The Koronus Expanse

Figures of Note

Greater Dynasties

Aspyce Chorda: A line of piratical origins, the House Chorda has none-the-less been a power in the expanse for a number of centuries. Aspyce Chorda is the current holder of the warrant, and seized power from her older siblings by freezing them in stasis. She is the most ruthless negotiator and political maneuverer in the Expanse, and utterly terrifies her servants and rivals. She is truly a fearsome woman, famously warring with Calligos Winterscale over the wealth of the Ragged Worlds from the helm of her Cruiser the Cold Front for nearly a hundred years. A long peace between the houses of Chorda and Winterscale has reigned from 900.M41, but tensions are still high between the two legendary Rogue Traders.

Calligos Winterscale: The Governor of Koronus' most developed planetary empire, Winterscale is known for his wild temper. From his flagship the Emperor's Vow, Calligos plies the stars for new conquests, leaving fortified colonies in his wake. A terror to Xenos empires, Winterscale embodies the role of Rogue Trader as 'the Militant', tearing a profit from the dead hands of his conquered foes. His empire has existed for two centuries, but extensive rejuvenat treatment has kept his strength and appearance. His focus has turned more to protecting his realm than expanding, but his demeanour has not changed over the long years. His inner circle is made up of vicious killers and criminals, and he deals with threats with unmasked brutality. His war with House Chorda was long, and some rumours persist that it is set to resume.

Augustine Redwynn II: The first Austine Redwynn was uncommonly decent for a Rogue Trader, beloved by her crew, respected by her peers. The dynasty was saved on the brink of extinction by a punishing arrangement struck with Mars. At the helm of the war-frigate Lazarus, a Council of Tetrarchs forged a fledgling empire and third force in the Koronus Expanse, with the support of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Rogue Trader Captains

Venris Black: Afflicted by some unknown catastrophe, the ancient and noble House of Black is all but obliterated. Their last surviving scion Venris struggles to hold together the remains of his family empire, his efforts thwarted at every turn by fickle friends and bad fortune. One of their few remaining vessels, the Black Acantha, is the great hope of the Blacks, and is often seen hurtling into high-risk ventures. Few believe that the fiery Venris will attain any reward for his recklessness but the final extinction of his line.

Tanak Valcetti: A man with few enemies thanks to his impeccable manners. His retinue is made up of his many sons, the family wealth built upon sprint-trading between Scarus and Calixis, and the exploitation of Resource Worlds, to which he now turns his attention. Master of the frigate Superior Vintage.

Jeremiah Blitz: Captain of the Crusier Ordained Destiny first generation Warrant, won from the Lord Sector in a game of cards. A notorious charmer and scoundrel, formerly a smuggler, now an impoverished Cold Trader. His house took a financial hit in the early 900's, but after the Ork invasion of Damaris he is clawing his way back up. Rumour has him weaselling his way into Winterscale's good graces in recent years.

Lady Clarabelle Armelan: Last hope of her Dynasty, Captain of the Grace of Sopha. Established a small shipping empire in only a few years, out of sheer determination. She wielded a Harlequin's Kiss, a gift from a Warlock who predicted her rise to prominence would prevent some calamity affecting the Eldar. Years later her dynasty would be wiped from the map, destroyed by a Rak'Gol fleet on its way to sack an Eldar maidenworld. Having performed her duty, the Warlock retrieves the Harlequin's Kiss from Lady Armelan's corpse. [Deceased].

Ignateous Xarn: For a short time, terrorised the Expanse on behalf of the Ordo Hereticus. Famously volatile temper, held in dread and awe by his crew. Vanished at the edge of the Expanse, hounded by Kaelori Eldar. [Presumed Deceased].

