Shattered Imperium

A homebrew game set in the 41st Millenium and written by CH.


The Byzantium


Crew of the Byzantium

  • 'Ten', Outlaw Telepath
  • Husk Radavar, Ex-Militarum Muscle
  • 'Initiate', Astartes Scout
  • Alphonse, Tech-Tinkerer
  • Riker Nu-77, Boarding Skitarii
  • Erioc and Eizen Quinn, Militarum Deserters

Ship Features

  • Void and atmosphere capable
  • Speed: 2000kph
  • Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot (optional), Stellar Navigator (optional), Tech-Adept
  • Capacity: Captain's quarters, 5x private quarters, bunk room (capacity 5)
  • Components: Bridge, large hold, armoury (empty), medical bay (empty), smuggler's hold.
  • Hold:
    • Skimmer: Aeronautica, holds five, not sealed for space flight.


  • Rations [100%]
  • Fuel Core [100%]


  • Compact Power Blade [1h; WS5; D5; VA10; Balanced, Powerfield; VR7]
  • Astartes Collectables (torn purity seals, armour chips, used bolt shells etc.)
  • Bio-sealed Safe Box

Ship Log

[Past Ship Log Wiped]

After the failed raid aboard the 'Purity of Purpose' Ten, Husk and Initiate find themselves trapped upon the surface of Limbo. With limited supplies they battle foul weather and sump raiders to return to the Ring.

Returning to the Ring the group discover their old pilot, Brone, had betrayed the group. They reunite with one of their crew, the duellist Alphonse, and begin to set about reclaiming what was taken from them. Tracking his credit records they find the ship's new mooring and begin dismantling his protection piece by piece. After a fierce gunfight in the halllways of the Ring the group regains the 'Byzantium'

Adrift in orbit of the Ring the group takes on work transporting a salvage group in to the ship graveyard near the edge of the system. Moving through the mass of destroyed ships they board the 'Iron Maiden', battling void-spiders and reclaiming lost weapons and technology. Avoiding a potential violent encounter with Ork Raiders the remaining members of the salvage crew, including the Skitarii Riker Nu-77, integrate into the crew of the 'Byzantium'.

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