload Full; Accurate, Tearing (Included), Can't Jam] 7.5kg w/ pq red dot sight
-CQ Inferno Pistol [10m; S/-/-; Dam 22; Pen 12; Clip 3; Reload Full; Melta] 2.5kg w/ pq red dot sight
- GQ "Tranarch" Inferno Pistol [20m; S/-/-; Dam 22; Pen 12; Clip 3; Reload Full; Melta] 2.5kg
-"Kovenicus' Gift" Bellasco Deuling Las [45m S/-/- Dam 11; Pen 4; Clip 1; Reload Full; Accurate] 1.5kg
- BQ Yu'Vath Whisper Pistol [30m, S/2/-; Dam 10; Pen 3; Clip 5; Can't Jam, Vanishing (+30 Search on person to find it, Search otherwise, Scrutiny -30), Soul Stealing (targets hit check WP. If failed they take +6 damage and gun is reloaded. If gets to 0 shots, wielder takes d10 insanity and gun is reloaded) 3kg
-BQ Alcher MK IV w / Silencer [60m; S/-/10; Dam 9; Impact; Clip 40, Reload Full, Can't Jam] 4kg
-BQ Vanaheim [40m; S/3/6; Dam 10; Impact; Clip 15, Reload Full, Can't Jam, Scatter] 8kg
-Lazarus Beta Command Baton
-BQ Xenomesh Armour [BAL: 4] 1kg
-BQ Mesh Cowel [H: 4] 0.25kg
- CQ Conversion Field [1-10 Overloads, Field Rating 50, When absorbs 12+ damage effects of photon flash grenade from wearers location not effecting the wearer.] 1kg
-Synskin +10 to silent move and concealment, bodyheat cannot be read or picked up on auspexes. 2kg
-Chameleoline Cloak +20 to concealment, when standing still counts as one range bracket further away. 0.5kg
- BQ Clip drop harness 2kg
- BQ Filtration Plugs
- BQ Respirator .05kg
- Multikey +30 on security with most doors.
-Dataslate, Microbead, Two Sets of Robes, Chrono

Looking For:
2-5- Motion Predictor Scopes
3-5- at least GQ Red Dot Laser Sights for ultraviolet modulation.
3-5 Fire Selectors
Tracer Rounds
Tox Rounds
Photo Contacts
Overcharge Pack?
Hellgun Backpack?

Equipment Designs:
MK I Salamund Pattern Operative Goggles
Integrated Preysense Goggles, Holovisor, Magnoculars and Pict Corder (assumining BQ rarity on rarest item).

  • Grew up on Germanicesque forgeworld
  • Con man and broker in the underworld, eventually cleaned up and became a Archeaotech broker.
  • Wife and children killed by imported archeaotech device, and distraught and drunk joined a pilgramage and woke up in the void on a pilgrim ship
  • Spent half a decade with the pilgrim ship, finding solace in the creed, evantually rising to run the logistics and stores of the Jericho class vessel, The Golden Bounty
  • Eventually the crew caught wind of an ancient Archeotech Relic of some religious importance and left it's pilgrimage to attempt to find the device. They did find it but were attacked and left stranded by an attack by Chaos cultists, angering Uther.
  • The stranded crew were saved by Rogal Quinn, Rogue Trader of the Lazarus, and Uther accepted a role as minor clerk onboard the ship. In the years following this event he rose to the rank of Seneschal for Rogal before his untimely death and the Warrant passing to his son, Uriah.

Starting Exp:
Level 1:
Charm [100]
Dodge [100]
Awareness [100]
Silent Move [100]
Security [100]

Spent Exp:
Rank 1
Disguise 100
ST Rogue Trader 100
Unremarkable 200
Sound Constitution 200

Rank 2
Concealment 200
Scrutiny 200
Commerce +10 200
Sleight of Hand 200
Shadowing 200
Scholastic Lore (Archaic) 200
Trade (Archaelogist) 200
Climb 100

Rank 3
Commerce +20 200
Good Reputation (Underworld) GM Fiat
Search 200
Quick Draw 200

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