Leonidas Arkaidos: From a long and infamous house, Leonidas was not the heir of the warrant, and some say he stole his writ of trade from his older brothers. Plied the stars on his cruiser the Ark of Palinurus. Sacrificed his ship and crew to help the future Lord Ordos Calixis Hereticus prevent the prophecised Traveller Calamity. [Deceased]

Elizabeth Orleans: Extravagant 'pirate-queen' at the head of a resurgent dynasty. Strong aversion to orthodoxy, and known to hinder Church interests wherever she finds them. Has recently conquered the planet Damaris, politically driving out the Ecclesiarchy and establishing a shipyard. Captains the Star Weaver, a tempest class frigate.

Alyxia Quinn: Known not so much for it's infamous rogue trader than its presence across the 'Cauldron' area of the expanse, in the past hundred years the House Quinn has risen as a major trading house in the space near footfall. Centred around the Bethany system rumour has it that House Quinn has a number of trading fleets plying the expanse lead by the trader's cruiser Pride of Bethany. Quinn is the rare Rogue Trader house more interested in consolidating assets than seizing them.

Killian Castella: House Castella is a renowned plunderer and privateer of the Koronus Expanse. Founded during the Harvest of Reavers in 754.M41 by Rogue Trader House Chorda, House Castella was one of many to be signed into existence with hastily written and often poorly worded warrants of trade in order to swell the ranks of House Chorda. She later effectively disbanded and dissolved the newly formed rogue traders. House Castella fled into the reaches of the Cineras Maleficum before such action could be enacted against them, finding refuge with the reavers and pirates. For the next several hundred years House Castella became a reaver within the expanse, until in 950.M41 when his reach outstretched his grasp and he was killed by the Tetrarchs of House Redwynn. [Deceased]

Marcella Rosalind: House Rosalind was one of the many to be swept into the colonies of Sebastian Winterscale during his conquest of the Koronus Expanse. House Rosalind enjoyed several centuries of wealth and power alongside Winterscale until in 742.M41 when the fleet was cut down to a fraction of its previous power. Establishing an uneasy truce with the ascendant House Redwynn would enable Rosalind to weather the difficult years and found a minor dynasty. Marcella, the eldest, would take the captains role aboard the Calypso, the family frigate.


Jonquil Saul: A true businessman. Though not the holder of a Warrant of Trade himself, few Rogue Traders have a head for interest rates and margins of profit as good as this Free Captain. With little interest in heroics or plunging into the unknown, Saul is determined to turn the maximum profit from any situation, focussing on high-return ventures like mining and fabrication. Wealth is power, after all. Rogue Traders regard him as a coward and upstart, but he is fast becoming the richest man in Koronus.

Wrath Umbolt: Former confessor, said to have gone mad after seeing one too many horrors. His small fleet of transports and raiders rarely turn a profit. Captains the Penance, an armed transport. His fleet took the Emperor's justice to the Expanse for many years, but was wiped out by Crow Spirit Eldar in the early 900's. [Deceased]

Fabricator 800THE: Rising from a lowly position amongst the Adeptus Mechanicus, Boothe made his name as a researcher of all things profane and strange. He returned to the Lathe Worlds in possession of an intact Standard Template Construct, a historic discovery that led him to seize the supreme position of Mechanicus power across the Star Cluster Calixis, Scarus, Ixaniad and Askelleon.

Arch Magos Giger Even in the Koronus Expanse, Magos Giger is renowned as ruthless, brilliant and deadly. Master of the rumoured Silent Forge, he purchased the seniormost position in the Koronus Mechanicus with the plunder of a hundred worlds, building upon his many discoveries for biological warfare and human enhancement. Once a member of the Tetrarch Council.

