Venris Black

Captain of the Black Acantha

Vaunted Birthright- Chosen By Destiny (Fated for Greatness)-
High Vendetta (Brook no Insult)- Pride

WS41 BS37 S43 T40 Ag36 Int38 Per33 Wp32 Fe51
advances: +5 WS +5 Fel


Charm(fel), Command(fel), Commerce(fel), CL(int): Imperium
Evaluate(int), Inquiry(fel), Literacy(int), Pilot -SpaceCraft(Ag),
Astomancy(int), Speak(int): High Gothic, Low Gothic,


Supremely Connected
Peer Nobility - +10 Fel w/nobles
Peer Mechanicus - +10 Fel w/mechanicus

Ettiquette - +10 Fel w/formal settings
Renowned Warrant - +10 Fel w/rogue traders/imperial officials
Legacy - +1 Profit
Air of Authority - Fel Bonus +d10 targets affected by Command Tests
Paranoid (+2 Initiative)
Vendetta - sworn enemy
Decadence - +10 to resist addiction/half difficulty v intoxication
Pistol Universal
Melee Universal


Sunfang (Powersword) d10+5 <E> Pen 5
special qualities: Power Field, Balanced(+15)

Ezra Pattern Plasmapistol d10+6 <E> Pen 6
Range 30 ROF S/2 clip 10 Reload 3
special qualities: Overheats

Best Quality Enforcer Light Carapace
Fine (Best) Quality Clothing
Xeno Pelt
Void Suit

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