+The Black Acantha+


Speed: 9
Maneuverability: +35
Detection: +21
Turret Rating: 1 (10%)
Armour: 16
Hull Integrity: 33
Void Shield: 1 (1 hit)
Laser Fusillade: S4 Crit4 Dam+2 Range 9
M Macrobattery: S3 Crit5 Dam+2 Range 6

ORDO XENOS 1.67/347 - 0.46 Clearance Level Tenebrae
thought for the day: The reward of the impious is Death


++Vessels, House Black <most recent>
Time Ref: < 212.06 814 M41


Port Wander Ship Registry Division

Anchorage Office Vessel Report
+The Black Acantha+

Captain: Venris Black, House Black

Vendetta Class Craft - Heavy Raider
1.6 km long, 0.5 abeam
Crew - 22,000 approx

Gellar Engine (Strelov) - Voidworthy
Plasma Drives (Class 2) - Voidworthy
Quarters (Vitae) - Voidworthy
Auger System (201) - Voidworthy
Armament: Mars Pattern Macrobattery [standard]

Non-Standard Modifications
+Reinforced Interior Bulkheads +Augmented Retrothrusters
+Sunsear Lascannon Battery +Turret Designation Alteration (Vulkan Megabolters)
+Armored Bridge

Assessor's Notes

+some components temperamental, instruments subject to non-standard error in responsivity
+crewmen's report mentions "shapes moving in the hull-dark" and "footfalls in empty corridors" etc.

-such things typical of this class of ship -particularly of repurposed pirate vessels- the serfs allow their
imaginations to rule them. Advise the allotment of a Preacher

Further Assessment Required/Vessel Void-Ready

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