Legends & Rumours

  • The Sceptr'd Rose
    • The first ghost ship of Koronus Lore. Still sighted on occasion either visually or as an "auspex ghost." Considered an ill-omened sight at the start of a voyage, and a good omen if sighted upon returning.
  • The Legend of Kobras Aquairre
    • Bearer of a Greater Warrant of Trade and also a Lord Inquisitor. Both greatly respected and greatly feared. Passed through Maw in 101.M41, never to return. Left a trail of dead and ravaged worlds, and his reports (believed to be only partial) form the basis for modern knowledge of the Expanse. Declared dead by the officials of Port Wander in 151.M41 after a decade with no reports received. Rumours claim his ships destroyed with all hands by a fleet of pale-hulled xenos ships, others that he was assassinated by members of his own crew. The frigate Elementis Vulpa appears in Port Wander in 201.M41, sole witness to Aquairre's fleet vanishing into the Rifts of Hecaton. Rumours spread of the dead suns and lifeless darkness of the Rifts, and that Aquairre went to his death to stop a terrible threat to all humankind. A black iron vessel sporting his colours was rumoured to have been seen at the Battle of Agusia.
  • The Crow Spirits
    • Eldar faction responsible for the death of Synbar Lockhart in 151.M41 over Foulstone. The event shattered the fortunes of House Lockhart and they have never really recovered from the loss of their finest ships. The Crow Spirits are occasionally held responsible for raids around the Cauldron.
  • Renuka's World
    • Veronique Renuka fled Calixis in 179.M41 as an outlaw for involvement in a coup on Cyclopia. Rumour says she fled to the Unbeholden Reaches with a substantial fortune and household troops to set up a world of her own.
  • Serpent of Blood and Glass
    • Said to be the death of Rogue Trader Abner Lo Pan, reported by garbled astropathic transmission in 161.M41. Last message reported his ship being crushed in the coils of a "great serpent of blood and glass." He was never recovered.
  • Kail's Map
    • Fenton Kail returned to Port Wander in 388.M41 and attempted to gather backing to recover what he said was an intact Standard Template Construct, but he was assassinated and his ship destroyed months later. Occasionally a map will turn up reporting to lead to Kail's system, with it's twin red suns orbited by the dead moon hiding the STC.
  • Void Kraken
    • Legendary void creatures that haunt the edges of warp storms and the deep void. Rumoured to be kilometers in length and capable of destroying a ship. Reportedly seen near the Rifts of Hecaton in alarming numbers between 499-503.M41.
  • Disciples of Thule
    • First enter the expanse in 528.M41 under command of Magos Solus Kanceme, searching for pre-Imperial artefacts. Found the Delorium Vaults in a space hulk near the world of Delorium in 741.M41. Still seen throughout the Expanse in present day.
  • Whisper of Anaris
    • A phantom xenos ship said to follow ships out of the warp and, rather than attack the ship, bypass them and ravage the worlds beyond. First seen by Elbor Winterscale in 540.M41
  • Prophecies of Master Gartrafel
    • A mad astropath with prognostic abilities. Died on Footfall in 633.M41, screaming of "dark worms beneath a green-eyed star," the "sea of molten gold," and other half-formed and paradoxical terrors. Many suppose the "green-eyed star" to refer to the blighted world of Concanid in the Unbeholden Reaches.
  • Space Hulk Midnight's Lair
    • First seen in the Unbeholden Reaches in 713.M41 by Explorator ships. Later sighted in battle with Ork raiders near the 'Undred, 'Undred Teef in 789.M41. The Orks appear to lose. Last seen near the Heathen Stars in 816.M41. At the same time, several vessels disappear and astropathic communication through the area becomes nearly impossible.
