Voidmaster Severin Tar

Severin Tar, Voidmaster.

Origin Path: Death World, Scapegrace, Renegade, Press-Ganged, Prestige,

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
40 45 43 32 59 40 42 29 28

Wounds: 13
Insanity: 1
Corruption: 0
Fate: 5

Description; Longish dark hair, 6ft, wears a long jacket (finds space to be cold). Wiry build, Brown Eyes with the glimmer of either a hardened criminal or a mischievous boy. Its hard to tell.

Awareness, CL Imperial Navy, Dodge +20, Navigation (Stellar), Pilot (Spacecraft+10, Flyers), S L (Astromancy), Speak Low/High Gothic, Tech Use

Talents and Traits:
Jaded, Nerves of Steel, Basic Weapons (Universal), Melee (Universal), Pistol (Universal), Quick Draw, Enemy (Adeptus Arbite) Resistance (Interrogation),

+10 (20*) to resist Pinning and Shock,
-10 to formal interactions
- Violently defends his own freedom


CQ Powersword
- d10+5+SB Pen 5, Balanced

CQ Bolt Pistol
- d10+5X, Pen 4 Rng30 S/2/_/ Tearing

BQ Guard Flak AP 5 All Locations

special item; CQ Calixis Pattern Fury Interceptor

Cruises @ 2500kph/10 VU Carries Pilot, Co-pilot, Forward Gunner, Engine Room Operator.
Forward -Twinlinked Longbarrel Lascannons, 2 Longbarrel Lascannon Banks (5d10+10E PEN10)
12 Void Capable Missiles (3d10+20X PEN15)

Microbead, Vox Caster, Blessed Saint Token, Imperial Navy Uniform, 2 bottles Amasec, Pict Recorder, Rebreather, Void Suit.

- ?

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