Adventures in The Old World

"Ubersreik is one of the brightest jewels in the Reikland’s crown. The striking fortress-town’s magnificent bridge is both a spectacular feat of engineering, and an enduring symbol of our alliance with the Dwarfs. It connects the threading roads, rivers, and canals to the vast tapestry of trade and commerce in which our Empire is wrapped, forming an unrivalled mercantile centre. From a distance, Ubersreik may appear serene, but up close many signs reveal its tumultuous and violent history. Sadly, this great fortress-town has suffered under the calamitous misrule of the Jungfreuds. For too long that foul family has oppressed the people and stifled free trade, looking outwards with greedy eyes to helpless neighbours. For centuries the good folk of Ubersreik have cried out in sorrow and desperation, praying for deliverance. Praise be to Sigmar that His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Karl-Franz I answered those prayers and liberated the beleaguered town, and now, under his firm, guiding hand, Ubersreik will rise once again!"
-General Jendrick von Dabernick

"Ubersreik’s streets run red with the blood of Reikland. Corpses of good, stout-hearted folk hang from the walls for no crime but obedience to their liege-lords. The Cult of Sigmar demands all honour their noble lords and masters, but the only reward for such loyalty in Ubersreik is a short drop and early passage to Morr’s Realm. None can understand why Altdorf State Soldiers arrived to remove Graf Sigismund von Jungfreud from power. The Emperor claimed the old graf was preparing for war with the Duchy of Wallenstein to the north, that he had marshalled soldiers by the thousand in secret and was ready to strike. But few believe such elaborate claims, for the graf was a fair, strong ruler and beloved of the people. So, nobles and commoners alike gossip like fish-wives from the halls of power to the cheapest tavern. What could cause the Emperor to do this?"
-Wilhelm Gartner


  • Dieter von Kädler

A Witch Hunter in service to the Empire, Dieter prides himself on a pragmatic approach to the purging of the taint of chaos.

  • Ludolph

A rough woodsman in appearance, Ludolph is secretly a skinchanger and wielder of Amber magic.

  • Corvas

A Grey Wizard who specialises in espionage and secrecy.

  • Brother Korbinian

A dilettante lesser son of nobility serving the Church of Sigmar, looking for advantage in disruption.

A bookish researcher of the undead and their shadowy lords.



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Map of The Empire


On Distant Travels

  • Karl Lustenberger

Travelling to Altdorf to answer the Emperor's call to arms this handsome cavalier eventually joined the Knights Griffon and marched to the war against Chaos in the east.

  • Erika

Naïve Shallyan priestess from Ubersreik who is sworn to non-violence.

  • Brother William

Once a simple monk fleeing from a monastery under siege, William would through blood and steel earn his place as a Sigmarite Warrior Priest.

  • Luther de Baptiste

A duellist from the Border Princes, attempting to rekindle the glory of his noble Bretonnian lineage. He fled from Ubersreik after being implicated in the Sweet Murders.

  • Malahan

An enigmatic Elf huntsman whose reasons for travelling with humans remains unknown. Vanished after confronting the Bogenhafen Horror.

Lost to the Fates

  • Durak 'Coalheart'

Having finished his apprenticeship as a miner Durak travelled out into the world, eager to take up a career as an engineer.
Wounded and bloodied he fought to the last against the foul Beastmen, bleeding out in the forests around Ragenhof.

  • Hanno Hassler

A simple grave-robber, Hanno fell in with the group during the incident in Unterbaum. Escaping the riots in the capital he began training to be a scout.
Enlisted by the Imperial Army he served in the War in the East against Chaos but after developing a mutation he was discharged and eventually killed by Ludolph and Corvas on the road between Altdorf and Grunberg.

A state-sponsored Kislevite bounty hunter, chasing criminals far from home. After assisting with dealing with the Ordo Septenarius he joined Torchlight Investigations and gave up his writ.
In the alleyways of the Bogenhafen Pit he is bludgeoned to death by an undead knight.

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