Skitarii Tribune, Master-at-Arms of the Redwynn Fleet, Adeptus Mechanicus Operative

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
35' '63'' 40' 50'' 41'' 46' [8] 42' 44' 45'

5, 18, 10, 15, 6, 8, 12, 11, 20

Wounds: 13
Fate: 0 [3]

Trained: Ciphers (Mechanicus), Common Lore (Imperial Guard, Tech, Machine Cult, Rogue Traders, Imperial Navy), Deceive, Interrogation, Intimidate, Forbidden Lore (Mechanicus, Archeotech, Pirates), Literacy, Scrutiny, Speak Language (Military Cant, Low Gothic, Lazareen, Mechanicus Codes), Operate (Personal, Ground), Stealth, Tech-Use, Trade (Voidfarer).
+10: Survival.
+20: Awareness, Command, Common Lore (War), Dodge, Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) [T].

Talents and Traits:
Technical Knock, Quick Draw, Peer [Military, Adeptus Mechanicus], Hatred [Orks, Loxatl], Unshakeable Faith, Sound Constitution [I], Talented [Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)], Ambidextrous, Crack Shot (+2 Crits w/ Ranged Weapons), Catfall, True Grit (Halve Critical Results), Heightened Senses [Sight], Die Hard (Roll Twice for Blood Loss), Nerves of Steel, Jaded, Resist [Fear], Mighty Shot (+2 Dam on Ranged Attacks [included]).

  • Stranger to the Cult: -10 to tests relating to Imperial Creed.
  • Weapon Training: Basic [Uni], Melee [Uni], Pistol [Uni], Thrown [Uni].
  • Weapon Master: [Basic] +10 to hit, +2 Dam, +2 Initiative. [Included]
  • Horribly Scarred: Count Fellowship as halved for the sake of Charm and Deceive tests.
  • Implant Systems:
    • Vox Implant: Treated as inbuilt microbead.
    • Archeotech Bionic Limb: Grants 2 additional Toughness bonus to Left Arm. +30 to Sleight of Hand and Strength tests involving this arm.
    • Bionic Limb: Grants 2 additional Toughness bonus to Right Arm. +10 to Sleight of Hand and Strength tests involving this arm.
    • Cybernetic Senses: Grants Dark Sight, Heightened Senses [Sight] and +20 to resist attacks on the senses. Counts user as having the 'Marksman' talent.
    • Bionic Respiratory System: Ignore toxic gasses or atmospheres.
    • MIU Interface: +10 Tech Use, Operate, Inquiry and BS tests when integrated.
    • Twitch Mask: Counteracts the penalties from horribly scarred for Deceive tests.
    • Cortex Implants: 2x Unnatural Intelligence.

-Dragon's Breath X-67 [Mezoa Pattern Plasma Gun] (Basic; +10 to hit; 90m; S/2/-; Dam D10+11; E; Pen 6; Clip [40]; Reload [5 Full]; Overheat, +2 Initiative) [Maximal: +10m range, +D10 dam, +2 Pen, Uses 3 Rounds, Recharge Quality]
-Naval Boarding Shield [GQ Suppression Shield] (Dam 10; E; Shocking, Recharge, Defensive.) 4 Armour to Left Arm and Body.
-Powermaul (Dam D10+5+Str; E; Pen 4; Powerfield, Shocking)
-Bolt Pistol (Pistol; 30m; S/2/-; Dam D10+7; X; Pen 4; Clip [8]; Reload [Full]; Tearing)
-Eldar Hunter's Knife (+10 to hit; Dam D5+3+Str; R; Pen 2; +10 to relevant Survival tests)
-Micro-bead, Void Suit, Charm, Medi-kit, Manacles.
-Storm Trooper Carapace Armour [6-All]
-GQ Vox Implant, GQ Bionic Limb, GQ Cortex Implants, GQ Twitch Mask, BQ Archeotech Bionic Limb, GQ Cybernetic Senses, GQ Bionic Respiratory System, GQ MIU Interface.

