Underhive Kings

Underhive Kings

The hives of Necromunda rise from the ash wastes like sheer mountain peaks. Spire upon spire, tower upon tower, the hives climb so far above the poisoned clouds they pierce the planet's atmostphere. To its millions of inhabitants each hive is a diverse and complete world as isolated from the surrounding ash wastes and adjoining hives as from deeep space and the distant stars.
Hive Primus alone is as populous as many large worlds in the Imperium. They majority of the hive's inhabitants belong to one of the thirteen Houses and live in the part of the give that forms its territory. Hive Primus is divided between the Houses much as the lands of ordinary plants are divided into nations. Every House has its own cultural traditions, distinctive linguistic traits, codes of dress and behaviour, as well as unique concerns and aptitudes.
The Underhive lies beneath Hive City and beyond the laws of House and Hive. Its depth varies from a few hundred meters to almost a mile and its extent is neither constant nor strictly delineated. The crumbling margins of Hive City simply melt into the upper zones of the Underhive. It is a no-man's land: the Badzones… Downhive. Here a man can make a new beginning or come to a sudden end. Everyone knows there are fortunes to be won in the depths for those willing to take the chance.

Our yet unnamed organisation deals primarily in secrets.
Using anonymity as a cloak they revel in ripping off other gangs without leaving a trace and playing rival gangs against each other.
Placed in Alevin town on the edge of society the groups runs a modest bar that is a front for information gathering. Some information the group acts on themselves, stealing or kidnapping without a trace. Other secrets are sold to the highest bidder in the hive proper or far below.
It is a small outfit of ex-professionals with specific skills.

Gang Boss
Darrial Canto
Power is the aim of our leader, although he is methodical and calculated in achieving it. He came from somewhere in the Hive Proper and carries an air of nobility about him that contradicts the scars that cover his body. He is ruthless when he needs to be and always looking for a way to gain the advantage.
[Methodical, Calculating]

Rising up through the Necromunda 8th Regiment is never easy and as a slightly built woman from the middle hive Theresa Constance had the scales against her from the start. Rising to the position of tactical attache she found she could go no further and started selling military equipment on the side. As her position became less and less tenable she left the military and came back to the Hive, meeting Darrial Canto by chance.
[Cunning, Efficient]
[Blind to Human Suffering]

Ganger 1
Female ganger. Tends the bar at the 'BAR NAME'.

Ganger 2
Karl Vesnovich
Brother of Wolfe. Muscled and tattooed exterior hides a surprising intelligence.

Ganger 3
Wolfe Vesnovich
Brother of Karl. Muscled and tattooed exterior hides a surprising intelligence.

Ganger 4
'Spider' Reddin
A long limbed man with absolutely no hair. Known for his knifework and skulking.

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