Shipboard Battles Random Damage Chart

There is a 25% chance to trigger an event if there is a miss with most weapons, E and X probably going to be a higher chance. Also a higher chance with anything that has a blast radius.

Random Ship Combat Happenings

01-05 Dang that racket! Alarms go off; PCs must make a WP test or be so distracted they take a -5 to their actions. Players with Heightened senses (Sound) test WP at -10. Tech-use at a proper control console can deactivate alarms.
05-10 Strobe Lights The shot shorts the lighting system which begins randomly flickering. At the beginning of each round roll for darkness 50% chance the lights are out. Lasts 2d10 turns. Night vision equipment is useless and disorientating as it tries to react to the rapidly changing environment, if wearing any character is essentially blind.
11-15 Arrrghhhh… An ancient sprinkler system springs into life raining foul smelling water over the area. PCs must make a WP test or be so distracted they take a -5 to their actions. Players with Heightened Sense (Smell) test WP at -10. Tech-use at a proper control console can deactivate sprinklers.
15-20 Lights Out The shot severs a power cable running the lighting. All lighting in this room/corridor is out. The fight continues in total darkness. Effect lasts until repairs can be made, probably a long time.
21-25 Ewwwww…. A waste pipe is fractured and begins spraying the deck with unidentifiable goo. Movement requires an AG test or fall down.
26-30 The sky is falling The shot hits an important bracing in the ceiling of the deck, a section of the ceiling 1d5 meters in diameter crashes to the floor, possibly causing damage and pinning anyone underneath. Also creates an area of cover 1m high. If you roll the max for area there is a 50% chance the passage is blocked, separating combatants.
31-35 Knock Knock The shot hits a weak section of inner wall and blows opens a hole 1d5 meters in diameter into the room on the other side of the wall. If an exterior wall is opened proceed to use 71-75 “I’m feeling a little light headed.”
36-40 I’m losing control One of the rooms control consoles shrieks with electrical fury as the machine spirit is extinguished. That control system may no longer be used until repaired, or more likely replaced. (Sample controls: Doors, Support Systems, Airlock Controls, controls specific to the section of the ship)
41-45 I believe I can fly You broke something arcane and mysterious about the revered Grav Plating device. Must take a brace action before firing any weapon. If fired unbraced you are propelled backwards 2d10 meters or until you hit a bulkhead or something. Can only brace if there is a hand hold or foothold to hold on to. If you are hit unbraced you also float back 2d10 meters.
46-50 Smoking is hazardous to you health One of the blasts has destroyed the heat shielding on some minor system which now gutters smoke. The smoke billows 1d5 meters per round radiating out from the damage up to 10 meters. The smoke is thick and toxic, blocking lines of sight and is dangerous to breathe for too long. If exposed for more than 3 rounds PCs must make Toughness tests or suffer one level of Fatigue. This test increases in difficulty by 10 every additional round exposed.
51-55 What the #%*&^! Damage to the grav plating causes a polarity reversal. All character and anything not bolted down falls to the ceiling. Fall damage as normal, if “I believe I can fly has already been rolled ignore this result.
56-60 Shot ricochet A stray round hits rebounds and randomly hits someone (PC, friend, or enemy). Apply normal weapon damage -2 to a randomly selected target.
61-65 Going Down The shot hits an important bracing in the flooring of the deck. A section of flooring 1d10 meters in diameter crashes to the deck below, possibly causing fall damage to anyone standing in the area. If this is the bottom deck also apply 71-75 “I’m feeling light headed.”
66-70 Like a Lobster A pipe breaks blasting steam in a jet in a random direction. Treat as a weapon with 1d10+2 E, Pen 2, Range 5m, Flame. Effect lasts 1d5 rounds.
71-75 I'm feeling a little light headed. Your shot cause a microscopic hull fracture. Atmosphere leaks out slowly. Emergency bulkheads will close after 1d10 rounds. Oxygen will be depleted after 4d10 rounds. Get out or get air.
76-80 Electrical Discharge A stray shot has hit a power junction, showering the area with sparks. Anyone within or passing through 2m of the damage his hit by a 1d10-1 Shock Damage. This effect persists until power is cut to that junction (Difficult Tech-Use to shut down)
81-85 Circuit breaker - A shot causes an electrical short. All doors, lights, and grav plating lose power for 2d10 rounds
86-90 It’s getting hot in here Your shot hit a fuel line. A fire starts at a random point in the room. Follow rules for fire. Emergency bulkheads will close in 1d5+1 rounds. Oxygen will run out in 2d10 rounds unless fire is extinguished. 30% chance an ancient sprinkler system will kick in. If so the fire is extinguished in 3 rounds and then apply 11-15 “Arrgghhh…”
91-95 You take my breath away A shot ruptures a vacuum conduit. The bulkheads close in 1d5+1 rounds. 2d10 rounds later suffocation begins.
96-00 A bit Claustrophobic All bulkheads on this level slam shut. Bulkheads can be opened with a difficult -10 Tech-use test, or a very hard -30 Strength test. Apply modifiers for darkness, suffocation, combat, or whatever other distractions there may be.

For the hull breach I am assuming a shot hits an already weakened section of the hull, and results in a microscopic leak not a massive hull breach. Since the PC's are shots are hitting parts of the hull that are not shielded or even designed to take fire I think a bolt pistol round has a possibility of causing some damage to the hull. With 4d10 rounds to escape it shouldn't be too deadly. I actually rolled this out before I added it to the list, barring some really bad luck, no one in my party suffered suffocation. If you think it is to deadly go ahead and change it (Personally if I had PCs dropping in this situation I would not kill em, just make a damage control team show up at the last minuteand save em). As for the collapses I decided that no a pistol may not be able to drop a wall or ceiling but a lot of things might and I didn't want to make seperate charts for every situation so I put the collapses in. Really the way some ships are maintained it wouldn't surprise me if a pistol shot in just the right place would do it. I've read of deck collapses on the forgotten decks of some ships.

Basically what I am saying is that not all these events make sense in every situation but in some cases they would make sense, so modify it for the situation. If they are storming an ork ram ship I can see any of these things happening, if they are fighting on an imperial flagship, maybe not. So if something seems totally ridiculous move it down a level to something more believable. That is much easier than making a seperate list for all possible situations.

Another thing to remember is that I don't aply these for every shot, the is a chance the shot causes damage. Autopistols and such have a much smaller chance to do something than a grenade launcher or melta gun. So the majority of this damage is gonna be caused by powerful weapons.

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