It was within the toiling forges of the Lathes that Victrus was born, destined to serve the Adeptus Mechanicus with his every breath. During the allotment process he was assigned to train as a ship-board Skitarii, prized warriors of the Explorator fleets known as 'Classiarii'. His time aboard the fleets of the Adeptus Mechanicus saw him distinguish himself amongst his peers, with general successes recorded on both planetside missions and boarding operations. In situations calling for shock assault troops Victrus’ squad would often be deployed, seizing enemy ships or repelling attacks. Due to his successes it was deemed that Victrus was to be trained as a leader, and he received a posting to the Mechanicus facilities on the world of Damaris. At the facility, named Shard’s Forge, he began to learn the intricacies of command, leading a squad and then eventually a platoon. But the peace of Damaris was not to last, and when an Ork invasion was discovered the Skitarii regiment worked around the clock to secure and fortify the forge. While within the city of Damaris the nobles and visiting Rogue Trader's bickered over trade rights and troop allotments Shard's Forge was turned into a veritable fortress.

The armouries of the Forge were opened to the Skitarii, and Victrus was allocated an ancient and revered Plasma Gun by his Skitarii commander, designated "Dragon's Breath X-67". For many weeks he fought alongside House Redwynn troops to protect Shard’s Forge from the Ork attack, racking up an impressive kill tally of Ork Nobs with bursts of blue plasma. It was during such an attack that a group of Ork Commandos attempted to infiltrate the Forge and assassinate Enginseer Shard. Victrus was present at the time of the attack and managed to kill the attackers by overloading the energy of his plasma weapon. He was drastically wounded by the resulting explosion, losing his entire right arm as the plasma energy washed over him. He was placed in the medical bays of the Frigate Lazarus, come to help in the defence of the city, and eventually recovered in time to see the end of the war. His missing arm was to be replaced by Enginseer Shard, an ancient bionic arm retrieved at great expense to thank the Skitarii for saving the Enginseer’s life.

As the rebuild of Damaris took place an Adeptus Mechanicus ship arrived to bring supplies, departing with Victrus abaord. It was setting course for the Bethany system, to report on the events of Damaris to the chief Mechanicus interest in the region, Magos Boothe of Bethany Secundus. Victrus reported progress on Damaris to Boothe and received a promotion to the rank of Tribune, chief of the Magos’ security forces on the planet. But all was not what it seemed in Bethany, and Victrus soon found himself running scouting missions within the forbidden zone alongside the Alien mercenary Rook. He spent many weeks planetside on Bethany V, lost in the masses of unstable gravity and crystalline creatures that haunt the Yu’vathi ruins there. The research facility on Bethany V was to fall from within, a Xenos agent betraying the researchers and slaying most of Victrus’ security forces. Victrus survived, fighting off the Necroforms and keeping his charge Enginseer Vendrigoth safe. Eventually the research facility was saved by the efforts of the Lazarus and House Redwynn. Given his experiences with the Redwynn dynasty, and the discontinuation of his previous post, when the Lazarus was recruiting crew some months later Victrus volunteered, aware of both the Mechanicus contact with the vessel and the general competence of the council. He served as part of the security aboard the ship, most notably during the seizing of Custodite Station in the Fellholm system and the capturing of the Jezebel. After the events of the mutiny in the Fellholm system robbed the ship of it’s military command structure Victrus was promoted to the ships Master-at-Arms, his loyalty during the struggle rewarded.

It was upon his promotion that Victrus' true purpose aboard the Lazarus came to the fore. As an operative of the Adeptus Mechanicus Victrus attempts to use his seat on the small council to influence the path of the Redwynn dynasty, keeping the hot headed council out of trouble and the Mechanicus' investment intact.

The Stryxis are traders and hoarders beyond compare, within their vast treasure ships are held artefacts and valuables beyond number. When the Redwynn fleet happened upon a Stryxis trading vessel the officers of the Dynasty trading with these reclusive Xenos. Within the trader's vessel Victrus happened upon a metal sarcophagus, bearing the seal of the Forges of Mars, an organisation that was precursor to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Within the sarcophagus was a sealed mechanical body, the only living remains of an Arch Magos from a time before the Great Crusade. Victrus returned this artefact to the forges of the Bethany system, met by a Mechanicus Explorator fleet which received the item with much irreverence. For his part in returning this holy icon Victrus was released from his tenure within the Ad Mech, granted the right to choose his own path and allowed passage throughout the Expanse as a free agent.