  • Ravana's Blood-Handed Cogs
    • First appeared in the Expanse in 747.M41 Small but powerful force of Sollexian Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators from Haddrack under command of Arch-Magos Ravana, who split with their fellows on doctrinal grounds. Willing to fire on and do battle with Rogue Traders and clash with the Disciples of Thule, but never officially censored by the Cult Mechanicus overlords. Considered little more than "sanctioned pirates" and still active to this day.
  • The Ragwitch
    • In the year 751.M41 the merchantman Malfian Princess arrives at Footfall three months overdue and with every soul aboard dead as if aged for millennia, the reactors nearly cold. The word "ragwitch" is found scraped into the dust of the captain's chair.
  • Iniquity
    • Once the hunting ground of Chaos pirates, it was besieged by Aspyce Chorda in 754-761.M41. Her campaign ended due to obligations to House Krin. Iniquity is located in the Foundling Worlds and is rumoured to have been the lair of infamous Chaos Pirate Karrad Vall. However it was reportedly destroyed in an atomic weapon attack in960.M41, it's once-fabled Vault of Secrets, plundered and now a haunted wasteland devoid of life.
  • Astral Knives
    • An assassin congregation, a segment of which has been established on Footfall for two decades. They see themselves as true servants of the God Emperor, ritually assassinating those whom omens and the Emperor's Tarot indicate to be corrupt, in order to preserve the God Emperor's protection of Warp travellers.
  • The Pale Destroyer
    • Reported in 796.M41 as the slayer of the grand cruiser Gaunt Triumph. Survivors report a vast and pale structure drifting through the void like the carcass of a creature picked clean by eyeless things in the depths, with a glow of deathly light and the voices of the dead wailing in the mind. Those who claim to have set foot on it tell of "echoes that sing" and "silver tree that weep blood".
  • Halo of Darkness Cult
    • Last known publicly in 803.M41, when covert forces of the Ordo Xenos burn Amphian Deed and his coterie. Rumours persist that scions of Deed remain at large. Deeds vast fortune in precious crystals and xeno-tech is thought to have been hidden somewhere in a secret cache near the Unbeholden Reaches.
  • Rift Hydra
    • A legendary beast said to prowl the void, with a dozen heads and capable of vanquishing a fleet by itself. Legend puts its size anywhere from that of a battleship to a small moon. Supposedly sighted in the void of the Rune system of the Accursed Demesne in 815.M41 by the "Beggar Captain", Relza Calzus.
  • Children of the Pattern
    • A Dark Mechanicus sect. After the discovery of the 'Maze World' of Balthus 567, Arch-Magos Balthus became obsessed with deciphering the pattern created by the vast steel maze on the moons surface. Later known as "Master Balthus", he has gathered a large force of Dark Mechanicus and personally plies the stars looking for a way to solve the impossible maze, and unlock the power he is convinced lies within it.
  • The Reptile
  • Assassins-for-hire insist that rumours of a flesh-eating chameleon killer are the product of fear-fuelled embellishment, or the work of an organisation rather than a lone individual. Whether real or imagined, after years of horrific and unexplained killings, 'the Reptile' is now a figure of consummate terror in the Expanse, with mere rumour of his attention enough to empty outposts and settlements.
  • 'Bright Prince'
    • No-one is sure how the Winterscale ship Bright Prince came to be operated by the strange Father Armstrong, but it's appearance in M41.963 led to a series of seemingly random attacks across the expanse. Rumours from survivor talk of a crew all wearing the same face.

