Dragonborn Bounty Hunter

Lawful Neutral

Fighter/ Barbarian Zealot
Score 16 15 14 10 11 14
Mod +3 +2 +1 +0 +1 +2

HP: 58
Hit Die: d10/d12
Split: 1 Fighter/Barbarian 5
[Fighter 3/ Barbarian 17]
Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution
Medium/ 30ft Move.

Draconic Ancestry: Green
Resistance: Poison
Breath Weapon: Poison 15ft Cone. CON vs 8+Con+Prof [13] 3d6

Bounty Hunter: Ear to the Ground
You are in frequent contact with people in criminal society. This connection comes in the form of a contact in any city you visit, a person who provides information about the people and places of the local area.

Proficiencies: [+3/]
Weapons & Armour: All
Tools: Thieves tools, Gaming set (dice)
Languages: Draconic, Common,
Skills: Athletics (Str +3/6), Stealth (Dex +2/5), Intimidation (Cha+2/5), Deception (Cha +2/5)



Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighting - reroll 1s and 2s when wielding 2H melee weapon.

Rage: +2 damage. Advantage Str checks and saves

Zealot: +d6 necrotic damage to your first Rage Damage per round.

Feat Great Weapon Master: When you Crit or reduce a creature to 0 HP, make a melee attack as a bonus action. Elect to suffer -5 to hit for +10 damage.

Extra Attack: 2 Attacks

Reckless Attack: Elect to attack with advantage in exchange for granting enemies advantage.


Rage: Bonus action, resist physical damage

Second Wind: Bonus Action, d10+ Fighter [1] HP

Zealot: No component cost for spells that solely revive me.

Radiant Brother: Immune to poison


**Unarmoured Defence: AC = 10+ Dex + Con [14]

Danger Sense: Advantage Dex against "effects you can see" like traps and spells

Fast Movement: Move 40 feet if not wearing heavy armour


  • Obsidian Mind [ +1 Greatsword, 19/20 Critical. Neutral Good. Needs to kill.]
  • Breastplate +1 [17AC]
  • Studded Spidersilk leathers, Drow boots, Drow gloves
  • 2 x Daggers [d4 Finesse, Light, Thrown 20]
  • 20 x Caltrops [1 action, cover 5ft sq. DC 15 or suffer 1 P and stop, reduced move speed by 10. Avoid by moving half speed]
  • Light Crossbow
  • 25 ft silken rope
  • befouled bedroll
  • Trinket - Brass orb etched with strange runes

2 platinum coins
"Chest" of platinum


  • Cricket
  • Bounty Hunter's writ: [Scroll outlining legal authority to collect bounties] Contained in scroll case.
  • PP: a bunch
  • GP:
  • SP:
  • CP:

Cricket [2]

Pack Mule
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
14 [+2] 10 [+0] 13 [+1] 2 [-4] 10 [+0] 5 [-3]

AC: 10
HP: 11
Speed: 40ft
Attack: Hooves: +2; D4+2 Bludgeoning
Gear: Pack

Covered in scars and red tribal tattoos. More snake-like than most dragonborn.

Raised in the Temple City by the Slaan Tezca, a devout order of bounty hunters and assassins.
Tus’Kar particularly favours hunting dragonborn egg-raiders, as his own egg was one of the few not smashed or stolen in recent clan wars.
Tus’Kar is grateful and loyal to the Guild for granting structure and discipline to his life.
Goes by 'Tusker' in Imperial territory. Always adopts local attire to keep a low profile

Personality trait-: I always prefer to be at an advantage.
Personality trait-: I have learned to laugh like a mammal.
Ideal-: Lawful. “Honour the guild, or you're on your own”.
Bond-: “Cool rain on the scales”. I seek out soothing sensations.
Quirks-: I prefer to sleep partially submerged in water.
Flaw-: I am a butcher, just as happy to poison or garrote a mark, as duel or capture them.

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