The Land of Ondorias

This is the land of Ondorias, as it is known.

In contrast to other RPGs you may have played, the players are encouraged to create aspects of the game world they wish to inhabit. There are certain mainstays or fixed points which are required, but much is left up to the player.

As a group, please create, name, and flesh out the following. Those of you with skills in image manipulation may save the world-map on the right and begin labeling areas and dotting in roads and rivers. I would advise just focusing your efforts and attention on the main continent in the center of the globe. This is your world, remember. You will create your homelands. Your rivals. Your friends. The battles of the past. The kings of today.

Lumorn Home of the Elves

  • Lumorn is a land of peace, hidden from mortals. It can only be found via secret entrances known to elves. The elves tend to keep to their forests, moving camps in a nomad-like fashion. Two stable cities have been made known. Gwaedphen is situated on the eastern coast of Lumorn, and is the first port of call for all wishing to travel their lands. Only an elf sailor can lead you there, and many human and dwarf travellers have lost their lives attempting the voyage. Aradhel is located in the centre of Lumorn, and could be considered a seat of power or political city which governs all the elves of Lumorn. The Linden Straight separates Lumorn from the rest of the world.

Thranadun Mountain hall of the Dwarves

  • Beneath the mountains, the dwarven halls bustle with industry and craft. Surround by the Norgrim Mountains to the east, and the ocean to the west, Thranadun is a veritable stronghold against any aggressor. The dwarves of Thranadun have held back the giants of Kothos for as long as history can remember. The capital of Thranadun is Gurdum, located inside the highest mountain of the Norgrim ranges. Azrak is a military fortress to the south, a bulwark against any attempts to access dwarf lands. The bastion of Ironfall has had many conflicts against the stoic dwarves of Azrak.

Ironfall Spiritual Bastion of the Land

  • Fortified and forbidding, this citadel is a combination of fortress, cathedral, and seminary. Ironfall has stood ever since the first trade wars with the dwarves of Thranadun centuries ago. Manned by dour and solemn Clerics of the Gods of Order.

Hollowstone Bustling metropolis of humanity

  • The capital of Ondorias. The bustling metropolis sits on a river, and it's harbour facilitates its place as the hub of all commerce. Hollowstone was the first human settlement after their migration from the southern continent. Named so after a gigantic hollow boulder split asunder which sits in the center of the city. Rumours have it that the boulder is in actuality an ancient dragon egg hatched many thousands of years ago.

Highrose Tower of wizardry

  • The power of wizardry is looked upon with suspicion. The townsfolk mutter to themselves, “How could one person wield such might?” Thus this potentate has made his home in a remote land, but his followers and petitioners have erected a small village nearby so as better to attend to his peculiar needs. Magic is technically outlawed in Ondorias, but due to the political and literal power of the mages few lawmen are bold enough to enforce this. Some priests of Order hunt wizards bold enough to travel outside the walls of Highrose.

Pryden, Corhedge, Norpond Villages of Ondorias

  • The backbone of society, remote villages dot the hinterlands. Their residents till the soil for its meagre gifts, herd the cattle for their stringy meats, plumb the sea for its turbid fruits—all in the service of some petty noble lord who only wants his table full and taxes paid.

Whitefox Bustling crossroads town

  • This town sits at a busy crossroads; the meeting of both the river Wildewater and the main highway of the land. While not as big as the bustling metropolis, it’s still a vibrant place full of shrewd folk. A trade centre ruled over by an independent council of merchants and important townsfolk.


  • Norgrim Mountains, Dwarf
  • Orhill Mountains, Human
  • A line of forbidding mountains marches along the border.

Wildewater Fast flowing river

  • A strong, navigable river runs like a sinew through the heart of the land, binding town, city and village together.

Winterlake Road, Highwall Road Highways of Ondorias

  • While most traffic travels by river, there are a few important overland routes for caravans, patrols and messengers.


  • Valdell Coast, South
  • Glassbarrow Bay, South
  • Dorbourne Coast, East
  • Linden Straight, West
  • Lighthaven Bay, North
  • The sea is a harsh master, but not without its mercies. Settlements along the sea prosper from its bounties and from shipping men and cargo through the shallows.


  • Halben Forest, Elf
  • Wellwood Forest, Human
  • Formidable and ancient, these forests has yet felt to feel the bite of axe and flame. It stands implacable, holding many secrets, daring the foolhardy to duck heads beneath its boughs.

The Peoples

  • Elves: Originally from Lumorn, the elves have their leave to wander the lands of Ondorias as they please, for few have the gumption to stop them. Living many centuries longer than human, dwarf, or halfling, elves spend their long lives mastering many arts and skills. It is not uncommon for young elves take sabbatical from Lumorn, taking the title of Ranger, to further expand their understanding of the world.
  • Dwarves: Comfortably situated in their mountain keeps, the dwarves sit upon vast mineral wealth beneath the earth of Thranadun. Iron, coal, nickle, gold, diamond, and all manner of other precious metals and gems are mined day in and day out. The dwarves use this considerable wealth to hold sway over trade agreements with the humans and the halflings. Such power has lead to open conflict in the past, the most recent of which has been the 3rd Trade War fought between the humans of Ondorias and the dwarves of Thranadun. Many veterans of that war still hold bitter grudges against both races.
  • Humans: Originating from the great southern continent, the humans of Ondorias have spread across the land in a scant manner of centuries. Breeding much faster than both the elves and the dwarves, and being substantially more bloodthirsty, their growth as a race has been awash in violence.
  • Halflings: Often live in large human cities, although those who do are often victims of discrimination and racism. Some halfling-only settlements exist and are appropriately weary of outsiders. Halflings themselves hail from Marmadas at the north-eastern tip of the world, and are capable fishermen and farmers. The capital of Maramdas is named Fairwheat, which is situated on a great inland lake.


  • Valinth, Dragons: A fey and capricious species, little is known about dragons and their kin. All is known is that many centuries ago, the elves and the dragons had shattered a peace which had stood for thousands of years with a cataclysmic war. Dragons can still be seen flying across the Serpent's Channel, although the sight is rare.
  • Kothos, Giants: The giants of Kothos are a truly abhorrent race. Terrible in-fighting between tribes often keeps their attention away from the other races, but every so often one will rise to lead them in a long and bloody war against the dwarves of Thranadun. On occasion some giants are able to surpass the Norgrim mountain ranges and make their way south. Ironfall is the last line of defence against the giants, and their bastion bears the marks of many a giant's club.
  • Vallea Desert: Orcs and Goblinoids: Brutal and war-like, the orcs and goblins are a desert-faring race prone to violence. They live in nomadic tribes, usually no more than a hundred orcs and lesser goblinoids to a group, wandering the desert. Ancient structures have been sighted by human travelers of the Vallea Desert, and some propose that the orcs and goblinoids were once part of an ancient civilization long since gone extinct.
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