Expanse Timeline

History of the Expanse

Year Event Description
760.M36 Haarlock's Progress Solomon Haarlock, scion of an infamous and damned Rogue Trader lineage, successfully charts the area of space known as the Calyx Expanse and some say strays beyond the Maw as well.
101.M38 The Koronus Fragments During preparations to launch an Imperial Crusade in the Calyx Expanse information is found about the sector just outside of Calyx' vast warp storms. Lacking any real data, rumours persist about the often overstated wealth of this new region.
322-384.M39 Founding of the Calixis Sector The Angevin Crusade forges the Calyxis Sector from the former border region of the Calyx Expanse, with great effusion of blood and the loss of many millions of lives. Several minor xeno-empires are crushed, dark powers cast down and lost human colonies restored to the Light of the Golden Throne, or purged from the stars.
589-591.M39 'Cauldron of Savagery' Appears The space hulk designated Cauldron of Savagery appears on the fringes of the Drusus Marches of the Calixis Sector, purportedly exiting the vast warp storms at its edge. Navy ships set to dispatch the hulk are lost, but not before reporting its point of origin to be the Koronus Expanse.
878.M39 Abenicus' Theorum Studying ancient pre-crusade reports, prophetic murmurings culled from dubious texts and the visions granted to him by his psychic gifts, the 'Mad Navigator' Abenicus of House Benetek spreads his theory that there exists safe passage through the veil of warp storms that crowd the edge of the Drusus Marches and form a border to the Calixis Sector. Many attempt to route this "safe passage", drawn by riches and manifest power in the years to come. Many die and few return.
673.M40 Space Hulk 'Cauldron of Savagery' Destroyed Incredibly powerful and full of great evil. Plagued the Calixis sector for years, appearing out of the Great Warp Storms and ravaging worlds until finally destroyed by being forced into a sun by Esme Chorda.
917-924.M40 Port Wander The Imperial Navy founds this heavily armed space station as a staging ground to investigate the loss of many vessels and other incidents on the fringes of the Drusus Marches. Using Port Wander as a base, Battle Group Trajan is assigned to carry out deep patrols beyond the sub-sector. Despite little success, the station survives through the protection and patronage of Rogue Traders.
997.M40 The Discover of the Maw Rogue Trader Purity Lathimon succeeds where dozens of other Rogue Traders have failed and perished, discovering and plotting safe passage through what she dubs as 'the Maw' to the Koronus Expanse beyond. Fated and cursed in equal measure, Purity's crew returns largely too insane or troubled to travel the void again, and she barters her knowledge for vast wealth with other Rogue Traders. Purity's fate is unknown, but stories range from her purchasing an entire paradise world with her newfound wealth to a far darker fate.
999.M40 'Sceptre'd Rose' Enters the Expanse The vessel, under the Lady Juno Dach'man is one of the first vessels to traverse the new route through the Maw. It disappears, and enters Koronus lore as perhaps the very first ghost ship.
055.M41 Lord Sector Expands Warrants The Lord Sector Calixis and his heirs and successors are granted the right, within stringent guidelines, to issue Warrants of Trade pertaining to the exploration and domination of the Koronus Expanse by the writ of the High Lords of Terra. This leads inevitably to a stead rise in the numbers of Rogue Traders operating within the Expanse in the years to come, kept largely in check by natural attrition, and also serves to further bind the Koronus Expanse to the Calixis Sector politically.
101.M41 Kobras Aquairre The feared Lord-Inquisitor Rogue Trader Kobras Aquairre arrives in the expanse. He is a terrifying and merciless figure with a well-deserved reputation as a butcher of worlds. He passes far into the depths of the Koronus Expanse, his fate passing into legends.