GQ Chimera
Type: Tracked Vehicle
Tactical Speed: 15m
Cruising Speed: 70kph
Manoeuvrability: +0
Structural Integrity: 35
Size: Massive
Armour: Front [30], Side [22], Rear [16]
Crew: 1 Commander (Turret), 1 Driver, 1 Servitor Gunner (Hull Weapon)
Carrying Capacity: 12 passengers.


  • Amphibious:
    • Treat bodies of water as open ground.
  • Enclosed
  • Rugged:
    • All repair at +20.
  • Tracked:
    • -10 Man, +10 on Difficult Terrain
    • Half loss to speed from damage to Motive Systems but takes twice as long to repair Cripple Systems.
  • Command and Control Vehicle:
    • +10 Command


  • Turret Autocannon: 300m; S/3/-; Dam 26; I; Pen 6; Clip [40]; Reload [2 Full]; Reliable.
  • Hull-mounted Heavy Bolter: Front Facing; 150m; -/-/6; Dam 16; X; Pen [5]; Clip [60]; Reload [Full].
  • Pintle Storm Bolter: Basic; 90m; S/2/4; Dam 12; X; Pen 4; Clip [60]; Reload [Full]; Storm.

Character Creation
Homeworld: Forge World
Birthright: Stubjack
Lure of the Void: Crusade [Call to War]
Trials: Lost Worlds [Beyond the Pale]
Motivation: Duty
Career: Arch-Militant
Lineage: Heir Apparent


Character Creation:
Crusade (Call to War) [150exp]
Lost Worlds (Beyond the Pale) [100exp]
Duty [100exp]
Heir Apparent [100exp]

Rank 1: 2000/2000
BS+5 (I) [100exp]
Str+5 (I) [100exp]
Agi+5 (I) [100exp]
Agi+5 (II) [250exp]
Common Lore (Imperial Guard) [100exp]
Awareness [100exp]
Ambidextrous [200exp]
Pilot (Personal) [400exp] Elite
Literacy [100exp]

Rank 2: 3000/3000 [5000]
Common Lore (War) +10 [200exp]
Dodge +10 [200exp]
Scholastic Lore (Tactica) +10 [200exp]
WP+5 (I) [500exp]
Per+5 (I) [500exp]
Trade (Voidfarer) [400exp] Elite
Common Lore (Tech) [400exp] Elite
Tech-Use [400exp] Elite
Catfall [200exp]
Survival [200exp]

Rank 3: 3000/3000 [8000/8000]
Command [200exp]
Common Lore (War) +20 [300exp]
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) [100exp]
Dodge +20 [200exp]
Crack Shot [500exp]
Operate (Ground Vehicles) [200exp]
Fel +5 (I) [250exp]
True Grit [200exp]
WS +5 (I) [250exp]
Awareness +10 [200exp]
Awareness +20 [200exp]
Die Hard [200exp]
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) [100exp]

Rank 4: 4000/4000 [12150/12600] House Operative
Deceive [200exp]
Stealth [200exp]
Common Lore (Rogue Trader) [200exp]
Common Lore (Machine Cult) [200exp]
Interrogation [200exp]
Common Lore (Imperial Navy) [200exp]
Survival +10 [200exp]
Scrutiny [200exp]
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) +20 [200exp]
Hatred (Loxatl) [200exp]
Int +5 (I) [500exp]
Forbidden Lore (Pirates) [100exp]
Command +10 [400exp]
Ciphers (Adeptus Mechanicus) [200exp]
Speak Language (Mechanicus Codes) [200exp]
T +5 (I) [250exp]
T +5 (II) [500exp]

Rank 5: 2900/2900[14900]
Tech-Use +10 [200exp]
Paranoia [200exp]
BS +5 (II) [250exp]
BS +5 (III) [500exp]
Command +20 [200exp]
Nerves of Steel [200exp]
Jaded [500exp]
Resistance (Fear) [200]
Mighty Shot [500]

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