Emily Hart
Undead Exterminator

Str Dex Con Int Per WP
3 4 2 3 2' 2'
LP EP Speed Essence
30 26 18(9) 16

Qualities and Drawbacks:

Qualities: +5
Fast reaction time +2 - Go first (within reason), +1 WP to test fear
Resist Fatigue +2 - decreases any Endurance Point loss by its level (to a minimum of 1 per time period involved)
Accute Senses Hearing +1 - When bought as a Quality, an Acute Sense gives the character a +3 bonus to any Perception-related Test or Task that relies on that sense.

Drawbacks: -4
Paranoid -2 - A paranoid character expects treachery at every turn, and rarely trusts even his friends and relatives.
Talentless -2 - A Talentless character has a -3 penalty when trying to do anything artistic. This Drawback does not just affect his ability in the arts, but also in many social skills where flair and creativity are necessary.

Dodge (2)
Hand Weapon [Crossbow] (5)
Hand Weapon [Knife] (3)
Notice (5)
Running [Marathon] (5)
Swimming (3)
Tracking (2)
Stealth (3)
First Aid (3)

Crossbow 7/40/65/150/250 D10xSTR ($250)
2x Small Knife D4x(5-1)** ($20)
Sleeping Bag ($50)
Combat Webbing ($15)
Flashlight $150
Rope ($20)
2x Survival Rations ($20)
Fire Starter Clicky Thing


-Learned hunting (with crossbow) and minor survival skills from father who wanted a son instead
-Suffers paranoia, poor social skills and is untrusting due to father dying and leaving her alone
-Has been waiting for an apocalypse-like event and is looking forward to being a new person in a new world

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