Sylf Shadowmoon

Allocations: Magic, Race, Stats, Talents, Fate
Archetype: Ranger
Perk: Swashbuckler (may always attempt an unmodified dodge, may always attempt a concealment check)
Class: Arcane-Trickster
2400/2690 exp
100lbs, 6'4", Ash blonde hair and purple eyes. A fine and intricate network of purple-black tattoos cover his body, some so fine that they are not noticeable except up close. The patterns emulate the Elven runes for shadow and culminate in the rune of Arhain on his breast. His shadow seems to have a life of its own, and flickers and behaves mischievously, despite what Sylf may actually be doing.

sharp, dashing, chaotic, passionate
Character reference: Jarlaxle

40* 39* 30 30 55* 53* 32 42** 24
W M Mag IP Fortune FP Corruption
11 6 3 6 1 0 3

Savvy, Very Strong,

BASIC SKILLS: Animal Care, Barter, Charm, Climb, Command, Consume, Disguise, Drive, Evaluate, Gamble, Inquiry, Intimidate, Scrutiny, Survival, Swim.
TRAINED SKILLS: Acrobatics (AGI), Pick Lock (AGI) Sleight of Hand (AGI), Search (PER), Silent Move (AGI) +20

Spell Control - Shadow Elemental
Quick Draw
Step Aside
Magic Level 3
**Arcane Marks etc*
Unnatural Shadow - 10% fel penalty when interacting with non-wizard NPCs, superstitious peasants will think Sylf is a Daemon.

Trappings; 280/300
Full Black Leather Armour (80) - 1 everywhere
GQ Longsword D8+4 R (25)
CQ Shortsword D6+3 R fast (-10 to parries against it) (25?)
CQ Crossbow D8 Full Action Reload 30/60 Range (120)

(10) Black Cloak, GQ Witch Hunter Hat, Average Clothing, Gold Earring, (as many days as it takes to get to Kislev) of rations
Reagents - 1 Cold forged iron knife, 4- gossamer shrouds, 1x vial of water, (presumed holy water)

6gc 3sc 6cp


And so it was that I was reborn with the ritual tattoos scaring my once pristine conditioned body with their dark and sinister lines, the rune of Arhain marking me as an instrument of Loec on my breast. My mind was cleansed, no longer was I Sylf Gladeborn of the Asrai, I had become Shadowmoon. I have hazy memories of the time before I became Shadowmoon. My flight from my duty to the forest and my clan, the subsequent deaths of my brothers and my self-imposed exile from Athel Loren. Meeting Albrecht of Bretonnia, then Sudantor and Kazmir before my people took me for my pride and remade me.

On awakening all those skills I had gained, how to ride fast and hard, track and use a whip were gone. That path had closed to me. Instead I found that my cleansed mind could bend the winds. Properly exiled I was returned to Sudantor and then followed Kazmir, you and Baltar aboard the ship to continue our then ongoing investigations.

It was on those months that I fully contemplated my life as it was set out before me. No longer was I an Asrai. I don’t think that I could even call myself a Sea or City Elf. Loec had claimed me, his rune was on my breast and so it was his path I must follow. The trickster, to fight chaos from the shadow perhaps you could call me a Grey Elf. So it was that when I arrived in Marienberg and began my work for Lady Raeva that I decided I would play the role of the dashing mercenary, I would take the fight to Chaos through wit, guile and perhaps even charm. Though that path is now closed to me, my shadow magic has marked me, too much perhaps to gain the trust of men. So instead I will cloak myself in shadows and with blades. I have traded my once almost charmed outlook for the stoicism my battle requires, I know this now. With shadow and my blade I await to dance with Chaos wherever it may be and use whatever tools and friends that I can gain. I care not for their depravity or supposed evil, as long as they can be used in whatever way against Chaos. Even if they themselves are ruinous, for it is the calling of Loec to turn Chaos against itself.

- Sylf Shadowmoon expounding his philosophy to Vikter on the journey to cold Kislev

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