Musings of the Keeper

General Advice

  • When creating characters, please discuss among yourselves the roles you will be taking in the adventuring party. A good spread of abilities with a little overlap will make the going easier.
  • Be thoughtful with your back stories (friends, mentors etc), and apply especially close detail to your Instincts and Beliefs. Remember, these things exist in the game world and have a mechanical benefit and/or disadvantage. It isn't just flavour for the sake of flavour.
  • Make yourself comfortable with the mechanics intrinsic to play. Things like Description Forward! on pg 6, Never Volunteer on pg 63, Beliefs and Instincts on pg 19 and 20, using Traits on pg 22, spending Checks on pg 23, and Time and Light on pg 60.
  • Please read all sections of the Rule Book with the exception of Calamity, Calumny and Catastrophe: Rules for the Game Master. The information contained within this final section is strictly for the Game Master only.
  • You probably don't need to make a character sheet template for your character page, as this will be a strict pencil & paper game with no electronics. Please do however find a suitable portrait for the character you create so we can all have a good impression of what they look like, and upload that to your character page along with a name and any other details you wish to add.
  • I will need to make a copy of each of your character sheets after the first session so I can have easy access to your Beliefs, Instincts, Goals, and capabilities.


Adventure Preamble

This is a wild and dangerous land, filled with forbidding forests and savage monsters. Along the lonely roads that bind civilization together can be found wayhouses—fortified inns where travelers may rest behind stout walls and have a hot meal before venturing forth once more into the unknown.

The House of Three Squires is such a wayhouse. Situated on a lonely stretch of the Post Road, it’s an easy day’s travel from the nearest town.

You’ve decided to leave town and head for the famous House in order to plan your next move with your new, like-minded companions.

The evening is cold and blustery when you arrive at the stockade that surrounds the House of the Three Squires, and you have built up a powerful thirst for one of the famed Three Squires sour beers. The stockade gate stands open and unattended, occasionally slamming home with a great thud when the wind catches it just right.

It does not take you long to realize that something is very wrong at the Three Squires. Not only is the place open to the elements and undefended, it seems deserted. And then you find the pool of congealed blood. Whoever or whatever it was that left that blood, something or someone appears to have dragged it through the kitchen and into the cellar….

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