The Era of Expansion

Year Event Description
188-274.M41 Winterscale's Rise Sebastian Winterscale, a cunning and able Rogue Trader rumoured to be the unwanted son of the ruling families of a distant sector, is granted a fresh warrant and begins to systematically establish and dominate an interstellar realm that bears his name to this day. Although still only partially explored, by any measure Winterscale's realm remains one of the most well-traversed and well-establised within the area of the Expanse, and is a target for conquest for many other Rogue Traders.
397.M41 Year of Dreaming Depths Warp events spike across the Expanse and psykers go mad on dozens of worlds. Several ships are lost to warp incursions, including a Winterscale battleship Duchess Iolanthe, and the fledgling world of Comenina of the Foundling Worlds dies in a single night.
410.M41 Founding of Footfall Rogue Trader Parsimus Dewain enters the Expanse searching for a planet on which to build a palace city. An Imperial Colonel turned Rogue Trader Dewain passes through the Maw with a small fleet of ships laden with stone, plasteel and iron. Becalmed on the far side of the Maw he orders the construction of "my grand palace in the stars". Followers who question his sanity are put to death, sealed inside the walls of the rapidly expanding void settlement.
442.M41 Waagh Gulgrog Erupting from the depths of the Expanse the Ork menace lays siege to Port Wander with a fleet composed of hundreds of ships. Many Rogue Traders simply stay out of the massive fleets way rather than be crushed, while others charge Port Wander exorbitant fees for coming to their aid. The siege is finally lifted by a massive counterattack by Battlefleet Calixis and the Adeptus Mechanicus.
443.M41 The Slaying of Balastus Irem Shapechanging murder teams, under the command of the Holy Ordos Xenos Calixis, slay the Rogue Trader Balastus Irem and his family over several nights. The reason is never known, but tales of their deadly prowess serve as a warning to the less savoury individuals of the Expanse.
498.M41 Death of Parsimus Dewain The founder of Footfall dies in his bed of natural causes, a remarkable feat given the quantity and quality of his enemies. Footfall immediately becomes submerged in a struggle for political and economic control of what has become a wealthy waystation and island of relative stability for explorers passing into the Expanse.
499-500.M41 Reign of Blades Footfall comes under the tyranny of Tarn Marvolus, a recidivist who fled the Calixis Sector. Marvolus rose to be the Liege of Footfall through a campaign of assassination and the use of dark sorcery. The so-called "reign of blades" lasts over a year, owing mostly to the indifference of passing Rogue Traders. It finally ended when Marvolus demanded the Rogue Trader Cassilus pay him personal tribute for docking. The four quarters of Marvolous' body were later found in the four farthest points of Footfall.
517.M41 Adeptus Astartes Extortion Two Adeptus Astartes strike cruisers and their escorts, of an unknown chapter, extort Footfall for tribute in supplies and information in 517.M41 and then head to parts unknown.
625.M41 Founding of Damaris Rogue Trader House Forsellis founds the planet of Damaris, in the system of Forsellis. Building a space station to protect his new asset, Forsellis sails into the ice-rifts around the system searching for a lost planet and is never heard from again, effectively ending his line.
703.M41 Haarlock's Madness Erasmus Haarlock vanishes after systematically butchering all other scions of his house in a brutal purge following a succession war between the Haarlock heirs. Ranging from the Calixis sector to the dread Mandragora and beyond, Haarlock's purge also touches the Koronus Expanse, where he hunts down three of his kinsfolk and ends the line of two Rogue Traders who dare stand in his way.
717.M41 Rise of Nostromo Ember Nostromo, Navigator and refugee from the brutal Haarlock purges, betrays her new master and takes command of his vessel, the Monarch of Whispers. Turning pirate and gathering a coterie of warp-witches and killers the Monarch becomes one of the most hated and hunted ships in the expanse, the bounty offered on her head by Navis Nobilite rumoured to be the weight of her ship in gold.
745.M41 Battle of Agusia Agusia, cemetery world and site of the Battle of Agusia, where over a dozen Rogue Trader houses battled the archeo-pirates of the Amerat Union and the eldar corsairs the Cabal of Blood Libation. Reportedly the Union's heretek Jagerdamen sought an artefact of unholy power on the planet.

