Seneschal Gideon Harazahn

Gideon Harazahn, Master of Whispers

Origins: Footfallen, Savant, New Horizons: Seeker of Truth, High Vendetta, Knowledge is Power

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
38 34 43 30 40 66 53 38 60

~Wounds: 9
~Insanity: 0
~Corruption: 1
~Fate: 6

EXP; 4050/5000

Acrobatics, Awareness, Barter, Charm, Commerce, Deceive, Disguise, Dodge, Evaluate, Inquiry +10, Literacy, Logic, Polyglot, Rival (Inquisition), Scrutiny, Security, Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic, Trader's Cant), Street Knowledge
Common Lore: Koronus Expanse, Underworld
Forbidden Lore: Archeotech
Scholastic Lore: Bureaucracy, Tactica Imperialis
Peer: Workers

Basic Weapon Training (Universal), Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Autosanguine, Electro-Graft Use, Foresight, Infused Knowledge, Paranoia

Inferno Pistol, Best-Craftsmanship Hellgun, Best-Craftsmanship Memorance Implant, Xeno-Mesh, Autoquill, Dataslate, Micro-bead, Multikey, Dark Robes, Arkaidos Dynasty Robes, Synskin, Chrono, Camelioline Cloak

Gideon Harazahn is a former member of a splinter faction of the Vanus Temple of Imperial Assassins, the Vanus Ordis Verum. The Vanus Temple realised a need for some of their operatives to take on a more “hands on” approach to intelligence gathering, particularly when it came to information so important or dangerous that it couldn’t be trusted to elements outside the temple. They also wanted operatives that could seek out information and control intelligence networks on the ground and in person, while still maintaining anonymity. The Vanus and the Adeptus Mechanicus always shared a common appreciation for the importance and power of knowledge and forged a partnership in the creation of the Ordis Verum. The Mechanicum would help to equip the new generation of assassins with the tools required to operate successfully in the field and the assassins would carry out missions for the Mechanicum as well as pass them any relevant information. The assassins of the Ordis Verum were often chosen for interrogations and as intelligence gatherers to go behind enemy lines during military operations. Naturally the more radical elements of the Inquisition were unhappy with Imperial assassins having such a close relationship with the Mechanicum and considered them to be at greater risk of corruption than most Vanus operatives due to being in direct contact with forbidden lore and tainted individuals.

Gideon Harazahn was recruited from Footfall as a child by the Vanus and was sent on his first mission at the age of 18, after which he quickly progressed through the ranks of the Ordis Verum. It was during the war on the planet Altar that Gideon met Leo Arkaidos and Arthis Tybalt. He was deployed as a field operative, passing information to imperial authorities, including the how to access the Vault of Malygris.

It was after the battle that the Ordo Sicarius began its purge. Many of the Ordis Verum operatives were caught up in the first round of purges, with the Ordo targeting places they knew to have high numbers of targets. Naturally it was hard to track down the members of this most secret of organisations and the majority of operatives avoided the purge. It was always going to be hard for the Inquisition to gain the upper hand against an organisation that prides itself on controlling their enemy through their greater wealth of knowledge. Word reached those not already caught in the purge much faster than the Ordo anticipated and many were able to go into hiding. Fortunately for Gideon, he and a few subordinates were the only Ordis Verum operatives in the area and avoided the first round of purges. Ultimately the Ordo Sicarius achieved its aim and the Ordis Verum was eliminated, however a far greater number of its members were able to avoid capture than they would have liked. Gideon sought refuge from Leo Arkaidos aboard the Ark of Palinurus. He has maintained his relationship with Leo and Torgue over the years, maintaining a network of contacts and staying constant contact with High Factotum Tiberius. Gideon has decided that it is time to return to the Ark and run operations there personally, allowing Tiberius to concentrate on the commercial aspects of their trade.

Gideon Harazahn is officially Tiberius’ second, deploying on missions with the captain’s retinue to handle negations while Tiberius oversees the administrative aspects. Unofficially his responsibilities are much more varied and secretive. Around the time Gideon returned to the Ark, crew members began to notice a man wearing dark robes and a chrome coloured mask, who seemed to have the captain’s ear on matters of security. The new Master of Whispers has quickly established a small group of spies and intelligence gatherers on the ship but his identity remains largely a mystery. Only the Captain and the most trusted members of his cadre, along with the most senior members of the intelligence network are aware of Gideon’s role as the Master of Whispers. Gideon will often have these senior officials act as his double while in public to further cast doubt on his identity.

While acting as negotiator Gideon, often comes across and light hearted and jovial, a disposition that will often catch his opponents off guard, as the whole time he will have been analysing and calculating their next move. For Gideon, nothing ever happens by accident: everything is planned and expected, even if it does not appear this way to outside observers.

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