The Gore Lance

++Modified Cobra Class Destroyer++


Origin: A fast light vessel, it served as a raider for the Knights of Blood Astartes chapter before it was claimed by Orias Astelan.

Dimensions: 1.5km Long, 0.3km abeam at the fins
Mass: 5.7 Megatons
Crew: 15,000 approx (15,000 remain); 100 %
Morale: 100%
Accel: 7.6 gravities max. sustainable acceleration

Speed: 11
Detection: +10
Armour: 15
Space: 35
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Prow 1
Manoeuvrability: +30
Hull Integrity: 30/30
Turret Rating: 1
SP: 30

Complications: Martial Hubris (+5 BS, -15 Pilot Checks to escape combat), Reliquary of Mars (1 Archeotech Component, Tech-Use Repair at -20)

Modified Jovian Pattern Class 2 (45 Generated, Space: 6, Special: +1 Speed)
Strelov-1 Warp Engine (Power: 10, Space: 10)
Single Shield Void Array (Power: 5, Space: 1)
Geller Field (Power: 1)
Combat Bridge (Power: 1, Space: 1, Special: Tech-Use Repair is at +10 as long as the bridge remains undamaged)
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer (Power: 3, Space: 2)
Voidsmen Crew Quarters (Power: 1, Space: 3)
Mark-201.b Auger Array (Power: 5, Special: Increased power draw provides a +5 bonus to Detection)
Sunhammer Lance (Power: 9, Space: 4, SP: 2, Strength: 1, Dam: 1D10+3, Crit: 3, Range: 9)
Mars Pattern Macrocannons (Power: 4, Space: 2, SP: 1, Strength: 3, 1D10+2, Crit: 5, Range: 6)
Munitorium (Power: 2, Space: 3, SP: 2)

Captain: Orias Astelan (Currently in cryo-sleep)
Arch Militant: Praetus (Acting Captain)
Astropath Transcendant: Sarvus Torian

  • Pilgrim Contingent: After their defeat at The Ferryman's Coin they were offered a choice to join the crew of The Gore Lance. To a man they accepted.
  • Original Crewmembers: Suffering through the initial shock of new masters these have fast become the most staunchly loyal and competent of the crew.
  • Messian Crewmembers: Vagabonds and scoundrels, these men and women are irregardless experienced voidfarers.
  • Servo Skulls: Over 300 of these small machines roam the ship, the eyes and ears of Command throughout the vessel.
  • Praetus' Enforcers: Clad in black armour and sporting beaks, horns or far worse, these men are Praetus' personal guards and unquestionably obedient to their master.

2x Halo Barge
Speed:1,400 kph Maneuverability: -20
Structure: 40 Armour Front 28/Side 24/ Rear 24
Crew: Pilot, Copilot Carry: 40 metric tonnes
Void-capable, operate as either flyer or skimmer.

  • Half-track ground vehicle: Seats 12 + driver and passenger.

The Leveller


++Firestorm Class Frigate++

Origin: Originally the vessel of the Rogue Trader (then renegade) Alejandro, it was captured by the forces of Eliza Tornum, who became it's captain.

Dimensions: 1.8km Long, 0.3km abeam at the fins
Mass: 6 Megatons approx
Crew: 25,000 approx (23,000 remain); 92 %
Morale: 100%
Accel: 4.4 gravities max. sustainable acceleration

Speed: 7
Detection: +15
Armour: 18
Space: 40
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Prow 1
Manoeuvrability: +20
Hull Integrity: 38/38
Turret Rating: 1
SP: 41

Complications: Stoic (Profit factor gained reduced by 1, damaged ship components are ignored on a D10 roll of 7 or higher), Death Cult (Permanently reduce crew population by 8, reduce morale loss by 2).

Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer (Power: 3, Space: 2)
Voidsmen Crew Quarters (Power: 1, Space: 3)

Captain: Eliza Tornum
Arch Militant: Sergeant Marbles

  • Elite Assault Squad: Numbering 50 veteran armsmen, led by Sergeant Marbles. Armed with Saracen-Godwyn pattern Bolters and chainswords. Wearing full carapace armour.
  • Men from The Gore Lance: After the capture of The Leveller a small contingent of Gore Lance crew remained behind to maintain discipline and train new crew.
  • Original Crewmembers: With the majority of their companions dead, the remaining original crew of The Leveller are few in number but regard their new Mistress with some affection.
  • Messian Crewmembers: Vagabonds and scoundrels, these men and women are irregardless experienced voidfarers.
  • Eliza's Retinue: A gaggle of adjutants and aides and a large group of Xurunti war maidens loyal to her.

On Xurunt


  • 40x Six-Wheel transport vehicles: Seats 8 + driver and passenger. Ecclesiarchal markings. Open topped.
  • 5x Xurunsh: Small, riding breed.
  • 2x Shuttle-Barges: Capacity: 400 Terran. Speed: 465 kph.

The Ruins of the Ferryman's Coin

  • Communications area, defensive batteries, auger: Destroyed. Hull has numerous Xurunsh sized breaches. Chapel area completely opened.

The Dead Sea

  • Modified Fighter
  • Eliza's personal vessel.
  • Boarded by Soritas during the capture of Eliza, its crew fought to the last man but were killed by the merciless Ecclesiarchal forces. During the counter attack by Heretical cell designation 'Omega' the small ship was destroyed by the bombardment of the Gore Lance's mac-cannons.
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