The Time of Ending

754-761.M41 The Harvest of Reavers Rogue Trader Aspyce Chorda begins her campaign against the Chaos Pirates of Iniquity. Those she captures she lobotomises and sends to her various domains. Eventually her campaign ends when House Krin begins to call in her vast debts to them.
785.M41 The Claimant Wars A short, destructive conflict erupts between the Houses of Winterscale and Chorda. Focused around the planet of Lucin's Breath, the matter is settled with the signing of the Nephium Compact that divides Lucin's Breath between the two parties.
794.M41 Karrad Vall Arrives in the Expanse The barbed vessels of the Chaos Renegade Karrad Vall emerge from the Maw and bombard Footfall. The renegades are finally driven off by the fleet of Calligos Winterscale, but not before their boarding parties and surface raiders capture hundreds of souls. Their fate is said to provide sacrifice to thank the dark gods for Vall's safe passage through the Maw. Of Vall little is known, but that he had plague the Imperium for nearly a Millenia in the name of his foul gods.
800.M41 The Akaidos Dynasty Leo Arkaidos steals his ship, the Ark from his older brothers during celebrations of the new year, as well as the warrant. He would bring his characteristic charm and vigour to the expanse for 10 years before taking on private work within the fringes of the Calixis Sector.
808.M41 A New Liege for Footfall Tanthus Moross succeeds to the throne of the Liege of Footfall by right of murder, and quickly proves a highly effective and diligently ruthless leader to wide public acclaim.
813.M41 The Strangeling The Maw snapped closed for a year as the Great Warp Storms swelled, closing off the Expanse. Footfall suffers greatly, losing a quarter of its population before the storms abate.
815.M41 Haarlock Threat Ended The return of the heretical Solomon Haarlock is halted by an Inquisitorial team under the guidance of Inquisitor Wrex Goldspire. It contains agents who would later become a Lord Inquisitor in the Ordo Hereticus, an Arch-Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus and High-Assassin of the Imperial Temple of Assassins.
816.M41 The Rise and Fall of Ignateous Xarn The Inquisitor-Rogue Trader Ignateous Xarn starts his bloody flight through the expanse, leaving broken bodies and worlds in his wake. His ship the Dark Reign would become a feared sight in the expanse for one single year, before rumour has it being destroyed by Craftworld Kaelor the very next year.
817.M41 The Dread Pearl The warp-veil concealing the legendary treasure planet lifts in an event long foretold. 9 Rogue Traders race for the Pearl, competing to capture the psychic markers that map the way. Before negotiations can conclude, the vile Xenos of Craftworld Kaelor arrive in their thousand year galactic orbit. 12 vessels are eradicated before the fleets scatter to the wind, and the aliens reclaim their planet.
845.M41 The Founding of Bethany House Quinn moves into the expanse and reclaims the pre-expansion human settlement in the Bethany system. Moving supplies and modernising it, Bethany becomes one of the closest ports of call to Footfall for Rogue Traders in the Expanse.
852.M41 Fall of the 'Lazarus' After years of plying the expanse in the service of House Quinn the frigate Lazarus is lost with all hands. Rogue Trader Zacharius Quinn is presumed dead, and his daughter Alyxia takes over the dynasty. Unlike her father she would focus on mercantile ventures, and the corpse of Lazarus would be later reclaimed by Lady Augustine Redwynn.
866.M41 The 2nd Secret War Increasing concerned about the rising tide of xeno-taint, heresy and witchery flooding into the Sector, the Ordos Hereticus and Malleus attempt to elevate new Lord Inquisitors Calixis to lead their orders. After nearly a decade of politicking, backstabbing and proxy battles, the number of active Inquisitors in the Sector is much diminished; the Ordos each elevate surviving heroes from this clandestine war as Lord Inquisitors.
885.M41 House Redwynn's Fall Led by the flagship Eldramaron the fleet of the Rogue Trader House Redwynn engages an unknown foe in the far Expanse. All dozen or so assembled ships are lost, and vulturous other houses soon fall into arguments picking over the remaining scraps of the dynasty.
948.M41 The Tetrarch Pact Augustine Redwynn, last living member of the Redwynn dynasty, is encased in a life-throne by the adepts of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Their price for her survival is the signing of the Tetrarch pact, which splits the command Redwynn dynasty between four council members.
955-958.M41 War of Extermination A combined force of Adeptus Mechanicus, House Quinn, House Chorda and Imperial Navy forces, as well as an Inquisitorial Light Cruiser, attack the Ork infested Quinn-V system. An extended naval battle is followed by a systematic virus bombing of all five worlds in the system lasting until 958.M41. The escaped Ork ships, led by a "Kaptain Grafflitz" continue to trouble spinward worlds and systems.
959.M41 The Murder of Violet Winterscale New war seems to be brewing between the Winterscale and Chorda dynasties after centuries of peace. The sparks of war are struck when Winterscale’s great-great granddaughter and her unborn child are killed by a mysterious unhuman figure. Winterscale blames Chorda, and battle lines seem to be being drawn by both houses
961.M41 The Vault of Secrets Raided House Redwynn facilitates the infiltration of the fabled Vault of Secrets by a Navy Kill-Team. The Kill-Team plants an atomic device, all but destroying Vall's hold on Iniquity, while rumour has it the Tetrarchs of House Redwynn leave the planet with treasures beyond imagining. Collectors rush to appraise the mythical items, and the stories about the fabled heist are whispered across the Expanse.

964.M41 Current Date

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