The Oldtown Strain


Tusker, Murder-Lizard
Khazarin Vorn, Dwarven Storm Priest
Akmenos, Tiefling Warlock
[Jacko], Elven Shadow Monk


When sickness broke out in northern village of Old Town, the desperate Mayor entreated a gang of sell-swords to investigate. Mysteriously immune to the illness, these cut-throats plumbed the depths of several insane dungeons attempting to uncover and destroy the corrupt heart of the conspiracy.

The Dark Below

Captured by a group of renegade elves the group narrowly escape a life of imprisonment, discovering a plan to cast a plague across the known world. With the help of a Priestess and centuries old knights they stop the ritual and defeat the plague cultists at its centre.

Lost Temple
Teleported far across the known world the group find themselves struggling through sweltering jungles to plunder an ancient temple.

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