The Shattered Lands

It is known that in an Age not so long bygone, Gods walked and warred upon the earth.
Of the World-That-Was, nothing can be said for certain, save that it was un-made, obliterated by the forbidden craft of magic.
That which survives - a remnant of a remnant - is descended from those who crawled, bloodied and blackened, from the ashes.


The world is a savage place. Folk little advanced from tribesmen raid and hunt to survive in the trackless forests, mountains and tundras of Shattered Land. Warlike clans clash over the wreckage of ancient civilisations, scavenging precious iron for the use of blood-soaked warlords. Dotted only with thatched towns and villages, few places are safe from the monstrous barbarians and beasts that roam the wild.


A handful of clans who have mastered woodwork, tannery and rudimentary iron, settled in villages. Most are led by chieftains and their horsemen, owing fealty to one warlord or another. Their rule and the collection of tributes are enforced at the point of a spear and skirmishes are frequent.


Wild, ash-smeared hunters who rarely leave their forests. Said to practice the forbidden craft of magic - for which they are feared and hated - they enact vicious guerrilla warfare against any who enter their lands.


Brutal, tattooed warriors who melt the weapons of their foes to forge armour and torcs. They select their leaders by feats of combat, with the mightiest amassing troves of plundered treasure.

THE GODS [work in progress]

Karlfranz - NG God of Law, Life, Agriculture The spread of his worship is the first spark of civilisation to kindle in the lands.
Balin - LG - God of War, Light,
Gotrek- CG - God of Battle, Fire, Dwarves.
Teclis - TN - God of Knowledge, Magic, Elves.
- CN -
Malerion - LN - God of Dragons, Magic, Elves.
Archaeon - CE - God of Chaos, Destruction, Tempest.
Grimgor - NE - God of Destruction, Tempest, Life.
Nagash - LE - God of Death, Magic,

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